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Walking into a Lionesse Beauty Bar is like entering into a universe of beauty. Your beauty. Enter our Makeover Metropolis, where we have all of your styling needs met, and offer tips on how to create the perfect look. We know makeup, and every time our future beauty queens buy one of our fabulous products, they get a free makeover. Come experience the excitement.

The Beauty of Lionesse

10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
Call us in advance for an appointment, or just stroll on in. Either way, your hair is in for a treat. 
We massage your head while giving the style you desire. Our Beauty Bar comes with styling options from the top looks in the trendiest places.

Party time 

The serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

Always a great hair day

Your hair will thank you when you introduce it to its new best friend.  Our Red Tourmaline hair straightener by Lionesse Beauty Bar will have you living your dream hairstyle in no time. Feel the difference in your hair.
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We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Our beauty guests receive their own personal glamour guards, who lend their expertise to personally tailor a cosmetic wonder for you. Whether for intensive makeover treatment or just some beauty advice, our stylists are standing by to show you how to make your beauty shine.

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Tips for Packing the Perfect Makeup Case

Makeup case with cosmetics in a white background.

When it comes down to packing your makeup bag for any sort of occasion, it can be difficult to know what to bring, what to pack it in, and how. Lionesse has developed this nifty little instructional guide as to how to pack the perfect makeup case, and we would like to share it with you today. This will make your next trip on a plane, or the drive to work, simple and easy – and you will always be prepared for anything.

For a Plane Ride
This is one of the trickiest things to pack for, being that TSA has strict regulations on what can be brought on board a plane – and how. Many airlines have their own regulations as well, so the first thing to do is to check with your airline on what beauty products may not be allowed. When it comes to packing your makeup case for a plane ride, you will want to ensure any liquid products such as toner, moisturizers and creams, and foundations are packed within an airline approved clear container.

Fashionable woman waiting for her flight at the airport.

Depending on where your flight is headed and what you are going to do, you will want to pack your colors and products accordingly. For instance; if you are headed to a humid region, chances are you will want to forgo the liquid cosmetic products and stick to a more powder based cosmetic regimen. Instead of opting for liquid foundation, opt for a transluscent powder for dusting on your face before makeup application and after cleansing and moisturizing, and a mineral foundation which is typically in powder form. This will ensure your products stick all day long.

Choose colors that co-ordinate with your outfit for lips and eyes, and don’t go overboard – rather, keep it light and simple, unless you are headed out to experience local night life.

Some top products you can’t go wrong with that would be great for a trip, no matter where you’re headed:

  • Nude lip color, and a pink lip color
  • Lip oil rather than lipstick or gloss
  • Mineral foundation powder & Brush
  • Moisturizer and cleanser
  • Eyeliner pencil – opt for black or brown
  • A light blush to add color
  • A neutral eyeshadow hue such as tan, brown, or cream

For a night out while on your trip, the following can be implemented based upon where you are, what you’re doing, and the type of outfit you are wearing:

  • Red lipstick is the perfect color scheme for a night out, no matter the occasion
  • Bronzing powder and brush
  • Mineral foundation and brush to keep it simple and utilize less space in your bag
  • Eye popping eyeshadow or liner
  • Mascara

Woman dressed in formal clothes applying lipstick.

A Day at the Office
Packing for a day at the office is pretty simple, and should contain products that either correspond with your current outfit, or it can be somewhat of a ‘catch all’ bag that contains neutral colors you can feel good about wearing in the office, that won’t be distracting or appear too flashy. Some of the base products for everyday office wear are:

  • Lip balm or gloss
  • Neutral lip shade such as pink, peach, or nude
  • Cheek and lip stick combo; can be used as a blush and lip hue and is a quick fix to add color
  • Eyeliner, whether pencil, gel, or liquid liner – opt for minimal application at the office, though
  • Hair brush
  • Lotion
  • Oil blotting sheets for oily skin
  • Bobby pins for quick hair fixes
  • Mini Hairspray bottle
  • Small vial of perfume for quick refreshes
  • Refreshing wipes to feel clean

Woman applying lipstick in a gym.

