Lionesse Brings You Easy Winter Hairstyles

Beautiful woman with a Christmas tree for hairWinter time allows for new, fresh hair style ideas. There are usually some things to take into consideration, however, such as wind, snow, and warmth. Due to this, many hairstyles in which you wear your hair down, or partially down, are restricted as you want to keep your style and not lose it by stepping out the door. Lionesse would like to offer you a few simple hairstyle ideas you can complete in five minutes or less that will allow you to look great without taking too much time in front of the mirror, allowing you to get on with your day. Read on to find out some of the top Lionesse easy to do winter styles.

Side Bun with a Hair Brooch
A cute, fashionable bun is always a good look, no matter the season. When wearing it off to the side and a bit lower, it gives you a sense of class and mobility, and looks great even when worn with certain styled winter inspired hats. It stays out of the way, and stays put, most importantly, the whole day through. Combine your cute bun with a seasonal hair brooch inserted into the bun or off to the side of the bun to give it a winter-like look you will be sure to love.

Half Updo
There are so many ways to make this style your own, and it’s a quick, effective, easy style that takes no more than five minutes (three, really) to complete. Incorporating curls or waves into your half updo, or even small braided sections, will really set it off. Try braiding some seasonal colored ribbon throughout the hair, or wear a clip on extension that has a seasonal pop of color in it, and make that work for your style.

Side Parted Straight Style
If you’ve got naturally straight hair, good for you – this style will be even more simple. If you don’t and want to get the look, simply straighten your hair the night before. Hair tends to relax more as we sleep, and your look will only need a touch up with a straightening iron the day of. Simply part the style down the middle and you’re good to go! This could also work for curly hair. Try to tame the frizz down a bit with a frizz prevention product so the hair won’t look bulky on one side.

Crimpy Hair in a Ponytail
Crimping your hair is back in style, and adding it to a ponytail looks fabulous. Try some variations between wearing the hair in a high pony or low pony to suit your taste. Wrap some hair around the pony tail holder and pin underneath for a wrapped ponytail look. Experiment with this style and make it your own!

These are all we at Lionesse have for you in terms of tips today, but be sure to check back soon as we are always posting new hair tips and tricks. There is also a plethora of ideas on the internet, so be sure to take some time out to learn some new styles – and most importantly, have fun!

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