Young and Fresh Hues

Venturing into the world of makeup as a teen can be both difficult and stressful. Every woman has been there at least one time before; we totally understand how challenging and confusing it can be to figure out the makeup products to use, what order to apply each product, and which makeup tips actually work. In the hope of making your morning routine easier and less stressful, we have compiled the best makeup tips for teens into this article. Makeup is all about color, whether you’re hiding a bright red pimple or bringing out the color of your eyes, finding the right hue makes all the difference. Check out the tips bellow to make sure you’re wearing makeup hues that make you look as young, fresh, and beautiful are.

Teen applying foundation

Guess what girls? You don’t need it. Surely you’ve heard the phrase “less is more,” it’s utterly important to remember this very phrase when applying makeup. Right now, your skin is young and undamaged, chances are slim that you have the need to cover your entire face with foundation. Keep in mind, foundation tends to look heavy and caked-on on a lot of people, this is a look you want to avoid whenever possible. That said, it’s completely understandable if you feel that your skin tone is blotchy, or uneven and you are just looking for light coverage to feel more confident in your skin. Instead of foundation, invest in a high-quality BB or CC cream and can be thought of as an over-achieving moisturizer. Not only do such products hydrate your skin and even your complexion, but they contribute a surge of antioxidants, and protect the delicate facial skin by implementing broad-spectrum SPF. If you are totally adamant about using foundation, it is so important that you visit a reputable cosmetic counter to find the foundation that matches your skin tone best.

The typical teenager is familiar with acne flare-ups; if you’re breaking out, it doesn’t mean you need to lather on the foundation. Instead, visit a makeup counter and have professional suggest the concealer that is right for you skin type. Gently dot the concealer on top of the blemish, and dust your skin with a quality translucent powder. While we’re on the topic of translucent powder, it is worth mentioning that there is no need for you to apply and reapply the powder to your face. Too much powder can make your skin look dry, flaky, cracky and cakey… no one wants that! Just stick to a one-to-two light dustings using an all-over face brush.

Woman applying lipstick

Lipstick vs. Lip Gloss
The application process of lipstick is very unforgiving, which is why is it often suggested that teens avoid lipstick. Rather than avoiding it, practice! Chances are you will not wear it to school (because, honestly, it will come off before lunch), but that is no reason to not have some fun with lip color. Keep in mind you’ll want to use a matching lip liner with any lipstick. This gives your lipstick a clean, crisp line. If you want to wear some lip color on the regular, try some tinted lip balm or some sheen lip gloss. Both options are much easier to apply than lipstick and you don’t need a mirror to apply, you can just freshen up you lips while you’re walking to your next class!

Eye Makeup
Do your best to not overdo your eyes, you’ll regret it! The best eye makeup hues for teens and young adults are nude tones. If you want to use a non-nude color, stick to a lighter hue. The best thing about wearing lighter colored eye makeup is lighter hues extenuate all eye colors.

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