The Coconut Oil Craze

Coconut oil in  spa setting

Have dry hair? Use a dollop of coconut oil as a hair mask. Experiencing stubborn acne that you can’t seem to shake? Try the oil cleansing method or oil pulling with coconut oil. Looking for a natural way to

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Sleep Better With Yoga-Inspired Stretches

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles,
it takes away today’s peace.
Randy Armstong –

Everyone is confronted with his or her own trials and tribulations on a day-to-day basis. Although no one’s stressors should be measured next to ...Read More

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Benefits of Dance Therapy

Woman dancing

“Dancing is like taking a mini-vacation from the
 stress of the everyday – you have to be in the moment”

-Ofelia De La Valette,
Founder and owner of Dance 101, Atlanta

Bust a Move
It should come to no surprise ...Read More

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Fit Mind and Body

According to World Health Organization, uni-polar depression is predicted to the second leading cause of global disability by the year 2020. This comes to no shock to those who are familiar with the relevant data: approximately 1/3 people in the ...Read More

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Pageant Worthy Hair

Congeniality, Cosmetics and Wide-Barrel Curlers
The three (unofficial) C’s of pageantry, ladies. It is no secret that the toddlers (and their controversial parents), tweens, teens, and young women of pageants work hard 365 days of the year in hopes of ...Read More

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Native American Movies to Netflix

Woman watching a movie

It would be a very sad thought to imagine anyone living within the United States–and particularly enjoying all the rights and privileges of citizenship–to go the whole of their life without ever taking the opportunity to discover the rich fabric ...Read More

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