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10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
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Beauty Rebel Profile: Rihanna

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Beauty rebels are unofficially defined as those who step out on their own to create their own look and style. They never follow a typical style or fashion trend, whereas they develop their own. Current fashion and beauty trends don’t mean much to these girls, because they know they will incorporate their own styles and break all of the rules.

When it comes to being a pop superstar, Rihanna has got the skills, looks, and talent that are surpassed by none. Nearly everyone loves her upbeat music, talented vocals, and choice of lyrics – but there’s more. Her style, beauty, and hair choices are all her own – and that’s why we at Lionesse wanted to highlight this beauty rebel’s profile today. Let’s take a look at this superstar’s beauty, fashion, and hairstyle choices to really get an understanding of who Rihanna is as a beauty rebel.

Beauty rebel with a mohawk hairstyle

Rihanna has been seen wearing many different hairstyles over the years, from long styles to super short styles and everything in between. She’s had many different hair colors, from bold bright reds, to plum, and even stark white colors. She does whatever she wants, not following any specific trends, but staying true to herself and whatever she likes. Many of the cuts she’s worn incorporate short styles with curls, mohawks, and long styles with curls, undercuts, and extension based styles.

Rihanna’s fashion choices are never dull or boring in the least. She has been seen in nearly all fashions, from designer looks to down home simplistic looks. She puts outfits together that are a bit off the wall at times, and likes to dress to the nine’s whenever she heads out for an event or big night. She loves bright, wild and neon colors for any outfit or occasion, and her shoe choices are always on point with whatever she is wearing.

Woman applying blue lipstick

Some of the makeup Rihanna has been seen with is completely stunning, from glamorous styles to perfectly natural looks. Sometimes, we see her wearing makeup that some would say is completely off the wall, with geometric-styled eyeliner, various wild colored lipstick such as blue or green lip color, and lots of beautiful contouring. When it comes to her makeup application style, she sort of wears what inspires her that particular day, or matches her look to her personality or feelings for the day, and rolls with it.

Rihanna is a beauty rebel because she bases her fashion and makeup off of mostly modern styles, bringing plenty of interesting conversation pieces to the table while staying true to herself. She always goes against the grain of what is defined as beauty, and loves color incorporation where it adds a surprising flair. Her hairstyle choices are always beautiful, sometimes natural, and for the most part, always interesting. We’ve got to give credit where it’s due – Rihanna has been the basis of many makeup tutorials, videos, and pictures taken where beauty bloggers and fashionistas alike have incorporated her style into their own look.

Smokey Eye Do’s and Dont’s

Woman with smokey eyes and nude makeup.Creating a smoky eye is one of the most gorgeous looks you can create when it comes to your makeup. Smokey eyed makeup looks great for any occasion, and there are many variations of the look not simply partial to black and grey. You can use browns, tans, creams colors and more. Lionesse has put together a list of things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to creating a smoky eye – and we would like to detail these for you in the article below. Be sure, the next time you do your smoky eye look, that you incorporate some of these things into your makeup routine to look and feel your absolute best.

Lighten Darker Smoky Eyes, Brighten and Add Width
Using a white eye pencil, line your waterline to brighten your eyes and bring the entire look together nicely. This works with any dark smoky eye, and can really make your eyes pop. To get a widened eye look in conjunction with brighter eyes, clamp your eyelash curler down on your lashes for 10 seconds, followed by a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lash line. The curl will add width to the eyes, and will hold all day or night if you work with one eye at a time.

Keep Your Smoky Eye the Centerpiece of Your Look
When you create a smoky eye look, you want to make sure that is the main focal point of your makeup. You don’t want to go in heavy with dark lipstick, dark cheeks, and a ton of bronzer. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum, and pair your eyes with a nude lip or light pink hue. When it comes to your cheeks, keep them as natural looking as possible.

Woman applying eye makeup.

Create an Everyday Smokey Eye
This look is perfect for the summer months. Use a bronze hued shadow on the upper lid, and smudge the same along the lower lash line. Incorporate a bronzer to your cheeks with this look, and a nude colored lip gloss for a perfect finishing touch.

