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Walking into a Lionesse Beauty Bar is like entering into a universe of beauty. Your beauty. Enter our Makeover Metropolis, where we have all of your styling needs met, and offer tips on how to create the perfect look. We know makeup, and every time our future beauty queens buy one of our fabulous products, they get a free makeover. Come experience the excitement.

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10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
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The serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

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Your hair will thank you when you introduce it to its new best friend.  Our Red Tourmaline hair straightener by Lionesse Beauty Bar will have you living your dream hairstyle in no time. Feel the difference in your hair.
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We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Our beauty guests receive their own personal glamour guards, who lend their expertise to personally tailor a cosmetic wonder for you. Whether for intensive makeover treatment or just some beauty advice, our stylists are standing by to show you how to make your beauty shine.

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Music Inspired Hair Fashion

According to consumer and market research studies, many of today’s most popular songs can be lumped into one of three categories. Do you have a guess? Well, it turns out that across the board (in other words, those songs which are queued and requested on the radio, played via a free and/or paid streaming music services, and played through on-demand music video platforms) the most frequently played songs can be classified into the country music genre, the hip-hop music genre (including the closely related genres which lie on opposite poles of hip-hop: rap and pop music), and – last but not least – 90’s throwback tunes (as well as 90’s remixes and remakes).

With this wealth of knowledge, the Lionesse team set out with the purpose of discovering how (if even at all) such music genres have inspired beauty. Per the title of the article you may have already guessed what the Lionesse team found: that is, the ways in which these three music genres have inspired hair fashion. In the effort of keeping Lionesse readers in the loop, the remainder of the article provides you with everything that you need to know so, you too, can rock a music inspired hairdo. We’re so confident you’ll love them all, which is why we want to suggest that even if you’re not a fan of each genre, you give the ‘do a chance – try them all!!

little big town
Editorial Credit: Tinseltown /

Country Music Hairstyle: Little Big Town Curls
Kimberly Schlapman – just one of the four members of the country music group calling themselves “Little Big Town” – reminds fans to embrace their natural beauty. As far as hairs concerned, Schlapman does just that; rather than fighting the frizz with a flatiron day after day, she takes control of her coils with a little extra TLC. This ultimately leaves her naturally frizzy curls smooth, yet bountiful before she gets on stage.

You, too, can rock a maintained mane like the LBT artist by taking a few extra steps when getting ready in the morning! The most important thing to remember is to take your time when getting ready because when you rush your curls are more likely to suffer. Instead of twisting and rubbing wet hair dry with a towel, use a microfiber hair towel to scrunch and blot the excess water out of the hair. Then, in the palms of your hands, mix up one part leave in conditioner and one part curl cream. For best results let your hair air dry, but if you’re in a rush you should use a diffuser.

90’s Throwback (Remix and Remake) Music Hairstyles: Miley and Xtina’s Tiny Braids
Artists like Miley Cyrus and her predecessor, Christina Aguilera, often sport teeny, strategically placed braids throughout their locks. Not only is this look super easy, but is can make the laziest ponytail look fancy.

Before pulling your hair back, select two small sections of hair from the start of your hairline; one section can start across the arch of your brow and the other should be about an inch or two closer to your ear. Simply braid each section, secure with a clear elastic, then pull all your hair (including the braids) back into a ponytail as you normally would.

nicki minaj
Editorial Credit: Helga Esteb /

Hip-hop Music Hairstyle: The Rihanna-Supported Deep Side Part
You’ve certainly seen the deep side part on solo artists’ such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Nicki Minaj but chances are – like many fans – you’ve been too timid about styling the look for yourself. You now have no more excuses because you’re about to find out just how easy it is to get this killer ‘do.

It’s best to begin with freshly washed hair for this look. Now, you can choose to either let your hair dry naturally or employ a blow dryer, either way, you want to make sure that your hair is no more than 50% dry. At this point, you’ll want to comb all your hair backward, then place the end of a comb at the start of your hairline, parallel to the arch of your brow. From this point, you’ll drag the comb backward until you get to the “crown” of your head. With the help of your free hand, use the comb to guide each section of hair to its own side. Use a small amount of gel to smooth down the side with less hair, then apply some volume-enhancing hair spray to the fuller side of the part.