Post Workout at the Gym
After a hardcore workout, and a quick shower, you will most definitely want to touch up your face. Heading to the gym makeup free is the best course of action, as sweat can contribute to irritation and the melting of products. When it comes to getting out of the shower, and getting yourself together, that’s a different story. You don’t want to apply too much to your face post workout, because your pores will likely be opened and absorb too much product, resulting in breakouts and unsightly acne. Here are some great products you should have with you in your gym makeup bag at all times to look your best, without overdoing it:

  • Lip balm or gloss
  • Eyeliner – keep it simple, don’t overdo it
  • Moisturizer and cleanser – must haves to cleanse and hydrate the skin after a hard workout
  • Refreshing wipes – can be used throughout your workout
  • Bronzing powder for a quick touch of color

Woman applying makeup in a beach.

A Trip to the Beach
When packing a makeup bag for a trip to the beach, you most definitely want to keep things as simple as possible. Humid air can lead to melty conditions for your makeup. While heading to the beach, try to go with a fresh face that is moisturized and hydrated – use either a standalone sunscreen product, or a moisturizer infused with sun protection, and a lip balm containing SPF properties. For post beach touchups, choose to bring the following in tow:

  • Lip Balm or oil
  • Refreshing wipes
  • Moisturizing lotion for your body
  • Face cream to hydrate
  • Aloe Vera gel, for accidental sunburn
  • Hair ties to keep hair off of your skin

Woman applying lip gloss in a car.

Your Long Awaited Road Trip
You have been planning this road trip for months, and the time has finally arrived. What should you pack in your makeup bag? That depends entirely on where you are going, what you have planned, and where you might end up unexpectedly. Here are some ideas to packing the perfect road trip makeup case:

  • Sunscreen to protect your skin for those unexpected stops to view nature
  • Lip balm with SPF properties to moisturize and hydrate
  • Bronzer for a pop of color
  • Foundation – Mineral works best for travel
  • Tinted lip gloss – bring a few to choose from
  • Toner to spritz and refresh on the long drive
  • Setting spray to keep your cosmetics locked in place all day
  • Cleanser & Moisturizer
  • Eyeliner pencils – whatever color you like

How to Get Your Best Brows

Your eyebrows are an important and essential aspect to your overall appearance, and keeping them well -groomed and maintained can do a lot to showcase your eyes. Lionesse has some tips for getting and keeping your brows the best they can be, and how you can get the look you want.

Woman tweezing her eyebrows.

Don’t Go Tweeze Happy
One of the most important aspects to maintaining your brows and keeping them in the best condition that they can possibly be in, is to ensure you don’t go tweeze happy. What this means, essentially, is that you need to be careful not to over-pluck your brows, and to only pull stray hairs that are apart from the brow itself. When it comes to actually shaping the brow, tweezers should not be used because they can cause an uneven appearance. Waxing or threading should be the shaping tool of choice, which we will discuss below.

Woman getting her eyebrows threaded in a salon.

Opt for a Wax or Eyebrow Threading
When it comes time to have your eyebrows shaped and maintain a particular look, opt for a professional waxing session at a salon, or head to your nearest eyebrow threading location. Waxing is done by applying a warm wax to the skin, layered with a thin cloth, and pulled in the opposite direction from which the hair grows. The outcome is perfectly sculpted brows. On the other hand, opting for an eyebrow threading entails the use of strings places strategically, which pull the hairs individually from their roots. Many women swear by the threading method, which originated in India. Either of these options will give you well sculpted, beautiful brows.

Woman using a pencil to highlight her eyes.

Highlighting the Brow Bone
Highlighting the eyebrow bone can really make your eyes and brows pop. Using a highlighting pencil or powder is the best way to get a highlighted, lifted look, which can give definition to the brow itself, and make the eye area stand out more.

Woman applying brow gel on her eyebrows.

Use Brow Gel to Tame Flyaway Brows
Eyebrow gel can help keep flyaway brows in place all day long, and keep them looking neat and pretty. There are a variety of brow gels to choose from in nearly every color. Opt for a brow gel which is the same color of your brows, or one shade darker, for the most natural look.

Woman using an eye pencil to make her brows look better.

Use Brow Powder or Pencils to Fill Sparse Brows
If you have naturally sparse brows, or have unfortunately gone tweeze-happy, you can benefit from the look a brow powder or brow pencil can give. As with brow gels, always opt for a powder or pencil that matches the natural color of your brows, or one shade darker. Never go lighter as it can give the appearance of a washed out look, and don’t go darker than one shade, or it can give the appearance of an older, or tired, face.

Use Castor Oil for Thicker Brows
Castor oil is being praised by beauty experts everywhere for its ability to give the brows a fuller, thicker appearance. Simply swipe a cotton swab dipped in castor oil across the brows once per week, and as time goes on, you will notice your brows appear lusher, more beautiful, shiny, and help to give you the bushier look that is in this season.

