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Beauty rebels are unofficially defined as those who step out on their own to create their own look and style. They never follow a typical style or fashion trend, whereas they develop their own. Current fashion and beauty trends don’t mean much to these girls, because they know they will incorporate their own styles and break all of the rules.

When it comes to being a pop superstar, Rihanna has got the skills, looks, and talent that are surpassed by none. Nearly everyone loves her upbeat music, talented vocals, and choice of lyrics – but there’s more. Her style, beauty, and hair choices are all her own – and that’s why we at Lionesse wanted to highlight this beauty rebel’s profile today. Let’s take a look at this superstar’s beauty, fashion, and hairstyle choices to really get an understanding of who Rihanna is as a beauty rebel.

Beauty rebel with a mohawk hairstyle

Rihanna has been seen wearing many different hairstyles over the years, from long styles to super short styles and everything in between. She’s had many different hair colors, from bold bright reds, to plum, and even stark white colors. She does whatever she wants, not following any specific trends, but staying true to herself and whatever she likes. Many of the cuts she’s worn incorporate short styles with curls, mohawks, and long styles with curls, undercuts, and extension based styles.

Rihanna’s fashion choices are never dull or boring in the least. She has been seen in nearly all fashions, from designer looks to down home simplistic looks. She puts outfits together that are a bit off the wall at times, and likes to dress to the nine’s whenever she heads out for an event or big night. She loves bright, wild and neon colors for any outfit or occasion, and her shoe choices are always on point with whatever she is wearing.

Woman applying blue lipstick

Some of the makeup Rihanna has been seen with is completely stunning, from glamorous styles to perfectly natural looks. Sometimes, we see her wearing makeup that some would say is completely off the wall, with geometric-styled eyeliner, various wild colored lipstick such as blue or green lip color, and lots of beautiful contouring. When it comes to her makeup application style, she sort of wears what inspires her that particular day, or matches her look to her personality or feelings for the day, and rolls with it.

Rihanna is a beauty rebel because she bases her fashion and makeup off of mostly modern styles, bringing plenty of interesting conversation pieces to the table while staying true to herself. She always goes against the grain of what is defined as beauty, and loves color incorporation where it adds a surprising flair. Her hairstyle choices are always beautiful, sometimes natural, and for the most part, always interesting. We’ve got to give credit where it’s due – Rihanna has been the basis of many makeup tutorials, videos, and pictures taken where beauty bloggers and fashionistas alike have incorporated her style into their own look.

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