5 Eyeshadow Looks We Love

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Let’s face it: there are always going to be new looks coming in, and old ones heading right on out the door. There are some looks we’ve loved forever, while there are some nobody could possibly love. Today, Lionesse wants to talk about five of the eyeshadow looks we are loving right now, whether new or old trends, and share a bit of information about each look with you. Let’s take a closer look below.

Cut crease eyeshadow.

Cut Crease Eyeshadow
The cut crease eyeshadow look was made famous by Kim Kardashian and has been seen everywhere ever since she debuted the look. A cut crease shadow has a main goal, aside from looking fabulous: it gives more width to the eyes, opens the eye (or gives it a more open appearance) and allows the use of any colors to incorporate into the style.

Bold and Blue eyeshadow

Bold and Blue
Bold, bright and blue eyeshadow looks were very much the rage this summer on runways everywhere. With this implementation on the runway, it revived a sense of the 70’s and 80’s vibe which has sort of laid dormant for quite some time, and gave it new life. Bold, blue eyeshadow looks fab this season when paired with a white highlight or accent on the inner corners of the eye, as well as a white eyeliner on the waterline, for a beachy effect. For a mermaid like effect, simply incorporate a shimmery green bit of eyeshadow into the look as well. It also brightens the eye and makes the eye pop a great deal.

Smokey eyes

The Smokey Eye
The smokey eye has long been a favorite among women everywhere – and now we are getting word that the smokey eye look is also a favorite among men, as well! If you want to give your hubby something to be turned on by, opt for a deep, dark smokey eye. Though guys don’t quite know what it’s called, it’s being revered as, ‘that dark eyeshadow look’. Smokey eyes can be completed with other colors other than black and grey – just think outside the box and utilize whatever you’d like to get the look you want to achieve.

Natural toned eyeshadow.

Natural Tones
Natural toned eyeshadow was pretty major this year as well as some of the other more dramatic styles. Pairing a tan and cream colored shadow for a bit of color without being too over the top made big waves this year, as did other neutral-toned hues. They also make for a fabulous casual day to day look as well.

Geometric eyeshadow looks.

Geometric Eyeshadow Looks
Geometric eyeshadow looks are still all the rage – right now, we are seeing a lot of negative space geometric styles, lined geometric styles, and even some optical illusion styled geometrical looks. Black is the color of choice for a geometric eyeshadow look, although you can pair the black with pops of color in other regards, such as a bright cobalt blue, or orange, or even yellow. You can get as creative as you want to and roll with it. The skies the limit!

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