Secrets to a Long Lasting Manicure

When you have spent your time and hard earned money getting your nails manicured at the salon, the last thing you want to worry about is the look not lasting for more than a day. There are ways to keep your nails fresh, beautiful, and gorgeous for a long period of time, and well into the recommended time frame of getting them re-manicured again. Lionesse would like to share some ideas to help you keep your manicure looking its absolute best from the time you leave the salon, until the time it’s absolutely necessary to get them re-done again.

Woman applying nail polish.

Don’t Touch Anything Until They’re Dried
It may sound like something you already knew to do, but on average, women tend to move their hands around far before your nails are actually dried. If you are using a nail dryer in a salon, chances are your nails will be dry at about the time you leave the salon, or approximately 10 minutes after being placed under the dryer. If you are drying your own manicure at home without a hand lamp, give your nails about 30-40 minutes to dry completely, especially if you have used top coat over the nails.

Woman wearing white clothes washing dishes.

Wear Gloves When Cleaning or Washing Dishes
When you are embarking on a mission to clean your home, it can be disastrous for your fresh manicure. Always opt for wearing rubber, latex, or nitrile gloves to protect the paint from chipping, and also, to keep harsh cleaning chemicals out of your skin. Our skin absorbs nearly everything it comes in contact with as our skin is filled with pores. Avoid these things from happening by opting for gloved hands when cleaning. The same applies for dish washing; wear gloves to protect your hands from becoming over dried from dish soap – which can be harsh on sensitive or dry skin – and protect your nails from chipping paint.

Woman getting cuticle oil applied on her nails in a pink background.

Use Cuticle Oil
Every other day, apply some cuticle oil around the nail bed and massage into the nail area to keep the skin around the fingernails looking fresh.

Woman biting her nails while studying.

Resist The Urge to Bite Your Nails
If you are a nail biter, this is the most detrimental aspect to getting a manicure. Even if you only bite the skin around your nails, you risk hang nails forming, and also, getting sick due to germs and bacteria. Keep your hands busy if you need to and you get the urge to bite them. There are products, such as MAVALA Stop for Nail Biting, which can be applied to the fingernails, and have a bitter taste so it discourages the act of nail biting.

Woman applying nail polish on her finger nails.

Refresh Top Coat As Needed
If your nails are looking a bit drab and the shiny top coat is beginning to wear away, opt for painting on a coat of top coat as needed to refresh and revive the manicure.

Woman massaging hand lotion on her hands.

Use Hand Lotion
Keep a bottle of hand lotion handy to refresh your hands and give your nails that fresh, manicured look. Apply as often as needed to look your best until your next manicure.

Beauty Trend: Lip Oils

Most women love to apply lipstick, whether it’s to add some color to the face, or to disguise a late night’s dark circles and draw attention elsewhere. Some women have to have their lipstick on a daily basis, whereas other women save it for special occasions. The problem is, lipstick can be drying – and that’s something no woman wants to experience. Now, there is a new product in town – lip oils. These amazing lip products infused with oils apply moisture and color to the lips, adding their own special twist on the typical lipsticks of yesterday. Lionesse has the low down on lip oils, which ones you should opt for, and what they can do for you in the article below.

Lip Oil


What Are Lip Oils?
Lip oils are, essentially, gloss like in nature and are infused with moisturizing oil to help the lips stay well hydrated throughout the day, adding color, shine, and hydration all in one. Many women enjoy applying a lip gloss or lip glaze over the top of a matte lipstick for an added shine boost – with these products, you no longer have to. They also go on fairly sheer, which is nice for the spring months. If you’re in the mood for a shiny, colorful lip, choose a lip oil.

How to Apply a Lip Oil
Lip oil should be applied like a regular lip gloss – but there is one important step you should take to prolong its wear. Using a lip liner, trace the lips before applying the color to help it stay within the bounds of your lips, and not move or bleed outside of it’s intended zone. This tends to happen with oil based products as your body heat warms them up, displacing them. Play it safe, and use a lip liner. Also, you will need to reapply the lip oil every so often to ensure the color remains as they generally aren’t long lasting.

Colors to Opt For
Since spring is all about the bright, pretty, feminine color schemes, opt for colors like:

  • Coral
  • Pinks of all shades
  • Berry colors
  • Purple hues

And any other bright, springy color you can find. The fun thing about these types of lip colors is the fact that you can change them up throughout the day as they don’t stain the lip. 

