Fire Engine Red

Woman wearing a red dress

Lipstick, licorice, and wine. Now, ask yourself, what do these three things all have in common? Although not exclusively, they are all available – as well as widely consumed and associated – in the color red. Consumer Psychologists have found that products which are available in the color red, such as the products mentioned above, often endorse the feeling of excitement, intensity, passion, and urgency. Due to the quad of emotions shoppers experience (whether they notice it or not) when faced with the color, red products often score the highest sales. Whilst on the topic of psychological exploration, research suggests that wearing the color red is quite beneficial; When worn on a woman, the bold color doesn’t only symbolize power, but it also symbolizes decisiveness and leadership. That’s not all, the color has been found to stimulate energy, increase enthusiasm, and stimulate a sense of passion. Further, red elicits one to take action and have confidence in doing so – could this be why red is considered the color of winners? We think yes.

This summer, it seems that bright, bold, fire-engine red is all the rage. Keeping in mind all that you’ve just read, there is absolutely no reason for you not to rock the vibrant color this summer. Don’t be intimidated; In fact, to those of you who are intimidated to wear the color, it may be because at one point or another someone one wearing the color got a little too confident and rubbed you the wrong way. However, now you too know how powerful the color can be and we strongly encourage you to give this fab color a shot.

Surely you’ve heard the overused, cliché quote “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together,” put forth by the famous Elizabeth Taylor. Although we don’t know for certain, we do believe she was suggesting a swipe of red lipstick. Whether you have time to get ready for the day or you need to make your morning routine quick, you can bet you will look together by stepping into a sleek, black ensemble, slicking your hair back into a bun, and gliding on some bold, red lipstick.

If you have a light to fair skin tone, another way for you to rock red this summer is by using a red color blush. Particularly for those with Asian colored skin, lighter blushes in peach or coral colors will only bring out the natural flush in your skin. However, red-pink colored blush can be used to give your skin a divine glow.

Not much for making a bold makeup statement, that’s okay! Instead, we want to encourage you to accessorize with the hot hue. Here’re our favorite ways to wear red exclusive of red makeup:

  • Pair a red colored clutch with a navy peplum dress. Finish the look with either white or nude flats.
  • Are you a shoe girl? If yes, get yourself a pair of red pumps and pair them a neutral colored, silhouetted dress.
  • If you’re more into boots, get ready to rock this look into the fall by coupling red rain boots with a pair of dark wash jeans and a black blouse.
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