Pisces – A Guide to Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces infographicPisces (February 19 – March 20) is ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is known to take in attributes from the rest of the signs. This is why Pisceans are known to generate conflicting opinions. Some find them to be fixated while others find them to be caring and generous. And considering that the sign itself shows opposites, paradoxes are bound to crop up when dealing with Pisceans. This infographic from Lionesse helps Pisceans to find out more about some of their best and worst qualities, the best makeup looks and their ideal career choices.

Positive Qualities

  • Artistic – Pisceans are known to be extremely artistic and they boast of having extremely vivid imaginations. Their creativity is often expressed in the form of art, drama, literature and music and they love all things to do with pleasure, style and luxury.
  • Compassionate – Pisceans are known to be extremely generous and compassionate by nature. They are positively natured people who really care about the feelings of those around them.
  • Easygoing – Pisceans are extremely popular because of their likable and easygoing character. They have an uncanny art of understanding what a person needs and they are good at delivering it.

Negative Qualities

  • Scatterbrained – Pisceans are famous for being scatterbrained. They don’t thrive in highly structured situations and they can be a real drag to people around them because of their needy, intense and emotional nature.
  • Indiscreet – Pisceans are famous for being indiscreet. They have an extremely short will power and usually seek an escape in the form of drugs or alcohol.
  • Impractical – Pisceans are extremely impractical in their approach and they tend to withdraw from harsh realities into their own shell.

Best Makeup Look

Pisces women are famous for their soft features, dreamy looks and sublime beauty. Their soul-searching eyes are their main highlight and they usually have full lips as well. The Piscean woman always looks best when she plays up her exotic eyes and this is why the shimmery eye shadow look can work wonders for a Piscean.


Piscean women dress as if life were an extension of their own fantasies. They are bound to add bits and pieces of their dream world into their style. If they’re into fairies, they would love to wear flowery clothes. If they’re into Goth, they love to have a mysterious and dark aura to them. This is why a soft and romantic look suits the Piscean women the best.

Most Compatible With

Due to their unique nature and characteristics, Pisceans are most compatible with people from the Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs.

Pisceans are always better off working for themselves. Their unique personality makes them a perfect fit for a career in charity or as a veterinarian caring for animals. They have an unending love for water and they usually tend to thrive in jobs that keep them close to the sea. Their creative side also makes them an ideal fit for advertising, PR and success in films or on stage. Some of the best career choices for Pisceans include salespeople, advertising executives and copy writers.

Pisces Beauty and Fashion Scope

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