Play With Various Colors
As we mentioned above, creating a smoky eye look doesn’t have to be black and grey. On the contrary, it can be any color you want it to. Opt for a bright eyeshadow hue to make your eyes pop and go in with a black liner for added depth. Choosing bright colors for your lids will really help to make your look fresh and different, and stand out.

Add Some Highlighter
When you create a smoky eye, you want to remember to add highlighter to your inner corners, but never take the highlighter up to your brow bone. We have seen this mistake made way too many times, and we want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. This is what we consider to be overdone. To avoid that, add some shimmer with white shadow or a highlighter to your inner corners and leave it at that.

Cancer Sign Makeup Tutorial

This month is based around the Cancer sign in the zodiac, which is the 4th sign in the zodiac, and also a water sign which is ruled by the moon. With this week here at Lionesse being centered around your sign, Cancer, we thought it would be a fun, helpful idea to bring on guest blogger Sarah McCormick to give you a helpful casual makeup look with pictures in a fun how-to tutorial. This look is centered around a look that would look particularly nice on you, Cancer, so stay focused and implement at least some of these tips into your regimen the next time you have some free time in front of a mirror. Here’s Sarah with more!

Finished Look for Lionesse Cancer Makeup Tutorial

Hello, hello ladies. Thanks for joining me today in my Cancer makeup tutorial, as I detail one of the simplest and most natural looks for the beloved Cancer sign. You Cancerians do really well with shimmery makeup looks, and that’s exactly what I’m bringing you today – plus a pop of pink in the right places. Let’s get started!

Here’s what I used to get my look:

  • Lionesse Shimmer Powder in SH-09 – it’s a very shimmery white/off white and perhaps even light tan sort of color that looks fabulous for all of you Cancer girls!
  • Lionesse Mascara
  • Sephora Collection duo blush in Guava Glow – this has the perfect mix of peach and pink, perfect again for a Cancer
  • Covergirl Lip Lava gloss in Lava Glow – this is a metallic hue, gold (one of my favorites!) since I couldn’t seem to find a silver hue; however; any metallic color will work well with your sign
  • Wet n’ Wild Just Peachy lipstick – Doesn’t feel very good on dry lips, so be sure to use lip balm over the lips to give it a smoother glide. The color is gorgeous and very on point for you, Cancer!
  • NYX Brown eyeliner pencil
  • Bonne Belle Eyeshadow Box – Café Classics plum/tan color
  • Highlighting powder
  • Translucent powder
  • Brushes

To get the look, this is what you will need to do:

Step 1: Begin with a fresh, clean face. You will want to wait to apply foundation, concealer, and primer until after your eyes are complete to avoid fallout all over your products.

Applying Lionesse Shimmer Powder to Eyelid in SH-09 for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 2: Go in with your Lionesse Shimmer Powder all over the eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. Don’t worry if the powder gets on your eyelashes right now, we are going to be using mascara afterwards which will cover up any of the powder. I applied a small winged eyeliner look prior to beginning this tutorial, you can choose to do this or not – it’s completely up to you. Cancer’s don’t typically wear winged eyeliner unless they are going out for the evening or for a special occasion, so if you want to keep it more traditional, then don’t.

Step 3: Go in with your plum/tan color over the crease of the eyelid and blend down to the corner of the eye. Blend inwards towards the center of the eyelid with a bit more product, keeping it subtle.

After Applying Lionesse Shimmer Powder to Eyelid in SH-09 for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 4: Go in with your brown eyeliner pencil to the bottom eyelash line, and to the top lash line if you chose not to do the winged look. Blend well.

Using Lionesse Mascara for upper and lower lashes for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 5: Use your Lionesse mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Step 6: Apply your primer, concealer, and foundation.

Applying a Peachy Pink Blush to Apples of Cheeks for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 7: Using your blush, apply lightly to the apples of the cheeks, blending outwards.

Applying a Shimmery Highlighter to corners of Eyes for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 8: Go in near the eye and apply a little bit of highlighting powder in this area. Blend out around the eye area. Do the same thing up near the brow bone for that extra shimmer.

Applying a light pink lipstick for Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

Step 9: Apply your pink lipstick.

