Some Amazing Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

Some Amazing Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

Do you have oily skin? Are you worried about how you can take care of your skin? If you are one suffering from oily skin, do not forget that there is a way out too from this.


Women who have oily skin often find it difficult to manage and take care of it on a regular basis. They find it even more difficult when it comes to applying makeup. This is the reason we bring to you some effective and expert makeup tips for oily complexion and help you to look good always.

Use a makeup primer first – If you have an oily complexion, you should always apply a makeup primer before applying any kind of makeup on your face. Use an anti-shine and oil-free primer and apply on the oiliest areas of your face such as the chin, nose and forehead. Clean your face with a facial cleanser, apply the primer and then put on the foundation or powder and finally the make-up.

Avoid using concealers – Using too much concealer to cover up redness and dark circles under the eye should be avoided as much as possible. This will help cut down on creasing of eye makeup. Using primers which are made for eyelids specifically help create the perfect base for eye shadows and liners and also absorb the oils which cause crease in your makeup.

Use less face powder – Most women feel that applying face powder and that too loads of it will help create the perfect face and hide all her flaws. What you need to understand is that applying too much face powder can make your skin pores push out more oil. Apply less powder on areas that shine and use a matte translucent formula for best results. To remove excess face powder, blot a damp makeup sponge over the areas that are too powdery.

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Keep blotting papers handy

If you have oily skin, you are bound to shine during the day, no matter how flawless your makeup is. Use blotting sheets that help lift up the oil from your skin and deposit a little powder on that area to soak up the extra oil. Simply press the paper where you feel oily and roll it off the skin instead of rubbing over it.

Use noncomedogenic products

Use noncomedogenic and oil-free makeup products as they do not clog your skin pores which are already producing more oil than it should. Use toners and facial cleansers that contain glycolic or salicylic acid in it as they help reduce excess oil on your face.

Opt for long-wear products

Always purchase and use water-resistant, waterproof and long-wear makeup products as oil can smear, slip and smudge your makeup easily. For long lasting eye makeup, apply an eye primer followed by water-resistant cream eye shadow and eyeliner.

Get rid of the excess oil

Use a natural treatment mask once or twice every week to control the excess oil and impurities which can spoil your makeup. Such natural masks also help lessen the irritation on your skin. Apply a small amount of the mask on the face; let it rest for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

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