Smokey Eye Do’s and Dont’s

Woman with smokey eyes and nude makeup.Creating a smoky eye is one of the most gorgeous looks you can create when it comes to your makeup. Smokey eyed makeup looks great for any occasion, and there are many variations of the look not simply partial to black and grey. You can use browns, tans, creams colors and more. Lionesse has put together a list of things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to creating a smoky eye – and we would like to detail these for you in the article below. Be sure, the next time you do your smoky eye look, that you incorporate some of these things into your makeup routine to look and feel your absolute best.

Lighten Darker Smoky Eyes, Brighten and Add Width
Using a white eye pencil, line your waterline to brighten your eyes and bring the entire look together nicely. This works with any dark smoky eye, and can really make your eyes pop. To get a widened eye look in conjunction with brighter eyes, clamp your eyelash curler down on your lashes for 10 seconds, followed by a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lash line. The curl will add width to the eyes, and will hold all day or night if you work with one eye at a time.

Keep Your Smoky Eye the Centerpiece of Your Look
When you create a smoky eye look, you want to make sure that is the main focal point of your makeup. You don’t want to go in heavy with dark lipstick, dark cheeks, and a ton of bronzer. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum, and pair your eyes with a nude lip or light pink hue. When it comes to your cheeks, keep them as natural looking as possible.

Woman applying eye makeup.

Create an Everyday Smokey Eye
This look is perfect for the summer months. Use a bronze hued shadow on the upper lid, and smudge the same along the lower lash line. Incorporate a bronzer to your cheeks with this look, and a nude colored lip gloss for a perfect finishing touch.

Play With Various Colors
As we mentioned above, creating a smoky eye look doesn’t have to be black and grey. On the contrary, it can be any color you want it to. Opt for a bright eyeshadow hue to make your eyes pop and go in with a black liner for added depth. Choosing bright colors for your lids will really help to make your look fresh and different, and stand out.

Add Some Highlighter
When you create a smoky eye, you want to remember to add highlighter to your inner corners, but never take the highlighter up to your brow bone. We have seen this mistake made way too many times, and we want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. This is what we consider to be overdone. To avoid that, add some shimmer with white shadow or a highlighter to your inner corners and leave it at that.

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