Applying Covergirl Lip Lava Gloss in Lava Glow over Lipstick for Cancer Zodiac Look

Step 10: Go in with your lip gloss and coat the lips with the product.

Finished Cancer Zodiac Makeup Look

You’re finished! A fun, casual Cancer look that isn’t too dramatic, isn’t over the top, and looks fabulous for your personality traits. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and I will see you all again very soon!

Secrets to Beautiful Nails

If you’re like most women, your fingernails, in their natural state, are a sight left to be unseen. That is probably the reason many women head to their salon and request artificial nails. Or, perhaps, it’s the idea of perfection that so many of us want to live up to. Regardless, today Lionesse has an article detailing the secrets to beautiful nails – in their natural state – for all of you to enjoy and implement into your life.

Woman trimming the edges from her finger nails.

Taking Care of Frayed Edges
Frayed nails can cause snags on your favorite clothing and therefore, leave you stressed and annoyed. They can also cut your skin or the skin of others when you itch yourself or give someone a hug. The best course of action is to tackle the fray or torn nail with a nail file as soon as you notice the problem, which will allow you to keep your nail the length you want it without having to take nail clippers to your nails. If a frayed edge or a torn nail is left without being taken care of, it can cause a break in the nail, leaving you no choice but to cut the nail down. Tackling the problem head on is your best course of action.

Getting Rid of White Spots
White spots on the nails are common among women and men, as well as children. Known medically as Leukonychia, this is a harmless white spot or discoloration that is caused by injury to the nail base. Most people have heard that this is caused by eating or drinking foods or products containing high levels of calcium, which is simply not the case. People generally refer to these spots as ‘calcium spots’ or ‘milk spots’ on the nail due to this popular belief. On occasion, these white spots may be caused by a fungal infection which may require medication to treat. If the white spots are caused by injury, getting rid of the white spots on nails is doable, but it will take time. You can allow the white spots to grow out of your nail naturally, as when the nails grow out the spots tend to move towards the top of the nails and can then be trimmed. Or, you can choose to hide the white spots with fingernail polish of your choosing. Another option is to paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish every day for seven days which is infused with protein properties, and then remove the nail polish after the seventh day. Your nails should be stronger and less susceptible to injury. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for injured nail beds – but with time and patience, the spots will eventually go away.

Woman with yellow nails and teeth smoking a cigarette.

Getting Rid of Yellow Nails and Yellow Spots on Nails
Yellowing of the nails can be caused by a multitude of things. Environmental factors, such as pollutants, can cause this to occur, as can smoking. They can also be caused by wearing fingernail polish. If you are a smoker, the best option to treat yellow nails is to stop smoking. To treat yellow nails or yellow staining of the nails, soak your nails in a bowl full of lemon juice for 10-15 minutes per day to naturally brighten the nails and remove the staining. You can also make a paste from peroxide and baking soda, and apply directly to each nail with a Q-Tip. Allow the paste to rest for 15 minutes and rinse to remove staining. When painting your nails, always use a base coat to protect your nails from staining due to dark colored fingernail polish.

Remove Stain From Nail Color
Sometimes when using brightly colored fingernail polish or dark colored fingernail polish, our nails can be left with stains as the colors actually seep into the nail bed. To prevent this from happening, always use a base coat when applying a polish, no matter what the color. This protects your nailbed from set in stains. To remove them, try using a nail buffer for a quick fix by going over the nail lightly, or soak your nails in lemon juice for 15 minutes per day until you see your desired results.

Damaged finger nails.

Getting Rid of Ridges
Ridges are lines which form vertically on the nails, and sometimes horizontally, that can leave your nails looking striped and unsightly. They can be caused for various reasons, some being for overall health reasons, other times, it could be from damage to your nail beds from wearing artificial nails, and sometimes, your nails could just be unhealthy. To get a quick fix for nail ridges, use the coarse side of a nail buffer to buff out the ridges and then smooth the nail with the smoothing side of the buffer. This will make the nails smooth and beautiful. From there, you can go in with a shining block to give your nails a natural shine, or use a fingernail polish for color.


