Runway Makeup Styles for Teens

Of course, the clothes adorned by models strutting the Fashion Week catwalk are wonderfully inspiring, but surely the beauty it’s the beauty – the ravishing hairdos, the enchanting makeup styles – that are possibly much more exciting. Plus, the best part about the soon-to-be trending makeup looks that worn can be worn almost instantaneously, unlike the outfits, which the makeup looks are meant to extenuate. The fall and winter seasons, which are surely behind us, often call for a deep and dark look, often including bold eyeliner, gothic stained lips, and full brows. Quite the contrary, the spring and summer seasons call for makeup styles that are light and simple. Instead of the dark and smoky eye shadow look sported in winter, women leave their lids bare. Winters popular pale yet edgy complexion is forgotten like the last snow, as glam bronze complexions with blushing cheeks begin to trend.

The runway makeup styles of spring 2016 will bring out any woman’s inner beauty, plus they are super easy to create. Springs 2016 makeup styles have managed to combine the typical bronze beauty of the spring with the edgy flair of the fall. Keep reading to learn how to achieve two top runway makeup styles that are perfect for teens

Woman with glowing skin

What Huffington Post coins as the “Island Goddess” look is undoubtedly the most versatile runway makeup style. Top model Gigi Hadid, who modeled for Tommy Hilfiger’s tropical paradise show in New York Fashion Week for Spring of 2016, rocked this look without flaw. Any teen can become an Island Goddess by simply focusing on a luminous appearance through the use of highlighting. Getting the look is easy, here’s how: beginning with a freshly cleaned face, apply the three staples: moisturizer, primer, foundation, being sure to allow time for each product to dry or set before applying the next. Depending on the intended results it is best to use one of two versatile colored highlighters; the fist color which is most commonly used is the typical shimmering pinkish-gold colored highlighter, it is perfect for highlighting medium to dark skin tones. The second option is a less-shimmering but-still-shining nude or opal colored highlighter, this color is perfect to pale to light skin tones, or can be combined with the pinkish-gold highlighter for medium to dark skin tones who are looking for an ultra glam party look. Use a brush to dot the highlighter on the temples and chin, and then draw two small one-half to one-inch lines on each cheekbone and down the center of the nose. With a highlighting brush, or clean fingers, blend the highlighter all over.

Blue eyeshadows

Believe it or not, 70’s eye color has made a comeback for spring’s 2016 runway makeup styles! Huffington Post was on the fashion-show-scene and has also revealed that blue is, in fact, one of the “warmest” eye colors of the season. Kendal Jenner, who walked for Diane von Furstenberg’s spring line, slayed with blue and teal multicolored eye makeup. This looks quite different from the Island Goddess look as described above, and might not look the best when worn together. However, it is equally stunning and just as easy to achieve (p.s. it is a perfect look for a sweet 16 birthday bash). To get the look, begin exactly the same way as described above: with a freshly cleaned face, apply the three staples: moisturizer, primer, foundation, being sure to allow time for each product to dry or set before applying the next. Then apply only the slightest amount of matte bronzer to the cheeks. Next, apply a light shimmering sea-foam-green to the entire eyelid. Then, using a thinner brush, apply a shining deep blue close to the lash line, being sure to bring the pigment up higher as it approaches the outer corner of the eyelid, then blend any harsh line between the two colors. Using the sea-foam-green again, apply the color to the lower lash line, pulling the color all the way along the lash until its meets the above pigment at the corner of the eye. Finish the look with a few coats of dark-brown or black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

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