Lionesse on the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn zodiac signThose having the Capricorn sun sign are known to be extremely realistic and usually have a grounded approach towards life, irrespective of how dreamy things seem to be. Capricornians are known to be people who know how to do things as well as how to get things done. Capricorn is the sun sign for anyone born between December 22 and January 19. Capricornians are ruled by the planet Saturn and they are also known to be one of the most stable and serious types of people. This Lionesse Capricorn guide showcases some of the main qualities and preferences of a Capricornian.

Positive Qualities
Their grounded and practical nature makes Capricornians very realistic people. Here are some of their main positive qualities.

  • Sensible. Capricornians are known to be extremely sensible. They are practical planners who are very dedicated and industrious as well.
  • Ambitious. Capricornians are high achievers by nature. They have better things to do than waste time on useless misconceptions and are known to be extremely capable characters. They are passionate and adventurous and they are also famous for being very intelligent.
  • Loyal. Capricornians are among the most loyal people. Their loyalty cannot be underestimated at any cost and they often end up being the rock of the family.

Negative Qualities
Their nature also makes them extremely problematic to deal with for many people. This section features some of the main negative qualities of capricornians.

  • Demanding. Capricornians are known to be very demanding in their personal and professional lives. This can prove to be a major flaw at most times, but there are times when their demanding nature also gets them through the toughest times.
  • Materialistic. Capricornians are often known to be materialistic because of their need for security. They are known to always repay acts of kindness, but the thought of “owing” people often ends up making them very insecure.
  • Pessimistic. Capricornians are nothing if not pessimistic. This feeling arises out of their defense mechanisms where failure is simply not an option.

Best Makeup Look – Matte eye shadow in earthy tones. Lionesse believes that a matte eye shadow which has an earthy tone works wonders for the appearance of a Capricornian because it reflects her true nature and helps her to look really beautiful.

Style Menswear elements. Capricornians often use menswear elements like trousers, military styles and jackets because of their preference towards urban and traditional clothing. They demand good quality tailoring and love to have an aura of authority.

Most Compatible With
Capricornians are known to tirelessly work to improve their relationships in order to get them to work. They don’t just let things go and try and ensure that the relationship means a lot to them as well as their partners. They take out the time to talk about feelings and always prefer to own up their mistakes. Capricornians have an extremely unique nature and this makes them most compatible to the Taurus, Virgo and Pisces sun signs. 

Capricornians are very practical and extremely grounded. They are very competitive and resourceful and they try to ensure that they give their best at whatever project they take on. Capricornians are also known to be extremely ambitious individuals. This makes them the ideal people to work in the fields of real estate, as a broker, as teachers or engineers.


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