Brands To Choose From
Almost every major lip brand has jumped on board the band wagon in terms of creating lip oils all their own, but some of the main brands pushing their products to the next level are:

  • Bare Minerals
  • Yves St. Laurent
  • Josie Maran
  • Bite Beauty

Nearly every drug and department store will be carrying these products fairly soon, if they aren’t already – and Lionesse can tell you, these products are heating up and flying off the shelves fast. Be sure to get in on this beauty trend to get the best look possible for the season, and to have perfectly pretty lips with tons of moisture all day long.

Festival Makeup Ideas – Coachella

Coachella Festival inspired makeup look.

Festival season is here, and it’s about to get into full swing with many different music and art festivals throughout the country about to kick off their tours and events. Although there are different styles of dress and cosmetic application, there is nothing quite like the look of a Coachella girl. Lionesse is here to give you the lowdown on how you can get the look yourself.

This fun, helpful tutorial we are presenting today is brought to you by our guest blogger, Sarah McCormick, an expert beauty and hair blogger from Florida. This post includes her Coachella inspired tutorial to help you achieve the look yourselves.

How to Get Coachella Ready
Today, it’s all about music festival readiness – namely, Coachella. Coachella is a music and arts festival held in the lovely state of California. Many celebrities can be seen in attendance, and it is a much anticipated time of year for music and art lovers alike. The festival itself has inspired some pretty cool fashion, beauty, and hair trends, and today, I’d like to show you how to achieve a simplified Coachella look in a snap that’s super easy to complete yourself, looks gorgeous, and is easy to accomplish with products you probably already have at home.

Here’s what you need (or, at least, what I used) to get my look:

Shimmers from Lionesse

  • Lionesse Eye Shimmers – SH-09 and SH-11
  • Pink eyeliner pencil
  • Tinted Moisturizing Cream
  • Body jewels – I used Diamondesque jewels and adhesive, if the jewels are not self-stick
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Glamour – E0
  • Eyelid Primer
  • Foundation
  • Hippie or Boho style Headband or head wrap
  • Boho styled bag or satchel

Here’s how to get my look.

  • Wash your face, removing all traces of makeup and giving your face a fresh, clean feel.


  • Moisturize with a tinted moisturizer.
  •  Apply eyelid primer to the lids.

Apply eyelid primer to the lids

  • Using an eye shadow brush, pat the pearl colored shimmer powder very lightly across both eyelids, bringing it up to the bottom of your eyebrow.
  • Over the top of the pearl powder, apply a generous dusting of the pink hued powder.
  • Apply liquid eye liner across the top lash line, bringing the edges up and out from the eye in a winged look.
  • Apply mascara to the top lashes from the middle of the lash to the edge to offer length without gunking up your lashes.Lionesse-Festival-Inspired-Coachella
  • Apply your body jewels in whatever pattern you like under one eyebrow, and on the other eye, apply under the eye area in whatever pattern you like. You can also apply a jewel over the bridge of your nose in the center of your forehead, between the brows.Lionesse-Festival-Inspired-Coachella
  • Use your pink liner pencil to offer a pop of pink color to the inner corners of your eye; blend out a bit. You can also use your liner to draw designs or flowers such as the one I drew around the jewel in the center of my forehead, or you can leave that part out – it’s up to you and your own personal preference.
  • Apply Stila lip glaze to lips.
  • Apply a light bit of bronzer or blush if you like – it’s up to you!
  • When it comes to doing your hair, opt for flowy, carefree locks. Whether you wear it straight or curly, down is best!


Wear your headband or head wrap around the front of your forehead to get the look. Add some hippie inspired sunglasses or boho styled aviators to finish the look. If you want to go all the way, pair your clothes with the same boho style as the makeup and hair, and wear lots of fringe, if possible. If you still have your chokers from when you were a kid, now is the time to break them out and make use of them. That style is back full swing, and pairs amazingly with this look.

If you follow this guide and how to, you can’t mess this up – it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s gorgeous – and it only takes a few minutes to do. Feel free to share it with your friends before heading out to Coachella and you can all be festival ready in a snap.Makeup look for the Coachella Festival.

