Perfecting The No-Makeup Selfie

Woman taking a no-makeup selfie

“Okay – but first, let me take a selfie”

No-makeup selfies have been strewing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds over the past year and a half or so, and for a good cause too! While many social media users are unaware, the #NoMakeupSelfie all started in March of 2014 when cancer researchers in the United Kingdom decided to post a sans makeup selfie, and include the hashtags #NoMakeupSelfie and #BeatCancerSooner in the caption, followed up by a text-to-donate number. According to The Guardian, Cancer Research UK was gifted £1 million (which equates to $1,319,400) in donations within the first twenty-four hours of posting the makeup-less photo! With the outstanding immediate success, Cancer Research UK posted another no makeup selfie with the same hashtags and text-to-donate number as the initial picture. The organization says it was this follow-up picture that went viral; The picture racked up over 14,200 retweets, making it the charity’s most retweeted tweet to date. To keep the ball rolling, Cancer Research UK fabricated similar posts on other social media outlets. At the official end of the campaign (which was only one week long, by the way) the charity graciously announced that they had received a whopping £8 million (equating to $10,555,200.00) in donations! They revealed that the money raised by #NoMakeupSelfie would be used to fund ten clinical trials that were formerly unfunded.

Although the campaign was undeniably successful, post-campaign statistics revealed that 90% of all selfies containing #NoMakeupSelfie didn’t include #BeatCancerSooner in the caption, let alone mention anything about cancer. Interesting, huh? The moral of the story here is quite humbling: while women all around the country practically begged for reassuring comments and gave their vanity levels a boost, they were unaware that the trending hashtag was meant for bettering the lives of others who feel less-than-beautiful day after day.

While reading the following tips on how to perfect the no-makeup selfie keep in mind that some people aren’t hoping for likes, rather they’re hoping that a physician reassure them they’ll enjoy the rest of their life. Just some food for thought.

There’s a reason that #NoMakeupSelfie went viral; Not just because it was for a good cause, but because it was a beautifully taken photo of a woman sans makeup. Taking a tip or two from the pros, here’s how to ensure the next #NoMakeupSelfie that you post is equally stunning.

  • If you have a good side, let it show! Some women look striking straight on while others look fabulous from a side view. Whatever angle is a good angle for you, use it!
  • Remember when #NoFilter was trending, as if it was a bad thing to share your filtered complexion with the world? News flash: even the people posting #NoFilter pictures were using filters most of the time! Filters are your friend and you should absolutely make use of it in your #NoMakeupSelfie. Skin softening filters such as Amaro, Rise or Mayfair (which can all be found on the Instagram app) are great choices!
  • Although everyone loves a candid picture, selfies are nothing but staged. Take your staging to the next level by posting a #IWokeUpThisWay picture while lounging in bed. Get creative!

Once you’ve hit “post” and wait for those likes to rack up, text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 (or $4) to Cancer Research UK. If you prefer to donate to a cancer research organization in the US, text HOPE to 20222 to donate $5 to the American Cancer Society.

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