Best Colors for Cancers

Cancer women can pull off just about anything with their gorgeous facial structures, but there are certain colors that just make the emphasis on their beauty pop and go way up. Today, Lionesse is going to take a deeper look into the colors that are best worn by Cancer women. These colors could pertain to anything, from fashion, to accessories, and even nail colors.

Woman wearing metallic makeup

Metallic hues such as silver have been said to be the best on the Cancer woman – and it’s no wonder, as this sign is ruled by the moon itself. The illuminating effect of the moon just screams silver, and therefore, looks gorgeous on any Cancer. Other metallic colors such as gold, copper, and bronze also look astonishing on the Cancerian.

Though this is a bit outside the box for you, Cancer, when you need a pop of color in your life, you will most certainly want to opt for a yellow-orange hue. This color is fabulous for summer, goes well with your vibrant, positive personality, and showcases your emotional traits well. This color will also help to add something special to your skin.

Woman wearing a stylish white dress.

White tends to look breathtaking on this sign, and reflects their personality nicely. White gives the impression of illuminating the skin, which is major for Cancer women. Glowing, illuminated skin is one of the main characteristic traits of a Cancer – and adding a bit more glow never hurts. You can choose pure whites, creams, off whites, and pearl colors.

Grey is another color that, similar to silver, will help to bring out your features and help you look absolutely stunning. It’s perfect for the office, as grey is a very neutral color which goes with just about anything without being too loud.

Woman wearing a green dress sitting in a park.

Green or Blue Green
Green and blue green promote a sense of well-being, prosperity, and overall calm and tranquility. This is great for the Cancerian, who is by nature moody yet adores living a natural, peaceful setting and mindset. This color will help tame down your moodiness, and bring inner peace and tranquility.

Sea Green
Sea green hues are wonderful options for career based clothing and when dealing with any professional aspect of your life, whether it be interviewing or even when heading to the bank to obtain a loan.

Fashionable women wearing pink and white clothes.

Pink or Peach
Pink or peach hues are fabulous on you, and will work well on any day of the week, whether worn for work or play.

Tan is another great color option for you, Cancer. Another great color you can wear at the office, tan is basically a go-to color that you can pair with anything, from black, to brown, to red, and more. Tan will look fabulous on your probably fair skin, and help you look professional and classy all day or all night.

Pastel peach colored derss

Aside from pink or peach, other pastel colors work very well for your sign, such as blues, light purples, and other pastel hues. These can work for any situation.

Fixes for Your Fashion Issues

We’ve all been there: spilled a glass of red wine on a white shirt, broken our favorite flip flops mid-stride, or had a zipper stick on a rainy, cold day. Today, Lionesse brings you some lifesaving (not really, but you get the point) tips, tricks, and hacks to help you muster through the toughest fashion issues – and some of them are so ridiculously simple, you might ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Woman struggling to zip her dress because of a stuck zipper

Unsticking a Stuck Zipper
If you have a stubborn zipper that just won’t budge no matter how hard you try to pull, try rubbing some Vaseline on the zipper teeth. Another great option to try is rubbing a pencil over the zipper teeth.

Fix a Loose Button – Temporarily
Use a coat of clear nail polish to prevent a loose button from falling off temporarily.

Woman picking up a wine glass after spilling red wine on the rug.

Removing a Red Wine Stain
Pour club soda over the stain, and toss the garment into the washer. Don’t dry it – allow it to air dry if the stain is gone. If it isn’t, repeat the process once again.

Prevent Dark Jeans from Fading
Toss a ½ cup of white vinegar into the washer with the jeans on the last washing cycle. This will not only retain color, but will also help your jeans come out of the dryer softer. Vinegar works well as a fabric softener – and won’t leave the stinky vinegar scent behind.

Woman with dirty sneakers hiking

Getting Dirt off of Your Favorite Cloth Shoes
Use an old toothbrush and apply some toothpaste or baking soda to the brush. Wet and scrub the shoes. You may want to toss them into the washer after this to remove any unsightly white residue left behind, and allow them to air dry to avoid shrinkage.

Remove Sweater Pilling
Remove sweater pilling by using a pumice stone rubbed over the piling areas.

