Natural Ways of Keeping Hair Soft and Smooth with Lionesse

Keeping Hair Soft and Smooth

Everybody knows that they need to use Vitamin C to make their skin glow. Vitamin C provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs, the skin starts to glow with regular use and develops a beautiful shine over it. Vitamin C deficiency reduces nutrient level in the skin and makes the skin look dull and lifeless.

However, how can you keep your hair soft and smooth?

If you are tired of using expensive and useless hair products to get soft and silky hair, it is time you stop wasting your money on products which are full of chemicals and do nothing except burning a hole in your pocket. Try these natural ways of home treatments which will not only make the hair soft and smooth but also nourish and moisturize it from the roots.

Coconut oil deep treatment

Coconut oil is one of the best oils which make the hair soft and smooth if applied correctly. Do not use generous amounts of this oil however, or it will make the scalp oily and the pores clogged. Warm the oil a little, apply evenly throughout and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off with a shampoo and mild conditioner.

Coconut oil for alternative therapy

Deep condition with eggs

Eggs help to restore the lost moisture and shine in your hair to make it smooth and silky. Take the yolk portion of 3 eggs in a bowl and pour 4 teaspoons olive oil over it. Whisk together and apply on wet hair. Let it sit on the hair for 5 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo.

Yogurt and honey hair pack

Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps clean the hair and soften the hair strands. Honey has nourishing properties which again add softness to the hair. Mix a cup of yogurt with 2 tablespoons of fresh honey. Apply evenly on hair and scalp and let it remain on the hair for half an hour. When done, rinse off with a shampoo and conditioner.

Apple cider vinegar rinse

Another great natural way of getting soft hair is by using apple cider vinegar as an after-shampoo rinse for your hair. Shampoo your hair like you normally do. Take 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water. Use this as a hair rinse and rinse your hair well with it. Wait for 10 minutes and then give your hair a final rinse.

Oils and shea butter mix

Add 2 tablespoons each of olive, coconut, lavender, castor, almond and chamomile oil in a bowl. In a different bowl, add a cup of shea butter with some grated avocado and a tablespoon each of wheat germ oil and honey. Combine the contents of both the bowls together. Apply evenly on wet hair and let it rest for half an hour. Rinse off with cold water and shampoo.

Keeping hair soft with shea butter

Good hair washing habits

Avoid using hair products that contain ammonium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate as they cause scalp irritation and hair loss. Try to use a leave-in conditioner on your hair every time you shampoo. Reduce use of heat treatments on hair and use hair-dryers as less as possible.

While skin care products can help you to do a whole lot more, you need to remember that good hair cleaning habits will also help you have hair that’s smooth and natural. Why have dry hair when you can have hair that’s soft and smooth?

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