The Hangover Makeover

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The majority of women dread looking in the mirror the morning after a late night on the town. The swollen eyes, swollen eyelids and pasty complexion might have some women contemplating decisions made the night before. Often times, women will do everything within their power to hide the fact they are hungover; this usually involves consulting YouTube for the best rated “hide a hangover makeup tutorial.” While Americans are busy hiding the visible side effects of a night out, women in Asia are recreating the look! The new Asian trend, appropriately called “hangover beauty” or “the hangover makeover” uses makeup to make sober-looking women appear as if they are suffering an unbearable hangover.

A main part of the hangover makeover is based on a Korean trend called  “aegyo sal.” “Aegyo sal”, which is translated to “charming fat,” refers to the puffy bags bellow the lash line that tend to become more apparent when someone smiles. The popularity of the look stems from the belief that puffy bags under the eyes make a person appear much younger and more playful. For those who are interested in recreating aegyo sal, it is actually pretty easy. The only thing needed to do so is a dual-toned makeup pen with one color that is dark enough to create shadows and the other color to highlight. Simple contour the shadow underneath the eye, then finish the look by highlight directly under the lash line where the puffiness would naturally appear.

An additional way to recreate the trending hangover beauty look is by taking the aegyo sal look a step further, and follows up with ill-looking cheeks. After crafting perfectly puffy eyes the next component of the hangover makeover is a feverish-looking complexion. Apparently in Asia, pale facial skin and sickly looking cheeks forms the illusion that a woman is unwell and needs to be cared for. For anyone who wants to look this way, it is just as easy to accomplish as the above-tired eyes. Begin by using the same darker color of the dual-toned makeup pen (the color that was used to create the shadows under the eye), add even more unwell-looking depth to the eye by lightly adding to the upper eyelid crease. Continue to apply a shimmering blush to the lower eyelid, and then apply a soft and matte colored blush just under the tired looking eyes. Be sure to pull the pigment in an out and downward motion towards the cheekbone, also dust the blush up towards the temple.

It seems that the hangover makeover is giving meaning to the ever popular one liner “I woke up like this,” which may be why some women take the look to next level by not only giving themselves the appearance of looking ill and disheveled, but also as if they’d had so much fun the night before that they were unable to wash their faces. Since it is highly recommended to wash your face, it is best to recreate the day-before makeup look. Simply apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes, being sure to purposely let the bush come in contact with the upper and lower lids. Allow the mascara to dry, then use a tissue or q-tip to give it a good smudge.

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