Woman examining what to wear.

Downsize Your Closet – The Creative Way
Hang all of your clothes in your wardrobe with the hangers facing one way. As you wear each piece, hang the item up on the hanger in the opposite direction of the other clothes. After a month, get rid of the items you haven’t yet worn.

Turn Your T-Shirts Vintage Soft
Soak your shirts in a mix of water (1 QT) and ½ C of salt for three days. Wash your shirts, and feel the difference!

Woman holding smelly sneakers

Get Rid of Stinky Smells in Sneakers
Cover your sneakers in baking soda to absorb the smell, and allow to sit overnight. Wash the sneakers after 24 hours and they will be stink-free.

Test The Fit of a New Pair of Jeans
When you’re pressed for time and just can’t take the five minutes to try on a pair of jeans (or you just don’t want to) hold the pair up to your neck. If the jeans can wrap around your neck and touch ends, chances are, they will fit.

Woman examining her sweat stains

Remove Sweat Stains
Spray the armpit area on your shirts and any other areas that tend to accumulate sweat with lemon juice before washing the item. This will remove and prevent sweat stains.

Make Diamond Rings Sparkle
Is your ring not as sparkly as it once was? Use baking soda or toothpaste to scrub your ring to make it shine like new.

80′s Makeup Look Tutorial

Today, we are bringing you a blast from the past. Lionesse has got a special treat up our sleeve for you – can you guess what it is? That’s right – an 80′s inspired makeup tutorial brought to you by guest blogger Sarah McCormick. Today, Sarah is going to spend some time showing you how to get the 1980s look some of you probably still crave. For the younger generation who wasn’t blessed (or cursed?) enough to have lived through the 80′s, this is your go-to tutorial on how to get the 80′s bad girl look. Think Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, and Paula Abdul. Without further ado, let’s get started!

80's Makeup Tutorial Look - Completed Look

Hey ladies! Welcome to another fun and totally radical tutorial on how you can get the look of the 80′s. The 80′s had some of the craziest, most far out there looks we have ever seen in the beauty world – and although you probably wouldn’t want to wear this look on a regular basis, it sure is fun to spend some time in front of the mirror creating it and seeing yourself how you would look in another era.

The products I used are as follows:

80's Makeup Look Tutorial -Products Used to get the look

  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Brash Blue
  • Lionesse Mineral Shimmer Powder in SH-30
  • Lionesse Mineral Shimmer Powder in SH-17
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – Oil Free
  • Wet n’ Wild Color Icon in Black – pencil liner
  • Wet n’ Wild Just Peachy Lip Color
  • Lionesse Beauty Bar Mascara – Extra Volume Double Fiber
  • Revlon Photo Ready Makeup in Shell
  • Sephora Collection Rough Shine Lipstick in Secret Affair
  • ELF Brightening eye pencil in Midnight Blue
  • Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo in Guava Glow

Here are the different types of brushes I worked with:

  • Stippling brush – although this doesn’t generally get used for applying blush, I feel it helped me to achieve a more layered on blusher look
  • Blending Brush
  • Defining Eye Brush

This look will take you anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to complete, more time if you do your hair to match the look like I did. Here’s how to get 80′s ready:

Step 1: Start with a fresh, clean face. Apply moisturizer, let it rest and absorb for about 20 minutes before piling on the products.

Step 2: Apply primer all over your face.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial -Light Foundation Color Applied Heavily

Step 3: Apply a generous helping of a liquid foundation. The 80′s girls loved to use foundation that was 1-2 shades lighter than their actual skin color, which you can see I did here. Blend well.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial -Blush Contouring

Step 4: Take your stippling brush or blush brush of choice, and get to work on creating those notoriously pink cheeks. Begin by applying a generous amount of pink blush to the hollows of the cheeks, and on the cheekbone itself. Bring the  blush up over your temples, and across the hairline of your forehead. Repeat on the opposite side. Now, during the 80′s, women didn’t like to blend their blush at all – but today, we will be.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Blending Out Blush Contour

Step 5: Take your blending brush and begin blending the blush out a bit. Don’t overdo it, we don’t want to lose the pink statement piece of what is the 80′s look!