The Right Light For Every Makeup Occasion

According to a nationwide research study, the average American woman spends around thirty minutes applying makeup each morning. Whether your beauty routine clocks in right around the thirty-minute mark or you spend a greater or lesser amount of time in front of the mirror, the hope is that by the time you’ve put your brushes down and stepped away from the mirror, that you’re content with the way you look. Let’s be honest here, chances are that you look smokin’, because you’ve been working on your makeup technique for long enough now that you would probably declare yourself a pro; truth be told, you look good and you know it. So you’re all glammed up and grab your stuff to head to wherever it is you’re off too. But it’s not until you’re stopped at a red light that you look in your rearview mirror to check yourself out when you become less than thrilled with the way your makeup looks.

woman applying makeup

But how is that even possible? Why did your makeup look like you walked right out of a beauty advertisement when you were in your house, but now it looks like you’re a hot mess who needs help finding the right foundation shade? The answer – as annoying as it is – is quite simple: it all has to do with the lighting. Chances are you’ve heard the trusty ol’ makeup hack to apply your makeup next to a window to use the natural sunlight as a guide, but lighting (and its effect on makeup appearance) is actually much more complicated than just artificial versus natural light. If you’ve ever walked down the lighting isle of your local hardware store, you may have found that replacing that lamp light wasn’t was easy as you’d though it would be. You probably saw light bulbs with all sorts of descriptors, things like pure white light, off-white light, soft yellow light, and more.

Now if you were to apply your makeup in natural light, then walk into three different rooms, each lit by a different light source, your makeup would look different in each. The point of all this being that the only way to ensure your makeup looks its best is to apply it where you’ll be spending the most of your time that day. Unless, of course, you managed to find an article that gave you tips and tricks to applying makeup for different lighting. Matter of fact, it looks like it’s your lucky day! Because that’s exactly what you’ll find as you read through the remainder of this article; check it out!

woman applying lipstick

Apply your makeup in the best light possible
The old adage holds true, that applying your makeup in natural light is the best option. However, we know that it’s not always the most convenient option. Which is why we’re pleased to pass along one of the best-kept beauty secrets – that is: the best light bulb to use when applying makeup up is a “warm white” hue or a 3200-kelvin bulb.

Invest in your vanity
On second thought… don’t let anyone tell you that buying a lighted makeup mirror makes you vain. Not only are lighted makeup mirrors a fraction of the size that they once were but they’re hundreds of times more powerful and versatile. Thanks to the advancements in beauty technology, makeup lights can provide color-rendering indexes with true-to-tone spectrums. Ultimately, this means that the lighting provided by the mirror will provide you with versatile light so that you look the best in all situations.

Read the application instructions
As annoying as it may seem, taking those few extra moments to read the instructions will make a major difference – not only in how you apply your makeup, but – in how your makeup looks on your face both immediately and throughout the day. If the directions on the back of a foundation bottle suggest that you use your fingers to apply the product, then use your fingers! Simply because the product may benefit from a blending process that isn’t matched with a makeup brush.

Celebrity Secrets for Glowing Skin

Like it or not, celebrity skin care can be quite a controversial issue. To put the growing conversation into perspective, think back to the previous decade. You may remember waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket and glancing over the magazines with covers that were either bashing your favorite celeb’s un-photo-shopped beach body or phrasing those who lost unrealistic amounts of body weight in days. If you’re like most women, the media’s obsession with celebrity bodies has you insecure about your body and got you interested in trying whatever cleanse, detox, miracle-gym-move, magic pill, or surgery that the celebs swear by. Soon enough, the powerful abilities of photoshop became public knowledge; some celebs even fessed up to allowing publishers to print a doctored image.

Emily Blunt
Editorial Credit: Denis Makarenko /

So what does this have to do with celebrity skin care? Well, after all the #fatshaming and #skinnyshamming by the media outlets, consumers began to change their beliefs and ultimately stopped trusting news and advertisements related to body care products. The era of body focused tabloids is out, the big focus now: skin and skin care. However, readers just like you aren’t really sure what to believe. The average woman today can be found frequently questioning herself things like how does Shakira look so young? Many women have even contemplated making an appointment for a Vampire Facial, the bloody procedure that Kim Kardashian-West swore by just a few years ago.

