Secrets to a Long Lasting Manicure

When you have spent your time and hard earned money getting your nails manicured at the salon, the last thing you want to worry about is the look not lasting for more than a day. There are ways to keep your nails fresh, beautiful, and gorgeous for a long period of time, and well into the recommended time frame of getting them re-manicured again. Lionesse would like to share some ideas to help you keep your manicure looking its absolute best from the time you leave the salon, until the time it’s absolutely necessary to get them re-done again.

Woman applying nail polish.

Don’t Touch Anything Until They’re Dried
It may sound like something you already knew to do, but on average, women tend to move their hands around far before your nails are actually dried. If you are using a nail dryer in a salon, chances are your nails will be dry at about the time you leave the salon, or approximately 10 minutes after being placed under the dryer. If you are drying your own manicure at home without a hand lamp, give your nails about 30-40 minutes to dry completely, especially if you have used top coat over the nails.

Woman wearing white clothes washing dishes.

Wear Gloves When Cleaning or Washing Dishes
When you are embarking on a mission to clean your home, it can be disastrous for your fresh manicure. Always opt for wearing rubber, latex, or nitrile gloves to protect the paint from chipping, and also, to keep harsh cleaning chemicals out of your skin. Our skin absorbs nearly everything it comes in contact with as our skin is filled with pores. Avoid these things from happening by opting for gloved hands when cleaning. The same applies for dish washing; wear gloves to protect your hands from becoming over dried from dish soap – which can be harsh on sensitive or dry skin – and protect your nails from chipping paint.

Woman getting cuticle oil applied on her nails in a pink background.

Use Cuticle Oil
Every other day, apply some cuticle oil around the nail bed and massage into the nail area to keep the skin around the fingernails looking fresh.

Woman biting her nails while studying.

Resist The Urge to Bite Your Nails
If you are a nail biter, this is the most detrimental aspect to getting a manicure. Even if you only bite the skin around your nails, you risk hang nails forming, and also, getting sick due to germs and bacteria. Keep your hands busy if you need to and you get the urge to bite them. There are products, such as MAVALA Stop for Nail Biting, which can be applied to the fingernails, and have a bitter taste so it discourages the act of nail biting.

Woman applying nail polish on her finger nails.

Refresh Top Coat As Needed
If your nails are looking a bit drab and the shiny top coat is beginning to wear away, opt for painting on a coat of top coat as needed to refresh and revive the manicure.

Woman massaging hand lotion on her hands.

Use Hand Lotion
Keep a bottle of hand lotion handy to refresh your hands and give your nails that fresh, manicured look. Apply as often as needed to look your best until your next manicure.

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