Disco Look 

There are so many different disco looks from the 70’s to love. Many women remember the time of sequin covered floors, fringe bags, tight leather pants, and platform shoes. Lionesse, in the spirit of all things 70’s, would like to take a few minutes to talk about the style and fashion from the 70’s – including pictures as visuals – and help some of you reminisce. For the younger generation who wasn’t privvied to the wonderful world of disco dancing, well, you can enjoy the photos – and maybe even try some of these looks out yourselves!

Black Leather Pants
What would a disco be without high waisted disco pants? These pants made a fantastic addition to all things disco, and went with just about any shoe, top, and bag. They were a staple in nearly every party girl’s closet – and you closet disco queens out there (you know who you are!) know you all owned a pair, too.  After all – you loved the way they hugged all the curves in all the right places!


Disco Outfit 70's

Fringe Purses
Fringe was – and still is – a highly regarded staple item in most women’s closets. Fringe purses were a must have when heading out to the disco back in the day – and now that the look is here and seems as if it’s here to stay for quite a while to come, now would be the time if you don’t already own some to invest a bit and grab up your new favorite fringe bag. Whether its black, white, or suede, one thing’s for sure – you can’t go wrong with fringe.

Platform Sandals and Shoes
Platform sandals, otherwise known as disco shoes, and shoes were seen everywhere in the 70’s – from fashion models, to disco, to your favorite magazines and beyond. We saw them in varied shoe styles, from sandals, to stilettos, to knee high boots, and beyond. The most memorable style of disco shoes, in our opinion, were the platform heels donning real, live gold fish in the heel! We can thank Seventeen magazine for the increasing popularity in the late 60’s to early 70’s, although – check this out – platform shoes were actually developed in the 1930’s for actress Marlene Deitrich. There is even ancient history to show they went as far back as Ancient Greece. Now, that is far out!

Sequin Tops
Sequin tops were an absolute must have for every woman back in the 70’s disco era. The way the light reflected off those lovely little sequins was incomparable. Available in almost every color and size, sequins were quite the hit. This trend carried over to the 80’s, where sequin studded tops with shoulder pads became the new fad. Many sequin tops in the 70’s were seen in the halter top, and the drape style.

70's Jumpsuits

Disco Jumpsuits
If you had nothing else to wear, and you wanted to look like the baddest chick in town, you would always opt for your favorite jumpsuit on a Friday night. Jump suits came in a wide variety of colors and styles, although black, red,  gold, and silver seemed to be favorites for this time period. Today, jumpsuits can be seen on the runway, in your favorite stores, and hanging in many a women’s closet just itching for the chance to be worn.

Festival Beauty – Electric Daisy Inspired Look

Electric daisy inspired lookNow that it’s Spring, the long awaited festival season is here, and with it myriad festivals abound throughout the country. From Ultra Music Festival in Miami, to the Electric Daisy Carnival held at locations throughout the country, all the way to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival held in California, festivals abound and Lionesse would like to take a minute to focus on different makeup looks seen at festivals around the country.

Today, we have featured guest blogger Sarah McCormick, a beauty and hair blogger from Florida, who will be demonstrating the Electric Daisy eye makeup look. We hope you enjoy this simple, easy to do look, and stay tuned as we bring you more influential festival looks in the coming weeks. Over to Sarah.

The Electric Daisy Inspired Look
Today, I will be demonstrating how simple and easy it is to achieve a fantastic, colorful, whimsy look for your next Electric Daisy festival. For those who don’t know, the Electric Daisy Carnival is just that, a carnival , or some would say festival, featuring rides and also a music festival in which people dress up in their wildest rave-inspired wear, and adorn colorful, off the wall makeup that generally only suitable for just such events.

The look I went for is definitely Electric Daisy worthy, with a dark purple shimmer powder and bright metallic blue shadow, gold shimmer powder, bronze accent, and pink and purple liner to tie in the look. Super fun and exceptionally easy to do. I used the following to complete the look:

  • SH-20 Gold Mineral Shimmer Powder by Lionesse
  • SH-17 Purple Mineral Shimmer Powder by Lionesse
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Brash Blue
  • Wet-n-Wild 334 “I’m Getting Sunburned’ Palette; used the Bronze hue
  • NYC Eye Shadow Primer
  • 3 different brushes for application and blending; a smoky wide tip brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a shadow defining brush
  • NYC Highlight Crème
  • Wet-n-Wild Purple Eyeliner Pencil
  • MAC Funfare Technakohl Eye Liner Pencil (Pink)

