Best Eye Makeup Tips From Lionesse

The 10 Best Eye Makeup Tips For You

Going in front of the mirror and look at those freckles or those dark patches isn’t going to lead anywhere, it’s time you take some action. While using moisturizers might seem a safe bet, what if you’re looking to go to that important party today that you need to look good in?

Best eye makeup tips by lionesse

Makeup isn’t that difficult, you know?

Achieving the perfect eye makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea and this is exactly why you should get your basics right before attempting any kind of makeup on your eyes. If you love to put the emphasis on your eyes and make it the highlight of your face, then we bring to you some of the best eye makeup tips which will help you, no matter what kind of makeup you are doing.

  • Using a makeup remover

Use a makeup remover on your eyelids before applying eyeliner. This makes the eyelids oil free and does not let the eyeliner smudge when applied.

  • Importance of keeping your eyes open

Always keep your eyes open when applying the eyeliner as this helps to achieve the perfect look each time. You might find it a little difficult initially but once you know how to do it, it won’t be a difficult job anymore.

  • How to use the pencil

Keep your lines as close as possible to the eyelashes so that it looks like a part of your eyes and not a separate line. In case you wish to make your eyes look bigger, then use a white colored pencil on your eyes inner rims and use the liner as you always do outside it. Pencil eyeliners work best for a bigger eyes look as it is softer to use. Smudge the line a little to get a natural look.

  • Making use of softer shades

As you age, you might feel that using eyeliner is not suiting your face. Instead of not using it at all, simply use softer shades to get that subdued and simple look.

  • Keeping a check on the color of the top lash line

Always ensure that the color on your top lash line should be deeper than the color along the bottom lash line. The top last line can be lined alone but if you line the bottom lash line you must do so for the top lash line too.

  • Applying mascara near the roots

Mascara should be applied near the roots instead of the tips as this helps to make the eyelashes look longer and fuller. After applying mascara always use an eyelash comb or brush to remove clumps.

  • Avoid letting the eyelashes stick together

Do not let the eyelashes stick together when applying mascara. You can avoid this by shaking the brush horizontally and separating the eye lashes when applying mascara.

Lionesse eye makeup tips

  • Importance of using a base

Use a base first before applying the mascara to make it last long. It takes only a few minutes to do this and is extremely helpful.

  • Brushing the base color on the eyes

When it comes to eye shadows, you should first brush the base color on the eyes, apply the lid color after it and then lastly use the highlighter for best results.

  • Choosing your eye shadow

When choosing an eye shadow, you must always keep your skin tone in mind. Eye shadows that compliment your skin tone look best on you.

  • How do you create the smokey effect?

If you wish to create smokey eyes you should keep the color only to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Never extend the color above the crease.

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