One thing we know with absolute certainty is that stress can cause some major skin problems. It’s time to stop stressing over which anti-ageing cream, you should order and stop thinking about cashing in your 401K to pay for a facial by Angela Jolie’s aesthetician. You no longer have to wonder if you’re doing the right thing for your skin because we’ve chatted with the skin care experts of the stars, and we’ve decided to pass on Hollywood’s best kept skin secrets to you. Go on and read through the rituals and treatments used by the stars to give them the perfect and glowing complexion you’ve been searching for.

Celeb: Emily Blunt
Secret: The star’s facialist uses products that are fortified with Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant. According to sources, Blunt applies a Resveratrol-based serum onto clean skin twice per day, followed by a gentle moisturizer.

Celeb: Shakira
Secret: This Latina beauty swears by baby sunblock. Yes, seriously! She may have a golden tan, but it’s not from frying in the sun all day. According to the singer’s beauty team, she slathers on child suntan lotion on a daily basis. Not only is she getting UVA/UVB protection, but child-designed sun lotion is light and gentle, waterproof, and it smells much more pleasing than your regular sunblock!

katherine heigl smiling
Editorial Credit: DFree /

Celeb: Katherine Heigl
Secret: According to her beauty squad, Heigl is a busy woman who loves effective products and tools. Thanks to her Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush she gets all that she bargained for and more. Heigl’s not the only Clarisonic fan; Gwyneth Paltrow swears by her automatic cleansing brush and says that once she got into the habit of using a Clarisonic 3-4 times per week she noticed that her skin felt smoother, looked brighter, and her makeup went on more evenly.

Celeb: Miranda Kerr
Secret: This bombshell credits lip balm for her glowing complexion. According to the VS beauty team, Kerr and the rest of the Angles use unscented lip balm to hydrate and brighten their lips, under-eyes, and any other particularly dry areas of their body.

Making Up Your Face During The Morning Commute

Picture this: you’re lying in bed with your covers pulled over as you try to fall back asleep before your next alarm goes off…perhaps you’re not even trying to fall back asleep, you’re just an over-tired human being thinking about all the reasons that you don’t want to get up and start the day. You’re mentally checking off the all the things that you accomplished the day before, and then – just as you alarm buzzes, again – you realize that you should have gotten up thirty minutes ago because you have a super important meeting/presentation/conference that you need to arrive on time for. You finally jump up, hop in and out of the shower, get dressed, dry your hair and apply moisturizer right before you grab your car keys. Sound familiar?

woman doing makeup while driving

But wait… aren’t you going to put makeup on? Oh, that’s right, you tossed your cosmetics bag in your tote while you were getting your clothes on. Which probably means you’re hoping to hit just enough red lights to apply a full face of makeup during your commute.

We know, that you know applying cosmetics whilst you commute isn’t the best idea you’ve had, but we won’t wag a finger because we get it. We understand the need to multitask especially during hectic mornings. Although you might have been looking for a few morning commute makeup tips, it would be unethical to promote an unsafe and illegal activity to our readers. Instead, we hope you’ll spend a few moments and look at the facts and figures regarding the risks of beautifying while driving.

The following statistics were compiled from various nation-wide studies on distracted driving.

  • Forty-three percent (43%) of all women have admitted to applying makeup while behind the wheel. Almost all of these women admitted to doing so on a daily basis. The most common reasons: waking up late and/or not having enough time to get ready in the morning.
  • Eighty-six percent (86%) of those who admit to applying makeup during their commute confess that they do so even though they understand it’s wrong.
  • Auto insurance agencies estimate that each year there is about four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) car accidents caused by women drivers getting distracted while applying cosmetics. Of those accidents, there an estimated four hundred and twenty-one thousand (421,000) related injuries and three thousand three hundred and twenty-eight (3,328) related deaths.
  • Only fourteen percent (14%) of women believe that applying makeup affects their ability to operate a motor vehicle.
  • What are products are applied most often?
    o   Lipgloss: applied thirty-five percent (35%) of the time
    o   Mascara: applied thirty percent (30%) of the time
    o   Bronzer: applied six percent (6%) of the time

Please understand that while we understand how tempting it can be to make up your face during your morning commute, we do not condone doing so. Applying cosmetics while behind the wheel is categorized as distractive driving, and would be considered illegal in a court of law.