The first step is to start with a fresh, clean face. Apply moisturizer, then foundation and cover up. After that, apply eyeshadow primer from the eyelids, to the inner corner of the eye, all the way up to the brow bone. From there, it’s time to apply and have fun!Apply brash blue Maybeliene color tatoo

  1. Apply the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Brash Blue pigment to the inner corner of the eye, to about halfway across the eyelid. Blend out a bit to the remaining eyelid, but only enough to make it look as though it faded naturally.Apply purple Lionesse shimmer
  2. Apply the Purple Lionesse Shimmer Powder to the remainder of the eyelid, tapping it along the lid to the outer corner of the eye. Use a blending brush to blend the edges of the pigment well and bring the color up and over the blue hue, towards the inner corner of the eye. Don’t take the color too high near the eyebrow, keep about ½ inch away for another color application.Apply highlight creme
  3. From there, apply a thin layer of highlight crème to the brow bone, all the way across from one side of the brow to the other.Apply purple and pink liner
  4. Apply purple liner to bottom lash line, followed by the pink liner directly underneath. Use a brush to blend the colors together a bit and blend outward away from the eye.
  5. Apply a generous layer of Lionesse Gold Shimmer powder over the top of the highlight crème, and take the color down into the corner of the eye. Apply an accent of the bronze hue on the inner corner of the eye over the gold.
  6. Check the colors to make sure they are still vibrant and brilliant. If any touch-ups are needed, apply where necessary.
  7. Use a finishing spray to set your pigments and shadows into place, and voila! Simple, easy and beautiful.

Bright, electric and blue eye shadow look

Graphic Liner Looks We Love

Woman neon colored eyeliners.

Now more than ever, bright and bold graphic eye liner looks are something special in the world of cosmetics. Graphic liner looks are incredibly fashionable and have gained increasing popularity since being spotted on runways and in designer magazine ads over the past few months. While most of us are accustomed to a simpler version of wearing eyeliner, namely the cat eye being as crazy as we tend to get, these liner looks are fun to look at and attempt nonetheless. When choosing liners this season, opt for midnight blues, cobalt blues, black, white, and neon color schemes – no matter how you choose you wear your liner. These colors will keep you fashionable, and gorgeous – even if you don’t do one of the looks below.


White Liner & Neon Combos
Using white eyeliner this season is fashionable, classy, and goes with every look from glamorous, to classy, to chic and even casual. The combination of white liner with a neon color to develop a layered, winged look is also a win. Try white and neon blue, or white and neon green for a bold statement.

Woman with black and blue colors on her eyes.

Neons & Black Combos
The same statements from above with the white liner and neon colors apply here – the only difference being neons and black color combos look better for night time, whereas white and neon combos look better for daytime. Try creating a winged look, or cat eye look – or opt for something more daring, such as an Egyptian theme, or zig zag design, or something geometric, perhaps.


­­­­Black & Blue Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes – in fact, all shapes – are the best in class when it comes to cosmetic and fashion currently. No matter where you look, geometric shapes are all the rage, taking over in ever regard from clothing patterns, to accessories, and yes – even to cosmetic application and patterns. Blue and black geometric shapes and patterns look exceptionally fashionable – and very runway ready.

Woman makes a beautiful geometric shape with her eyeliner.

Graphic Retro Eyes
Spotted on the runways on almost every fashion model imaginable, in the pages of your favorite magazine, and in the displays in the mall is the graphic retro look, which incorporates a long line extending from one line of the eyelid crease to the other, and beyond past the eye. It looks daring, and classy – but not nearly as daring as the other ideas above, therefore it might be a simple look to transition into a different style of eyeliner wear for many women. Give it a try with a charcoal grey or black liner, and if you’d like to, you can add to the line with other colors or even shapes in whatever fashion you want.

Lionesse understands these styles aren’t typically for everyone, however, every woman must admit they are interesting and artistic to look at – and they are even fun to apply and try out yourself. Even if you never leave the house with the products on, it’s fun to give them a go when you’re bored and looking for something to do – and if you have a friend to try them out with, that makes the experience much more exciting and fun.

All About Aries

Woman depicting the Aries Zodiac sign.

Aries is a Zodiac sign which is, undoubtedly, a firecracker in its own regard. These types are generally outspoken, determined, strong willed and heady. Lionesse would like to take a closer look at what makes the Aries woman tick, dig a bit deeper into their personality traits, and explore the types of people Aries can thrive – or writhe – around.

