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What Are Ceramides?


Take it from the expert Bernard Kim, CEO of SkinRx Lab, “Ceramides are lipid molecules found naturally in the skin. They’re a type of oily wax that holds skin cells together, and form a protective barrier in the top layer of skin,”. “They help repair the barrier, and although your skin does naturally create its own ceramides, environmental factors and aging can lower your skin’s natural production, so boosting your levels with a ceramide cream is essential. When skin is low in ceramides, it’s more prone to redness and dryness.”

If you have dry, flaky, or itchy skin, then you may have already heard that ceramides skin care items can be an essential part of your skin care kit. Ceramides skin care items can help treat several different skin problems, like dry, Sensitive, eczema or dermatitis, or even psoriasis. If you want to add items to your current skin care kit that contains this ingredient, it is important that you understand how it functions and the role it plays in healing damaged skin.

What Are Ceramides?
Ceramides occur naturally within the body and are one of nine lipids that are present in the epidermis of the skin. This lipid prevents the epidermis, or the top layer of the skin, from losing moisture. When people experience dry skin, it is because of a loss of ceramides in the skin, which can also cause itching, flaking, peeling, and scaling.

Treating Skin Problems with Ceramides
Many studies have shown that people who suffer from eczema, which causes redness, peeling, and flaking of the skin, and those who suffer from psoriasis, which presents with dry, itchy, thick scales on the skin, have a significant absence of ceramides in their skin. Therefore, topical treatment that contain ceramides restore the proper balance and help the skin heal faster. Ceramides are also used in anti-aging skincare. Ceramides will protect skin from pre-mature aging, because they help to keep stuff that ‘stresses’ the skin out and good stuff like hydration, nonetheless they are unlikely to ‘rewind’ signs of aging that’ve already developed.

Choosing a Ceramides Skin Care Product
When you’re shopping for a ceramides skin care product, avoid products that contain irritating ingredients such as parabens and alcohol-based ingredients. It’s highly likely that these may irritate and dry out the skin even more and badly delay overall healing. While ceramides skin care products can be good for the skin, choosing the right product with non-irritating, effective ingredients are vital to achieve the best results. It would be best if you consult with your dermatologist before purchasing products over the counter. They’ll be able to diagnose your condition and provide the necessary recommendations for you.

Conducting research is vital to ensuring that you’ve chosen the right product for you skin. Every person is unique and has a differing reaction to products and ingrediants, so don’t be afraid to get out there and ask your pharmacists and dermatologists about ceramides and the appropriate cream of oil to invest in for you!

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