Longer Lashes Sans Mascara

Having longer eyelashes is something many women want. Usually, the job is easily done with mascara, which can provide length and volume. Sometimes, though, mascara just can’t cut it. Today, Lionesse is going to tell you about a few different methods to getting longer lashes without mascara. These methods are utilized by women worldwide and some are more popular in certain areas than others. Some are new and innovative, while others have been around for decades. Nonetheless, if you are a woman who has thin or short lashes and really would like to give something new a try, this article is for you.

Closeup of woman wearing false lashes.

False Lashes a.k.a. Falsies
False eyelashes, otherwise known in modern society as falsies, are a product which has been around for decades. These false eyelashes come in many different makes, colors, lengths, volumes, and sizes. There are types that cause the lashes to appear fuller, which appear the most natural. There are also dramatic types of false eyelashes, which provide exquisite lengths and wispy, dark lashes in a variety of looks. False eyelashes are very easy to apply yourself at home with eyelash adhesive, and can be worn for a full day. These products will last a long time with proper use and care.

Woman applying eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are capable of providing plenty of length to your natural eyelashes by means of connecting tiny extensions of sorts to your natural eyelashes. This service is generally applied within a salon, and can take anywhere from 3-4 hours for the initial application. There are a few different types of lashes you could opt for, with the most popular of them all being mink. These lashes look gorgeous and natural. They do need to be reapplied every 3-4 weeks, depending on each particular individual.

Lash serum

Lash Growing Serums
Eyelash growing serums and products are fairly new to the eyelash world, getting their beginnings only about a decade ago. These types of products are generally applied to your natural lashes themselves, or the surrounding upper eyelid, to stimulate growth and enhance your natural lashes capabilities in length and volume. There are some serums and products which work better than others, as with anything else, but choosing the high-end brands when it comes to your eyes is always a safe bet. Some products used for this method have been known to cause skin staining and even vision problems, so be sure to check out reviews online to see what others’ experience with the product may have been before making the purchase.

Hand drawing the chemical formula of vitamin B7 (biotin)

Biotin is a natural supplement which you could incorporate into your morning multivitamin routine, which will help to stimulate hair growth and regeneration, providing you with longer, fuller lashes. Not only will Biotin go to work on your lashes, but it will also help your hair to grow and be healthier, and help you to have beautiful skin. Aside from these, your fingernail health will also greatly improve. This is a fantastic supplement for all women to take – and the best part is, it’s natural with absolutely no side effects.

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