For that reason, we hope that next time you wake up late you’ll consider choosing the lesser of two evils: being ten minutes late for work, but arriving safely with makeup on that you applied before you got behind the wheel, or getting to work in a safe and timely manner and using the opportunity to post a #BareSkinSelfie !

Don’t Make These Novice Makeup Mistakes

Learning how to do makeup the right way is a beautiful skill to have. Don’t let the tips and tricks confuse you because once you master the skills you need, your face will be absolute perfection. If you aren’t confident in your own skill, it’s always helpful to visit a salon or makeup counter to have one of their artists teach you the basics that you might be confused about. Things like which order to apply each cosmetic product, the best colors for your skin tone, and proper application techniques are a few lessons that someone can easily teach to you with the right demonstration. Many places will do this for free with a purchase. That being said, here’s a few general makeup mistakes that many novices might make.

woman applying bronzer

Too Much Bronzer
You want subtly glow with your bronzer, and not all over matte bronze. This can be achieved by simply placing it where the sun would naturally hit your skin. The brow, down the nose, and on the cheekbones. Blending is key here to making it look natural.

Wrong Color Foundation and Concealer
This is probably the number one problem women face when it comes to makeup, finding the right color of foundation and concealer. The only way to truly tell if it’s going to work on your skin is to actually try it on and not just on the jawline either. All over application is necessary. Then check how the color looks in different light, both indoors and natural to see how it will match your skin. You want your fountain to be as close to your skin tone as possible with a seamless match. A tip on concealer is to make sure it’s slightly lighter than your foundation, but not so much that it looks too light under your eyes. The “racoon effect” of too light concealer is not attractive.

Low Quality Products
Low quality products aren’t going to last very long on your skin. Investing in the right tools and high quality cosmetics is going to allow you to use less, but it will last longer. What’s the point of putting on a full face of gorgeous makeup in the morning if it wears off by noon?

woman with acne

Bad Skin
So you might be wondering what does problem skin have to do with makeup? Everything! Your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin underneath, so take care to make sure your skin care routine is up to par. That way your makeup will go on smoother, last longer, and look much better overall. All the makeup in the world isn’t going to look that amazing if the skin under it need serious help. Talk to a dermatologist or skin care specialist if you have skin care concerns that you need to solve stat.

Flashy Winter Eye Makeup

With the Winter season approaching there will be many fun opportunities to wear some festive holiday makeup. Flashy winter eye makeup can be stylish and cool with an added edge that will draw attention to your look. This is especially helpful when everyone is bogged down in heavy coats, scarves, and hats. You want your eyes to be a bit of a standout show-stopper to enhance your total look. Here are some tips to get your eyes to be the star of the show this winter season.

woman with liquid eyeliner

Dramatic Liquid Eyeliner
This is the time to master the winged liquid liner look. It adds a significant touch of drama to any makeup look, plus it looks fantastic with a little black dress. If you have trouble mastering liquid liner, here is a quick tip. You don’t have to draw a continuous strati line. Dot it on in little flicks with the felt tip of the liner as close to the lash line as possible. For extra leverage when adding the wing, you can use a piece of scotch tape to guide your line. Then just remove after you apply the liner in the winged shape you desire on the outer edges of each eye.

The Glittery Eye
Glitter is huge right now. That means that shadows with glittery pigment are all the rage, as is loose glitter eye makeup products. You can easily do a shower of glitter pigment all over the lid, add it to just the eye line, or even a few larger pieces in the inner or outer corners. Get creative with your glitter application because the winter season is the time to shine with this eye catching look.

Bright Neon Makeup
You would normally think of neon makeup as a summer trend, but it actually wears very well in the winter. It can brighten up a makeup application like no other. Focus on just one neon aspect for the eyes with a brighter liner, or shadow color, not both. Hot fuchsia, yellow, or even green are suitable to show off the eyes with the ultimate neon highlight. Play with textures from cream, matte, and gloss to achieve different styles in your eye makeup plan.

