Amazing Avant Garde Makeup Looks

Avant Garde makeup

Art or Beauty?
Many women get ready for the morning with a cup o’ joe, followed by a steamy shower to awaken the mind and body. After that, a woman will typically take her place in front of the mirror, which is (most likely) in the best lit room in the house, and “paint her face.” When a woman takes to her brushes and never-ending shades of crèmes and powders, she is ready to use her face as a blank canvas and create something truly amazing.

Now, the majority of us consider it art when all blemishes are hidden and scars and dark circles are camouflaged. Some take pride in their ability to craft the sultriest smoky eye. Others have practiced contouring and strobing so much that can master Kim K’s makeup look in minutes. Then there remains an extra talented group of individuals who are able to use makeup brushes as magic wands and create one of a kind avant-garde makeup looks.

Every avant-garde look may appear different from another, but whether the look is bizarre or breathtaking, all of these looks have similar characteristics. Typical features of any avant-garde look often include:

  • Dramatic, artistic, unusual or unique appearances
  • A theme meant to arouse a specific image
  • Extreme emphasis on one feature (which is typically the eyes)
  • Additional decoration, which can include glitter, rhinestones, feathers and more
  • Professional, high-quality makeup and makeup brushes
  • Most definitely take a substantial amount of time, talent, and imagination to create

Finding the Beauty
Now that you are interested, you are probably wondering where you can find such amazing avant-garde looks. Typically, this artistic makeup is found on the runway, but can also be seen in advertisements, on the pages of fashion and beauty magazines and even at pageants and performance occasions.

Avant Garde Inspiration
As previously mentioned, the eyes seem to have a particular emphasis in avant-garde makeup, as they are the most expressive feature of the face. If you are feeling inspired and want to give the Avant Garde look a try, check out the two looks bellow. Also, keep in mind that it is extremely important to use a high-quality primer to keep everything in place.

  • For a dramatic avant-garde look, start with a smoky shadow over the entire eyelid blending it up and out. Then apply a shiny highlight under the brow bone before smudging the two colors together. Then with a lighter shade, line the lower lash line. Finish the look with dark and heavy eyeliner, a pair of over the top falsies, and the best mascara you have.
  • For a playful avant-garde look, start with two bright shades of eyeshadow shades. First cover the eyelid with one shade, then blend the other into the crease. Next, add more of the lid color near the brow bone. Then, blend a shimmer shade all around the lid and brow bone. Don’t forget to line the top with black liner and apply some falsies. Take the look to the next level by placing some gems in a unique design around each eye.

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