Happy Valentine’s Day: 5 Travel-Sized Beauty Products for Your Big Date

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be one of the many who have plans for the holiday whether you have a date with a significant other, family, or friends. Wherever you’re choosing to go, chances are you don’t want to carry around a big, bulky bag, especially if you’re going to a swanky restaurant. That’s where travel-sized beauty products can be a big asset, but you must carefully choose what you’re going to bring. Your purse can only fit so much, and your keys and phone already take up enough space. With that said, the following five travel-sized beauty products are a must for your big date night on Valentine’s Day.

Woman using oil absorbing sheets.

Oil Absorbing Sheets
Do you really want to step out for Valentine’s Day with oil all over your face? Don’t worry because oil absorbing sheets can be a lifesaver. They’re even good for sweat in case you get super nervous. They come in a small pack, so all you have to do is use one sheet to blot your face, dispose of it in the trash, then you’re good to go.

Woman applying fragrance

Lugging around a big bottle of perfume is way too cumbersome, but there are many fragrances that come travel-sized so they can fit in even the smallest of purses. Spray or roll the perfume on your pulse points: on your wrists, behind your knees, behind your ears, at the base of your throat, and on the inside of your elbows. You may even want to spray some in your hair. However, remember not to go overboard. As lovely as the scent might be, overdoing it can be a total turn-off.

Woman applying moisturizer

Have you ever went to hold someone’s hand and it’s so dry it’s almost uncomfortable? You don’t want to be that person. You also don’t want to be scratching yourself all evening from having severely dry skin. Chances are, you applied moisturizer before you left, but February weather can be harsh and dry skin can start itching out of nowhere. Apply moisturizer on your hands, but don’t forget other areas of importance such as your face and arms. Opt for moisturizers that aren’t going to leave a greasy layer behind, especially on your hands.

Woman applying nail polish.

Your Current Nail Color
You leave the house and your nails look fabulous, then you’re out and about on your Valentine’s Day date and you look down only to realize that somewhere along the way your nails chipped. No, it’s not the worst thing in the world to happen, but it is something that you can fix thanks to a travel-sized bottle of your current nail color. Buy an empty mini nail polish bottle, put a bit of your current nail color in, and put it in your purse just in case.

Woman applying lipstick

A Lip Product
There is not one right lip product to tell you to put in your purse; it all depends on what you’re wearing for the evening. With so many types of lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip balms that are small enough to fit in your purse, you won’t have to go without in case you need a touch-up. If you’re planning on doing a little smooching – or you at least hope to – make sure to go with a kiss-proof lipstick!

Now, it’s time to go pack your beauty bag, pick the perfect outfit, and get ready for a Valentine’s Day date you won’t soon forget.

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