Smokey Peepers
Smokey eyes just scream deep, dark, wintery makeup. This is the time to master the smokey eye by using all the plums, grays, and black eyeshadows you want to. You can even experiment with intense bronze for a modern take on the smokey eye that will look hip all winter long with any outfit you wear.

woman with dramatic mascara

Doll-Like Lashes
These lashes are extremely gorgeous when you layer on the right volume building mascara. Don’t be afraid to put multiple coats on the upper and lower lashes to really emphasize the eyes. This can be done with minimal eye makeup, or you can truly take it up a notch by doing it with any of the eye techniques mentioned here. Don’t worry about clumpy lashes, that’s what you want the effect to look like.

Silver Touches
Silver is a natural color for the wintery season. Layer on loads of silver eye shadow, a cream formula works best for this all on the lower lid up into the crease. Then use a matte shadow for the brow bone to enhance the contrast between the silver shadow and your brow bone for an eye opening effect.

Looking Good While You Holiday Meal Prep

The holidays are almost here! That means if you’ll be entertaining friends and family like most people do throughout this festive season, it can be difficult to get everything done in the kitchen with meal prep and look fabulous in the process too. Don’t worry. It can be done with just a little foresight to make sure that your looks don’t get left behind, like that gross fruitcake that your Auntie Marge always brings over. Why does she still bring that? No one eats it ever. Anyway, here are some getting ready tips that will have you looking gorgeous while you’re hard at work in the kitchen with all your holiday meal preparations.

woman thumbs up holiday cooking

Give Yourself Time To Get Ready
Many people make this mistake, thinking that they will start things in the kitchen and then step away later to get ready before the guest arrive. This almost never works out for anyone. Inevitably you’ll end of without enough time between preparing your food to actually getting out of the kitchen to fully apply your makeup or even shower. Do this before you start all your kitchen work.

If you have to get up a little early, do it. Take the time out for yourself to shower, do your hair, and apply your makeup. You can wear something casual while you are prepping and change later, but fully getting ready later on is probably not going to work out that well for you, unless you have significant help you can trust.

woman with ponytail cooking

Easy Hair That’s Out Of Your Way
If you have short hair, this isn’t an issue. But if you have long strands, the last thing you want to do is worry about them falling into the food you are preparing. That’s a holiday faux pas that you don’t want to deal with. So secure your hair into a cute top knot, chignon, or fishtail braid. There are so many ways to secure a cute updo yourself that with a little practice you’ll have an easy holiday pulled back style in no time flat.

Long Wearing Makeup Is a Must Have
The kitchen can get a little hot during the holidays. With your oven going and stove blazing at full temperature, it can be easy to get overheated and watch your makeup melt away. Try to prevent this by using long wearing, and waterproof makeup. Always prep with a primer for better, extended wear throughout the day. Cream to powder formulas in eyeshadow and blush tend to wear longer and are non-transferable. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are a must have when you are working hard in the kitchen. Don’t worry so much about your lips, a stain will add some color without wearing off while you test some of your handiwork in the kitchen during the cooking process.


Tricks To Help Your Makeup Look Awesome

woman doing makeup

When was the last time you though your makeup looked on point? We’re not talking about that time that your lipstick lasted all day, or when you had the perfect sun-kissed complexion that your foundation matched your neck better than ever before. Sure, it’s a good makeup day when your falsies line up with your lash line perfectly and are symmetrical with one another, and there’s no denying how good it feels when your contouring looks so good that you get a month’s worth of compliments in a single work day. But seriously, when was the last time that your makeup looked so good that it was near perfect? Or the last time that your lips, lashes, and contour all came out perfect without having to fix or redo anything?

Our best beauty days like these are few and far between, mostly due to the fact that many of us learned how to do our makeup from our moms, monthly subscription magazine tutorials, and self-taught beauty gurus of YouTube. We tend to pick and choose the tips we feel are most attainable to our own beauty routine, get comfortable in these ways, and stick to the routine for years.

