How to Deal with Misbehaving Makeup

Many of us are faced with the inconvenience of having to touch up our makeup on a daily basis. This could be in part due to the quality of the products used, the type of products used, and the weather. It could also be associated with sweating our makeup off during an exercise routine, or possibly a smudge here or there. Today, Lionesse makes it easy to deal with misbehaving makeup in this helpful article full of tips to help you deal.

CLose up of makeup items in a woman's purse.

Toss Daily Products Into Your Purse
Whatever you have used the morning before you head out the door, toss it into your purse in case you might need to touch it up throughout the day. That way, you will always have what you need on hand.

Woman using a liquid eyeliner for her eye makeup.

Opt for Waterproof Liner
Rather than using an eyeliner pencil or another type of non-waterproof eyeliner, your best bet is to use a waterproof liquid liner which will stay put all day, avoiding smudges and other mishaps from happening.

Woman touching up her makeup at work.

Keep Spare Items at Work
If there are items you just cannot go without on a daily basis, such as your favorite lip gloss or bronzer, keep spares in your desk drawer at work for touch-ups throughout the day.

Woman with natural makeup

Wear Minimal Makeup
If you are completing a daily casual look, opt for as minimal products as you possibly can to avoid the need to touch your products up throughout the day. This way, your skin can also breathe – and your pores won’t be as likely to get clogged by day’s end.

Woman applying lip gloss

Choose Weather Appropriate Products
One of the biggest reasons makeup tends to misbehave is due to the fact that we aren’t choosing weather appropriate products in the first place. If it’s hot outside, chances are it will also be humid – and that means the products we put on our faces will have a tendency to run and make a mess. To avoid this, opt for products fitting for the weather. During the summer months, it’s best to stick with tinted moisturizer rather than foundation, bronzer rather than blush, and lip gloss rather than lipstick. Another great lip product is lip oils, which are fairly new, which add a great pop of color and are very similar to lipstick and lip gloss combined. When it comes to eyeshadow, stick to a light, shimmery cream shadow rather than dark, cakey shadows which can crack and look unsightly in the humidity. Waterproof mascara is also a safe bet during these months.

Woman using a makeup remover

Keep Makeup Remover Wipes on Hand
If your makeup has been messed up beyond repair, you can always pull out one of your trusty makeup remover wipes for easy cleanup and then reapply whatever products you want to. Without keeping these wipes on hand, it can be a nightmare trying to recreate the look over what’s already messy.

Woman applying a toner

Use a Toner to Set Products
Rather than using a messy powder to set your products on your face, use a toner in a spray bottle to keep all of your products stationary where you’ve applied them. A small spray bottle will easily fit into your purse for touchups throughout the day or to refresh your face.

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