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Looking for an Eye Makeup? The must knows

For people looking to get their eye makeup done, the question often isn’t that easy. For one, not all of us know the different types of eye makeup options that are available out there. More, the benefits associated with eye makeup aren’t widely known too. No, you do not require your eye makeup only for looking that extra bit beautiful, there are a number of other advantages as well.

types of eye makeup

So, why do we need eye care?

Being a vital and appealing part of our face, our eyes need constant care and attention. This is why we need to be very careful when choosing our eye makeup which can make or break our personality. From looking dull and boring you can go to becoming alive and stylish with the best of eye makeup stuff and bring your sharp features to life. Read on to know about the various types of eye makeup being available in the market and make the very best use of them.

  • How does your eye shadow look like?

The coloring that goes on your lids is known as an eye shadow and one can use either one or up to 4 colors in complementary shades. This depends on the effect that one wishes to create and the emphasis you wish to put on your eyes. The eye shadows which come in sets of three have an outer V color, a crease color and an all-over color. The set of four offers a highlight color, crease color, outer V color and a lid color. This type of eye makeup is available in powder form in compact cases, creams in pencil or stick form and also as paints found in tubes which have a creamy texture but dry out when applied to the lips.

  • How do you use your eye liner?

The eye makeup which is used to give definite shape to your eyes is an eye liner. It is used to draw a line above the lashes or below it and is found in 2 forms. The first is the liquid eyeliner which is applied to the eyes with a thin brush. One should apply it steadily or it might get smudged easily. Gel lines come in a pot and using an angled liner brush to apply it is the best choice. The second type is the eyeliner pencil which is easier to use and one needn’t be absolutely accurate when applying it. Draw the line and smudge with the fingertip or brush for the perfect look.

  • All about Mascara

The eye product, which is applied to the eye, lashes directly to give them a fuller look and is known as the mascara. It also makes the lashes look longer. Mascara is available in two forms. The first is liquid mascara which comes in a tube with the brush being available in the cap itself. It also has a waterproof formula. The second type is powder cake mascara which is not as effective as liquid mascara.

lionesse mascara types of eye makeup

  • Using your under eye concealer

This concealer lightens the dark circles under the eyes and is applied before the rest of the makeup. Concealers are available in stick, tube or pot form and is flesh toned. They make your eyes and your face look younger and more attractive.


Ensure that you understand the different eye makeup needs you have and the best possible ways for carrying out the eye makeup.

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