Therein lies the problem(s). For starters, parents have generations on their children and it’s likely that they’ve been on their makeup the same way for 20+ years. Next, it is nearly impossible to have your makeup come out the way you planned when following a step by step infographic – it. just. doesn’t. work. Finally, just like you, many of YouTube’s biggest beauties are self-taught, just like you. Finally, makeup technology is constantly changing and improving, so shouldn’t your technique?

makeup bag

If you said “yes” that last question, good for you! Below you will find a list of cosmetologist approved and beautician backed beauty tricks to help you have an awesome makeup day every day. If you’re ready to change up your routine and look better than ever, then what are you waiting for? Go on… keep reading, girl!

  • Make a dent in your daily step goal by checking out your makeup in a few different rooms. If you haven’t noticed yet, the way your makeup looks in your vanity mirror is not the way it looks in the rearview in your car, and it’s definitely not how it looks when you glance in your compact at the office. The reason for this is that the various sources of light alter the way your makeup looks. So, before you apply your finishing powder, take a stroll a room with the most natural light, then to the room with some fluorescent lighting. Go back to the vanity and make small adjustments accordingly.
  • Make sure your concealer is doing its job. If you put it on directly after primer, chances are it will be wiped away when you apply foundation. Instead, let your foundation be the base for everything to follow, not just bronzer, blush, and highlighter, but apply concealer after your foundation too.
  • Don’t let highlighters worsen your dry winter skin. Instead, invest in a quality face oil to apply instead of a primer (or mixed into a primer), let it set for a few minutes, then apply your makeup per usual, sans highlighter. You’ll have a lasting dewy complexion and your skin will thank you for the extra moisture.
  •  Structured brows, bold lips, and complex contouring are just some of the gallant makeup trends of today, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow every technique at once! Choose a single trend that you want to use to enhance your beauty, then balance your look by keeping everything else soft and minimal – this will prevent you from looking like a clown.
  • Care for your canvas! Just like cosmetic technology adapts over the years, so does skin care technology. That said, it’s important to use the best products you can get your hands on to prep your skin so that your makeup looks its best. One of the easiest things you can do is use an extra gentle exfoliator any day that you plan on wearing makeup!

Choosing The Best Blush for Your Skin Tone

Makeup shopping can be hard. There’s no denying how fun it can be to walk down the lipstick lined aisles in the beauty store and glance into the brightly lit cosmetic counters at the department store. Sure, it’s all fun and games when you’re just browsing or even when you know exactly what you’re looking for… but when you don’t know what you need those beauty store isles and department store cosmetic counters can be an intimidation infused, anxiety-provoking situation, with the major potential that you’ll purchase the product. * gasp*

One of the most challenging cosmetic choices women face is in choosing to best blush for her skin tone. Consider the situation: you don’t wear blush very often, but when getting ready for a special event, it’s nice to add some color to your cheeks. Eventually, one of three things will happen: (1) You’ll misplace the blush and its absence will go unnoticed until you go to use it and realize that it’s missing. (2) You’ll drop the blush and then say a few choice words before you look down and see that your floor is covered in pink pigment. Or (3) You’ve had your blush for so long you’ve come to terms that it’s time for a replacement while you’re scraping the side of the product pan (which, by the way, shouldn’t be the case for those who only use blush sparingly, considering how important it is to replace your cosmetics on a regular basis). Any of these situations sound familiar? You’re not alone!

woman applying blush in mirror

We totally get how difficult it can be to shop for blush. Today, shades are offered in nudes, roses, peaches, corals, plums, cinnamons, and more! While it may seem easy to just choose the shade with the most appealing name and hope for the best, we definitely don’t advise doing so. No matter how old you are, blush is important, as it brightens your skin tone, evens your complexion, and adds definition to your natural bone structure. So, rather than taking a shot in the dark the next time you replace your blush, refer back to this article and use the guide below to choose the best blush for your skin tone.

Fair Skin Tone:
If you were blessed with porcelain skin, the last thing you want is to look like a clown when you wear blush. Enhance your delicate tone with a soft pink blush, similar to the color your nose turns after a walk during a windy winter day.

