Graphic Liner Looks We Love

Woman neon colored eyeliners.

Now more than ever, bright and bold graphic eye liner looks are something special in the world of cosmetics. Graphic liner looks are incredibly fashionable and have gained increasing popularity since being spotted on runways and in designer magazine ads over the past few months. While most of us are accustomed to a simpler version of wearing eyeliner, namely the cat eye being as crazy as we tend to get, these liner looks are fun to look at and attempt nonetheless. When choosing liners this season, opt for midnight blues, cobalt blues, black, white, and neon color schemes – no matter how you choose you wear your liner. These colors will keep you fashionable, and gorgeous – even if you don’t do one of the looks below.


White Liner & Neon Combos
Using white eyeliner this season is fashionable, classy, and goes with every look from glamorous, to classy, to chic and even casual. The combination of white liner with a neon color to develop a layered, winged look is also a win. Try white and neon blue, or white and neon green for a bold statement.

Woman with black and blue colors on her eyes.

Neons & Black Combos
The same statements from above with the white liner and neon colors apply here – the only difference being neons and black color combos look better for night time, whereas white and neon combos look better for daytime. Try creating a winged look, or cat eye look – or opt for something more daring, such as an Egyptian theme, or zig zag design, or something geometric, perhaps.


­­­­Black & Blue Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes – in fact, all shapes – are the best in class when it comes to cosmetic and fashion currently. No matter where you look, geometric shapes are all the rage, taking over in ever regard from clothing patterns, to accessories, and yes – even to cosmetic application and patterns. Blue and black geometric shapes and patterns look exceptionally fashionable – and very runway ready.

Woman makes a beautiful geometric shape with her eyeliner.

Graphic Retro Eyes
Spotted on the runways on almost every fashion model imaginable, in the pages of your favorite magazine, and in the displays in the mall is the graphic retro look, which incorporates a long line extending from one line of the eyelid crease to the other, and beyond past the eye. It looks daring, and classy – but not nearly as daring as the other ideas above, therefore it might be a simple look to transition into a different style of eyeliner wear for many women. Give it a try with a charcoal grey or black liner, and if you’d like to, you can add to the line with other colors or even shapes in whatever fashion you want.

Lionesse understands these styles aren’t typically for everyone, however, every woman must admit they are interesting and artistic to look at – and they are even fun to apply and try out yourself. Even if you never leave the house with the products on, it’s fun to give them a go when you’re bored and looking for something to do – and if you have a friend to try them out with, that makes the experience much more exciting and fun.

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