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Applying Lionesse Mascara

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - After Lionesse Mascara Application

Step 6: Now it’s time for the eyes. Go in with your mascara and apply a coat to the bottom and top lashes. During the 80′s, they loved voluminous lashes caked with mascara, so if you like, go ahead and shoot for two coats.

80's Makeup Tutorial - Applying Midnight Blue Eyeliner Pencil

80's Makeup Tutorial - After Application of Blue Eyeliner

Step 7: Apply your midnight blue eyeliner to the top and bottom lash lines.

80's Makeup Tutorial - Creating a Pink Lined Eye with Lionesse Shimmer Pigment

Step 8: Take your pink shimmer powder, and an angled definition brush. Go in and apply the pigment to the bottom lash line beginning about midway, and bring it out to the outer corner of the eye. Don’t over-blend.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Applying Purple accent Lionesse Pigment Shimmer Shadow

Step 9: Take your purple pigment shadow, and begin about midway across the bottom lash line, working inwards towards the inner corner of the eye. Apply to the inner corner as well, and bring the color up to the top lash line, stopping when you reach the lashes.

Step 10: Go in with your pink shadow all over the eyelid, bringing it down and out around the outer corner of the eye, connecting with the bottom pink color.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Applying Blue Eyeshadow to crease of eye

Step 11: Go in with the blue pigment across your crease, bringing it out and away from the outer edge of the eye. Blend back and forth a little.

Step 12: Go in with the pink pigment yet again above the blue pigment, framing the color.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Applying Beauty Mark

Step 13: Now, it’s time to have some fun. You don’t have to create the beauty mark or Madonna mole if you don’t want to, but I wanted to channel my inner Pop Queen a.k.a. Queen of Controversy and go all out. Simply choose a spot  near your upper lip where you would like to apply the mark, and dot your black liner onto your face, followed by a dot of brown eyeshadow or brown eyeliner to make it appear more natural.

80's Makeup Look Tutorial - Finished Look

Step 14: Apply your peachy/pink hued lip color, followed by the pink gloss lip color.

If the crazy eye color scheme is too much for you to handle or comprehend, you can always play it down but still look very 80′s by applying a generous dusting of pink pigment powder alone, with the mascara and blue eyeliner. Very simple and easy and still reeks of the 80′s, as you can see.

Enjoy your new 80′s look! Be sure to take tons of pictures and share them with your friends – as well as this tutorial. You never know, it could become your new favorite Halloween or theme party look! Thank you for checking out my tutorial and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

80's Makeup Tutorial Look - Completed Look

How’s that for an awesome 80′s look?

80′s Makeup Trends: Modernized

The 80’s: either you love them, or you hate them. There really is no in between. When people think of 80’s fashion, hair, and makeup styles, they either reminisce of time gone by or cringe at the thought of the entire era. For those of you in love with 80’s makeup, we’ve got a serious treat for you today.

Lionesse thought it would be a fun idea to take the makeup looks from the days gone by and help you figure out how you can modernize it, so it would be appropriate for wear today. Yes, you can truly bring back the 80’s style and rock it in 2015. Sounds like a plan? We thought so! Read on for some helpful tips on achieving a modernized 80’s makeup look.

Beautiful woman with bold, bright eyeshadow.

Bold, Bright Eyeshadow
Bold, contrasting eyeshadow colors of the 80’s were a huge makeup trend and made a big statement. We see many highly pigmented looks in today’s beauty world that are reminiscent of that decade gone by. To create the look of the 80’s with a bold shadow, opt for a highly pigmented color palette in complementary colors, such as pink and purple, blue and green, gold and brown, and etc. Opt for more dimension by adding in an eyeliner pencil that contrasts against the two colors you’re opting for. Be sure to line the bottom lash line with the pencil, as well as the top eyelid, and blend out a bit. If you’d like to, you can take it all the way with colored faux lashes or colored mascara. Incorporating a geometric eye look can really set this look off and make it modern, yet extremely reminiscent of the 80’s.

Woman with bright cheeks holding a rose.

