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Lighting Makeup – How Much is Too Much?

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You’ve probably heard the expression depicting the transformative effect that light has on all things, more or less (and paraphrased,) described by “seeing something in a different light,” or “after having seen a thing in a different light,” how it changed the thing or the viewer’s perception of the thing. It’s fairly common knowledge that lighting is often the make-or-break difference for a myriad of visual assessments made every day. One of the important ones is how it can (and will) negatively or positively affect the look of your makeup application.

No Way of Predetermining all the Lighting Types “Out There”
While you don’t have a whole lot of control over the type, color and intensity of lighting provided at the places you’ll be going, some types of lighting ambiance you to choose for the area where you apply your makeup at home are superior to others. These are better able to give you a broader chance of getting your makeup effects right for a larger percentage of lighting effects in places where you are likely to find yourself–both indoors and out.

Go Outside, for the Best Lighting, Naturally
The general consensus among all the top pro makeup artists is that there’s no light as good as natural lighting–that’s found outside during the daytime. The optimum spot for applying your makeup is near an abundant source of daylight from a window or perhaps directly under a skylight. If you don’t happen to have the luxury of such access to outdoors lighting, you can go outside with a good mirror to check your makeup with a good “once-over,” making changes or corrections as you notice them. You may not always have enough time for this step, but when your makeup look matters more, this tip will add to your look’s confidence level.

The Man-Made Lighting Choice
Among professionals, the top choice in artificially produced lighting is natural white light. You can purchase kits that feature a design that prevents them from getting too hot, and give you options for adjusting the height at which the light hits so you can avoid dealing with unwanted shadows. There are some nice “Daylight Bulbs” that are sold, and offers them, for one. In terms of a suitable level of intensity, the pros recommend staying at around 60 to 65 watts for these specialty bulbs. Anything brighter, and you’ll be inappropriately enticed to become more heavy-handed in applying makeup. GE Reveal Bulbs are acceptable choices, and with these, you can go up higher in wattage–to between 75 and 100 watts.

Avoid, Avoid
Any and all forms of yellow light are not your makeup friends. You’ll over-apply. Stay clear of them–as well as rose-tinted lights, which flatly make it impossible for you to see clearly enough for putting on makeup details. And which type of lighting is awarded “Worst-Ever Lighting?” It’s fluorescent lighting, hands-down. You’ll see so many imperfections that you won’t ever want to leave the house.

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