Medium to Fair Skin Tone:
The nice thing about your skin tone is that you have a pretty wide range of blush options depending on where you land on the color spectrum. A safe shade to choose from is anything with an apricot hue. You also have the option to change up the shade you use depending how light or dark you are from the sun; if you have a sun-kissed glow you can go for a soft coral that incorporates brown undertones. If you’re on the lighter side, you can opt for a pale peach color.

close up of woman applying blush

Medium Skin Tone (with yellow and/or gold undertones):
Your skin tone is a bit tricky when it comes to choosing bronzer. Ultimately, you should choose one that’s either a deep pink/rose shade or even a plum color. Keep in mind that you should avoid brown or tan tones, as this will wash you out.

Medium Skin Tone (olive undertones):
You have a variety of choices that suit your skin tone well. For a natural look, you should pair a peach colored blush with a nude toned bronzer. For a more structured look, opt for corals – any color on the coral spectrum will suit you well.

Medium to Dark Skin Tone:
Your skin tone allows for all kinds of vibrant hues. When choosing a blush, go for a rich raspberry color or even a flirty coral shade. The one thing to avoid with your skin tone is any shade of blush that incorporates a silver-toned glitter.

Dark Skin Tone:
Lucky for you, the depth of your skin tone allows for beautiful and intense pigment. For a flirty look, reach for a blush with deep red pigments or one that’s a medium-orange or medium-pink shade. For a more natural, but still contoured look, choose a blush that’s a cinnamon-ey color or even a deep bronze.

Goth Is Hot This Winter

gothic girl

“I’m…goth. And proud. It’s not just a subculture.
It’s a way of life.
It’s not about depression
or accessories or wearing all black (goths wear colors too).
It’s about how you choose to express yourself.”

|Source: Author Unknown|

There are many assumptions about gothic, or gothic style, many of which maintain a negative tone. Now’s the time to take whatever gothic related stigma you learned in your high school days and throw it out the window because gothic is in now more than ever before. We’re not talking about black flare pants with clunky chains chipped on there. We’re also not condoning the self-induced harm that is frequently associated with those who dress in a gothic fashion. Rather, we’re spreading the word that the mysterious, gothic style of hotter than ever this winter, and if you haven’t already, you should absolutely jump on this trend train.

Strutting to the Dark Side
Dressing gothic is basically drowning yourself in black clothes, right? WRONG! There are three totally different gothic styles that have made their way into the twenty-first-century fashion, each one being just slightly different than the next. Before dawning a gothic look, figure out which gorgeous gothic style you want to rock.

  • Sultry City Vamp: this style is often worn by the secretive elite who often engage in underground celebrations, a second or hidden life, and attend the most private gatherings. This gothic style is all about owning a mysterious simplicity.
  • Victorian Era Romantic: this style (which is also known as the Edwardian Era gothic style) revolves heavily around tighter than tight corsets and loose fitting tendrils.
  • Pastel Badass: this style looks exactly as it sounds. The most modern of the gothic styles, the pastille bad ass gothic style is the ultimate answer to the status quo through its incorporation of punk rock elements, gothic attitude, and dull hues.

Keeping it Consistent
The one thing that remains the same amongst each one of the different gothic styles is the need for consistency which incorporated throughout hair, makeup, and nails. In keeping the gothic theme consistent between the clothes on your body and your beauty routine. Since many people find gothic beauty the most difficult component of the gothic style, we’ve compiled a few tips for you to keep in mind while you get ready for your midnight hour.

  • Stay white, darling; regardless of the gothic style you’re going for, a pale face is a necessity. To do this, you should avoid any sort of makeup products that you would normally use to contour (i.e., bronzer, blush, highlighter).
  • Along those same lines, there are two products that you will want to invest in to keep your face looking its best. First is a quality moisturizer that is fortified with a high SPF. Of course, you should be doing this regardless, but that’s a whole different conversation. The second product you’ll want to keep in your beauty bag at all times is a foundation (either liquid or powder) that is just one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • If you’re going for the gothic look of either the Sultry City Vamp or the Victorian Era Romantic than you’ll want to keep your lips and nails on the deeper, darker side of the color spectrum. When thinking lip colors, consider blacks, deep reds, and dark browns. When choosing nail enamels, reach for colors such as black, navy, midnight silver, or even extremely dark greens.
  • Those rocking the pastel bad ass gothic look have the option of wearing anything from black lips to bare pouts. When choosing a nail color you might consider alternating a pastel shade with black, or even using a dark purple shade.