Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes?

With all of the intricately detailed tutorials and descriptions of the wide range of effects women can achieve from the various techniques in applying makeup, one would be led to believe that the likelihood of error would be relatively small, if it existed at all. Where all this sage advice falls short is that each one of us is then left to make our own personal assessments of how we look and what we need. Even though we have the benefit of accurate mirror reflections, there is just something about whenever we turn our attention inward to evaluate ourselves, we tend to get it wrong, and arrive more often at the wrong solutions, rather than the right ones. There is hope, because there is help, but often help is worth what you pay for it. Getting professional help by virtue of an evaluation by a licensed cosmetologist can produce a dramatic turnaround that will give you the clarity you need to then pull off your very best looks from your makeup. In the meantime, here are some great ways to improve on what you’re doing.

Woman taking a selfie.

Snap Yourself
A good way to begin getting a better look is by applying your standard, go-to look as you normally do and get a friend to take a series of headshots of you, in different forms of lighting, making sure to include inside lighting of daytime and nighttime, to outside lighting of daytime and nighttime. Print them out, large enough to adequately see. These will give you a much better feel for how you “come off,” when seen by others, than a mirror ever might–for some reason. You’ll better see typical mistakes you’re making such as improper blending, wrong foundation shades, too much severity in highlighting, contouring, strobing and even your blush application. Compare your pictures with looks trending in mags for a general idea of what to do better.

Lighten up, But Not Too Much
When it comes to concealers, most women are selecting ones that are too light, and then applying them too liberally. It’s OK to move up possibly one or two shades above your foundation color, but that’s it. You should not be able to tell where concealer is applied, ever. Only apply it where it is really needed–conservatively. Make sure to blend in the edges thoroughly.

Woman with smokey eyes and dark lips

Pick One, and Stick With it
Although it’s been said over and over again, some women simply fail to understand how they just cannot go big with both eye and lip effects. This has absolutely nothing to do with how gloriously rendered–you must pick one and downplay the other. You want some of those luscious, plum shades for your lips? Fine–go for it, but then apply a light dusting of a neutral eye shadow and lighten up on the mascara. Want to try out those new individual faux lashes and some cool lining techniques? Fantastic! Just make sure to “nudify” your lips with one of the new, marvelous colors of nude lipsticks available.

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