Common Personality Traits of the Aries Sign

  • Brave and fearless, no matter the situation
  • Willing to try anything as they love an adventure
  • Smart; they are very witty and ready to tackle problems
  • Stubborn and set in their ways; inconvincible
  • Have plenty of positivity to go around, even in difficult times
  • Passionate when it comes to love, and the things they care about

Further Traits of the Aries Personality
Aries women are described as a bouncing ball of energy. They tend to love those they hold near to their heart with a fierce, intense passion, and the things in which they feel strongly about. They never back down from a challenge, and they’re always ready to compete. The absolutely adore taking on adventures, exploring new places, and experiencing new things. Travel is one of their favorite things to do. When vacationing, they like to go to exotic places where they can get lost and learn their way around, exploring every step of the way. They are in tune with nature, and have a strong appreciation for the environment and keeping it in tact.

If you cross an Aries, you will know it because they can be feisty and explosive. They may not work that well in an office environment due to their inability to see anything through to completion. Their minds are always going, and many Aries signs have been diagnosed with things such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) because of that. The reason being is because they are brainstorming constantly. They know how to develop incredible ideas, but don’t know how to fully harness them or put them down on paper.

Aries women are faithful, loyal, and loving. There are two types of Aries women when it comes to marriage: those who believe in it, and those who are afraid of it and won’t have it. Not all Aries women share the same viewpoint on love, as with any other sign. Love is something they feel as though they need to have in their life at all times, and they hate being alone. If they have to be alone, however, they are very well capable of taking care of themselves and being strong, independent women.

Aries women love to spend money in general, but their favorite way to spend is on fashion, music, and buying cute décor to decorate their homes or apartments.

The Aries woman isn’t much of a mystery, as for example is the Scorpio woman. They are usually outgoing and very extroverted, enabling themselves to be an open book. They aren’t the greatest with keeping secrets, so be wary about what you tell them.

Aries women are great friends who you can always call for advice, and are the best kind of people to hang out with due to their spontaneous personality, and their mantra of always being ready for anything that comes their way.

Stress & Aging: What’s the Connection?

Image of a young woman stressed out with a christmas tree in the background.

Most people are aware that when they’re stressed out, their skin can take on a dull, tired, and worn down appearance. It can cause reddened skin, acne, over active oil production, and even dark circles under the eyes. Stress not only affects our appearance, it can also wreak havoc on our overall health, doing all sorts of things from running down our immune system, causing us to be more susceptible to getting sick, & causing things as severe as cancer to form within our bodies. Today, Lionesse would like to talk about the correlation of stress and aging, and what science has learned from the study of the two combined.

What Studies Have Shown
Many medical studies have been done on stress and the aging process. All of the findings show that prolonged, chronic stress – that is, those who lead stressful or overly stressful lives, whether due to job related stressors, family related stressors, or other factors – is capable and very responsible for aging the cells within the body.

How Stress Affects the Body
When cells are not regenerating as they should, and are actually killed off by the stress, many different things take place within the body. Not only are you more susceptible to getting sick as your immune system is weakened, but your organs are also impacted as well and could even cease to function properly. This is a scary fact that everyone should be aware of. All of the tissues within the body will also fall short of their abilities, aging and deteriorating rapidly. Prolonged stress has prolonged effects. Essentially, long bouts of stress will ultimately lead to the destruction of the body – and could even lead to death.

How Stress Affects the Appearance
When skin cells are not receiving adequate oxygen or the ability to regenerate as rapidly as is necessary to maintain a healthy balance and prolong a youthful appearance, many different things begin taking place within the body. Skin appears more dull, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, age spots can appear, and other skin maladies can also occur, such as dryness, redness, rosacea, eczema, and dark circles under the eyes. Stress can affect hair growth, and can cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Graying hair can be seen in individuals who are under immense amounts of stress long before their time for graying has come. With all of these findings, it’s important to note that minimizing stress in whatever healthy way is possible is essential to maintaining or restoring a sense of youth.

Although stress can sometimes be unavoidable, it’s important to note that each of us processes different stress factors differently, and each of us have individual needs and methods that work in alleviating the stress factors within our lives. Whether it’s spending time applying makeup, exercise, a healthy diet, finding quiet time for ourselves throughout the day, a phone call with a friend, or a relaxing night with a book or movie, finding ways to cope with the things in our lives that cause undue stress and dispel them from our minds – even for a little while – is important to overcoming and making it through stressful situations.