Try Bold Shadows

Bold, daring eyeshadow hues are beautiful, brilliant and perfect for fall. They say to the world, ‘look at me!’ while still adding an air of mystery to the lovely lady wearing it. You can take a bold shadow look to extremes by pairing a few bold colors together, or create a dark cat eye with a bold color scheme. The sky is the limit when it comes to bold shadows! Today, we would love to show you a few ways you can wear a bold shadow and look superb in the process.

Bold cut crease look.

Bold Cut Crease
We all fell in love with the cut crease look after Kim Kardashian introduced it back when. But her look is generally neutral toned, subtle and a bit drab when you’re looking for something that really pops. So, why not opt for a bright, brilliant cut crease look? This look will open your eyes, give them the appearance of being more large and awake, and the right bright color can really make your eyes sparkle.

Bold lash line look.

Bold Lash Line
If you’d like to try something different without being too over the top, opt for a bright, bold lash line on both the top and bottom lashes by using your favorite eyeliner application brush (they are usually used for gel liner) or a fluffy blender brush for a softer line, and apply directly to the lash line. You could take this look in any way you’d like – you can blend the color out a little so it won’t be super bold, or keep the line tight with the lash line to provide more pop and depth with more vivid color. Whatever style you like, it will look fab with this application.

Bold cat eyes

Bold Cat Eye
What could be better than a sexy cat eye? A bold cat eye, that’s what! Rather than reaching for your dark black liquid liner, why not opt for your fave bright, bold eyeliner – or better yet, use your fave bold, bright eyeshadow and a liner brush to apply the eyeshadow in the form of a cat eye? This will not only look cool and sexy, but will be super on trend with the bold shadows of the season. Try a brilliant blue, purple, or orange hue!

Bright beachy eyes

Bright Beachy Eyes
Even though summer is nearly over, it seems only right for it to end with a bang – and that’s why we wanted to give you a summer beauty look that will be perfect to send summer off with a beautiful goodbye until next year. Incorporate two shades of bold shadow – blue and orange – together for this gorgeous look. You will apply blue to the eyelid, leaving negative space in the middle of the lid. Apply a bold orange hue to the upper eyelid/crease area, and blend out well. In the center of the blue, dab on a bit of orange, and blend into the blue with your finger. Apply a little bit of shimmer over the orange hue to give it the effect of a sunset reflecting in the water, the blue being the water. Gorgeous, and perfect!

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