Blusher Galore
In the 80’s, bold, bright cheeks were the biggest color statement aside from eyes. Women would pile on the blusher – the more the better. Colors of preference during that time were bright pinks, deep coral, and red – and there was nothing subtle about it. The cheekbones would be contoured in such a way that there would be no blending to speak of like you would see in today’s beauty. To get the look of the 80’s while toning it down to a modern, socially-acceptable style, choose one of the above colors – minus the red blusher – and contour the cheeks slightly, blending out at the edges for a smooth look. You can also opt for a cream blusher, which applies nicely and stays put on the skin all day long without touch-ups. Also, be sure to include some blush on the apples of the cheeks as well – but try to keep the blusher to a minimum. We want to re-create the 80’s look in as pretty a way as possible, without looking like Bozo the Clown.

Woman with red lipstick and red nails

Bright Lips
Bright, bold lips were a huge hit in the 80’s. The glossier and bolder the lip, the better. Not much has changed in today’s beauty world, as women today still love the bright, bold lip look. To modernize on the 80’s lip trend, choose colors fitting for the season. Now that it’s summer, you will want to choose colors like deep pinks, purples, reds, and corals. You can also get the same look with a bold lip stain. Over the top of your lip color – whether you choose a matte or glossy color – you will want to apply a healthy dose of gloss. You can apply this all over your lips, or use the gloss in the center of the bottom lip to give your lips a fuller appearance.

The Mole Look from the eighties.

The Infamous Mole Look
What 80’s look would be complete without the Madonna mole? If you really want to go all out, creating your own mole with liquid liner is a breeze. Simply dot one onto your face – somewhere northwest to the upper lip – and dot on some brown eyeshadow over the ‘mole’ to soften the look a bit and help it to appear more natural. This addition to your look is optional, of course – but for those who are a fan, there you have it, and it’s a simple, easy way to add something extra to your look.

Woman with bold brows.

Bold Brows
Bold, natural eyebrows were iconic during the 80’s, as models and actresses such as Brooke Shields made them exceptionally popular. You don’t necessarily need to skip your next waxing appointment or stay away from the tweezers, just be sure to only get rid of strays and not so much focus on shaping your brows so much if you want to get this look.

Woman applying foundation

Heavy Foundation
Heavy foundation application was major in the 80’s, with women caking the product on their face so much you could see the product without having to try. During this time frame, women would generally opt for a foundation that was 2-3 shades lighter than their actual skin tone, and once their makeup was applied, they would then go over everything with a pressed powder. To get this look in a modern way, without annihilating your skin and appearing ‘fake’, you can opt for a liquid or mousse foundation and finish up with a dusting of translucent powder after all of your cosmetics have been applied. Don’t go heavy on the product – rather, keep it thin and simple as this will surely do the trick. Also – and this is major – be sure to stick with a foundation that matches your skin color, or only one shade darker – but never, ever lighter.

Always remember, when applying an 80’s look, it’s more about the color scheme and choosing bright, bold colors rather than how much of the product you actually apply. We want to look beautiful, not overdone and cakey. Be sure to remove your cosmetics each night before bed with a good makeup remover, and then follow up with a thorough double cleanse to rid your face and pores of the products used for the day. Lionesse hopes this article has been helpful and fun to read – and we would love it if you’d give this look a try the next time you’re standing in front of your mirror with makeup in hand.

Get Fuller Looking Lips

Full, plump lips are something so many women would love to have, but they haven’t the slightest idea how this could be possible without spending untold amounts of money and suffering through painful injections. There is another way to attain gorgeous, full looking lips rather than opting for going under the needle. Lionesse is going to show you a few different ways today to help you have fuller looking lips you can be proud to show off by use of makeup alone. Think it’s impossible? Read this article from Lionesse to learn how you can get the look yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Woman using lip gloss.

Lip Gloss
After your lipstick application as per usual, apply a dot of lip gloss in the center of your bottom lip to give depth and dimension to your lips, and the appearance that your lips are fuller and plumper. This trick works and literally only takes 5 seconds.

Woman using a lip liner.

Lip Liner
Use a lip liner in the same shade as the lipstick you are going to be using, or lighter to match your natural lip color. If you are using a lip liner that matches your lip color, you can safely draw and line the lips outside of the actual lip itself. If you are going to be using a lip liner that matches your lipstick hue, be sure to stay inside the lines of your lip to not give yourself that overdone lip look.

Choose Rich Colors
Rich colors have a way of adding depth and vivacity to your lips. By choosing rich, deep colors, you will give your lips a much-needed pop, causing them to appear fuller.

Woman applying beige eyeshadow.

Beige Eyeshadow
Before applying your lipstick, line your top lip with a beige eyeshadow and thin brush. This will help to give your top lip some proportion to the bottom lip, as most women tend to have a fuller bottom lip than they do on top. After lining the outer edge of the lip, you can apply your lipstick.

Woman using a lip treatment cream.

Lip Treatments
Using a lip treatment that contains ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A and E, and Vitamin C will help to plump up your pout naturally, and can sometimes work just as well as going in for invasive injections and other procedures. Try to use a lip treatment three times per day until you achieve your desired lip effect.

Woman moisturizing her lips with a lip balm

Moisturize Lips Often
When you are trying to achieve a fuller lip with cosmetics, you will want to ensure your lips are well moisturized. When you have well-moisturized lips, they will naturally appear fuller. When your lips are dry and cracked, and parched, they will come off as shriveled and small. Be sure to use a good hydrating lip balm before you apply your lip color and lip liner to give yourself an added boost.

Woman exfoliating her lips with a toothbrush.

Use a Lip Scrub
Lip scrubs are perfect for getting an exfoliated lip, which in turn removes the dead, dry lip skin and stimulates a significant amount of blood flowing throughout the lips, giving them the appearance of a fuller, more beautiful pout.

Longer Lashes Sans Mascara

Having longer eyelashes is something many women want. Usually, the job is easily done with mascara, which can provide length and volume. Sometimes, though, mascara just can’t cut it. Today, Lionesse is going to tell you about a few different methods to getting longer lashes without mascara. These methods are utilized by women worldwide and some are more popular in certain areas than others. Some are new and innovative, while others have been around for decades. Nonetheless, if you are a woman who has thin or short lashes and really would like to give something new a try, this article is for you.

Closeup of woman wearing false lashes.

False Lashes a.k.a. Falsies
False eyelashes, otherwise known in modern society as falsies, are a product which has been around for decades. These false eyelashes come in many different makes, colors, lengths, volumes, and sizes. There are types that cause the lashes to appear fuller, which appear the most natural. There are also dramatic types of false eyelashes, which provide exquisite lengths and wispy, dark lashes in a variety of looks. False eyelashes are very easy to apply yourself at home with eyelash adhesive, and can be worn for a full day. These products will last a long time with proper use and care.

Woman applying eyelash extensions.

Lash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are capable of providing plenty of length to your natural eyelashes by means of connecting tiny extensions of sorts to your natural eyelashes. This service is generally applied within a salon, and can take anywhere from 3-4 hours for the initial application. There are a few different types of lashes you could opt for, with the most popular of them all being mink. These lashes look gorgeous and natural. They do need to be reapplied every 3-4 weeks, depending on each particular individual.

Lash serum

Lash Growing Serums
Eyelash growing serums and products are fairly new to the eyelash world, getting their beginnings only about a decade ago. These types of products are generally applied to your natural lashes themselves, or the surrounding upper eyelid, to stimulate growth and enhance your natural lashes capabilities in length and volume. There are some serums and products which work better than others, as with anything else, but choosing the high-end brands when it comes to your eyes is always a safe bet. Some products used for this method have been known to cause skin staining and even vision problems, so be sure to check out reviews online to see what others’ experience with the product may have been before making the purchase.

Hand drawing the chemical formula of vitamin B7 (biotin)

Biotin is a natural supplement which you could incorporate into your morning multivitamin routine, which will help to stimulate hair growth and regeneration, providing you with longer, fuller lashes. Not only will Biotin go to work on your lashes, but it will also help your hair to grow and be healthier, and help you to have beautiful skin. Aside from these, your fingernail health will also greatly improve. This is a fantastic supplement for all women to take – and the best part is, it’s natural with absolutely no side effects.