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Walking into a Lionesse Beauty Bar is like entering into a universe of beauty. Your beauty. Enter our Makeover Metropolis, where we have all of your styling needs met, and offer tips on how to create the perfect look. We know makeup, and every time our future beauty queens buy one of our fabulous products, they get a free makeover. Come experience the excitement.

The Beauty of Lionesse

10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
Call us in advance for an appointment, or just stroll on in. Either way, your hair is in for a treat. 
We massage your head while giving the style you desire. Our Beauty Bar comes with styling options from the top looks in the trendiest places.

Party time 

The serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

Always a great hair day

Your hair will thank you when you introduce it to its new best friend.  Our Red Tourmaline hair straightener by Lionesse Beauty Bar will have you living your dream hairstyle in no time. Feel the difference in your hair.
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The Fabulous Four-One-One

We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Our beauty guests receive their own personal glamour guards, who lend their expertise to personally tailor a cosmetic wonder for you. Whether for intensive makeover treatment or just some beauty advice, our stylists are standing by to show you how to make your beauty shine.

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Enjoy Your Beauty Beverage

kale juice

A youthful and radiant complexion isn’t owed solely to the products which women lather on the skin. Rather, the foods and drinks consumed on a daily basis play a part in the maintenance of a healthy complexion too. So-called “Superfoods” such as avocado, spinach, and kale contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which charge the body with nutrients and hydration, making one feel good on the inside and look great on the outside. When the body consumes a drink, whether it be water or wine, the contents of the drink get into the bloodstream. The body’s process so impressive that if one person was to eat a cup of carrots, and another person was to drink a cup of pure carrot juice, the person who consumed the liquified carrots would benefit from the nutrients faster than the person who digested the crunchy carrots.

Of course, carrots only one of the many edible beauty enhancements. Since it’s unrealistic to suggest that our readers consume only water and carrot juice, we’ve provided an excellent complexion-drink menu to give skin the nutrients it needs all throughout the day. Whether you consume each item on the menu or pick and choose which drinks work best for you, you’re sure to notice a major difference in your complexion in no time. Enjoy your beauty beverages; cheers!

It’s no secret that water is good for you, but do you know why? Surely you know that the average adult body is composed of 60% water. Which is why consuming great amounts of water on a regular basis has been found to assist in digestion, increased blood circulation, and even increased skin health. Since the skin is an organ, made up of cells and water, it requires water to function at its best. When the skin is water deprived, it will become dry, tight, and flaky. By drinking a recommended eight or more glasses of water per day, the skin becomes hydrated, moisturized, and bright.

Kale Juice
Kale is one of those ultra-underrated Superfoods that deserves much more attention! It is basically a skin multi-vitamin, check it out… The green leafy vegetable contains high levels of both Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and copper. Vitamin A – an altered form of the popular anti-ageing ingredient called retinol – encourages healthy skin cell growth, promotes cell turnover, and nixes the dull skin cells that have passed their prime. Vitamin C (the super vitamin that protects your body against illness) and copper are actually the building blocks of collagen. This duo works to keep the skin strong, as well as sufficient when there’s a need to heal and repair.

Soy Milk
It’s true; this plant derived, lactose-free milk can provide your complexion with some much-needed nutrients. Soy is one of the two richest sources of a complex called isoflavones (the other complex-rich source is legumes). Isoflavones are polyphenolic compounds that have estrogenic activity; in other words, although there is no actual estrogen in soy the Isoflavones are capable of causing estrogen-like effects on the skin. Keeping that in mind, these compounds have been found to protect collagen in the skin. Studies have shown that maintaining healthy levels of high functioning collagen the skin remains youthful and bright. That’s not all; soy has also been found to defend the skin from wrinkles caused by the sun. Finally, research has found that the proteins and minerals in soy milk  can diminish discoloration, thus lead to even skin tones.

Cream, Mousse, or Liquid

variety of makeup and brushes

Thanks to new technology the beauty industry has flourished. Just one example of how such advancements is can be seen in the industry is by the looking at the foundation on the market today: Imagine asking a friend to pick up a new foundation for you on their way over because you ran out and want to look your best for the gathering you’re headed to. Years ago, the friend might need a reminder of the color that you use, but they would be able to successfully replenish your product with minimal information needed. Today, you would have to tell her the specific line you use from which brand, which shade suits you best, the foundation medium (cream, moose, or liquid), and which coverage you prefer (regular or matte).

The point being made here is that cosmetic manufacturers are using beauty related technology to offer hundreds of variations of foundations in hopes of suiting every shopper’s skin tone and type. While we wouldn’t want it any other way, it can get quite confusing with all these different options! If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for foundation, overwhelmed by the choices and unsure of what do to, this article should suffice all your questions so that your foundation can cover all of your concerns.

Cream Foundation
Cream foundations are ideal for those who prefer different coverage levels on different days, the reason being that they are usually the most buildable foundations. This means that you can apply the foundation to a medium coverage when you’re getting ready for a lazy day, and you can build the foundation to a full coverage on date night. Those who have normal to dry skin would benefit most from cream foundation since many cream foundation lines offer the product with added moisturizing ingredients. Another reason individuals with dry skin would benefit from this type of foundation is because of its radiant finish; often times dry skin is accompanied by a dull and drab appearance, cream foundation works wonders on dry skin since it sets with a luminous finish.

Mousse Foundation
Contrary to popular belief, mousse foundations are the best option for women with combination to oily skin types. Although the word “mousse” seems to be overly associated with “moisture” these days, it is actually more of a mattifying finish. It’s important to understand what mousses are typically created by whipping a product so that it is filled with dry air pockets. These air pockets give mousse its fluffy appearance and soft feel, but they do not give it the ability to moisturize. While they go on soft and smooth, they almost always set to a powder-looking matte finish. In fact, many women elect not to use a finishing powder after applying mousse foundation.

Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundations are the most common, namely because they are the most universal. They usually provide a buildable coverage which ranges from sheer to medium, and can be worn on combination, normal, and dry skin types. However, those who have oily skin should opt for another type of foundation. Liquid foundations are can be found fortified with everything from anti-aging ingredients to acne healing ingredients. It only takes a few moments to set to a dewy and natural looking finish. However, because of its constancy, it is highly recommended to start with a primer and lock the coverage in with finishing powder.

Learn How to Choose and Use An Eyebrow Kit

woman getting eyebrow makeup applied

Depending on the individual, some might say that the eyebrows are the most important part of a makeup routine. Not only because shapely and full eyebrows are all the rage right now, but also because the eyebrows frame the face. While some women have next-to-professional skills at maintaining and filling in their brows, others have yet to use – or even buy – an eyebrow kit. And, frankly, who could blame them?! There are so many different eyebrow products on the market today that it can get overwhelming for seasoned beauty shoppers, never mind the newbies. Those who are finally ready to jump onto the on point eyebrow bandwagon will find the below tips handy when, as they provide the essentials of learning how to choose and use and eyebrow kit.

Disclaimer: with the practice of a proper technique, groomed brows make a major difference in every girl’s look.

Choosing an eyebrow kit
When choosing an eyebrow kit, there are a total of six “must haves” that will be included in a quality eyebrow kit. The six must haves are as follows: (1) brow wax, (2) a lighter brow powder shade, (3) a darker brow powder shade, (4) a pair of angled tweezers, (5) an angled brush, and (6) a spoolie brush, aka mascara wand, aka round brow brush.

It’s true – this does seem like an overload of tools to manicure just a few inches of hair. However, every one of the six items is used when creating a perfect pair of brows. Read on to learn how to do just that.

Using an eyebrow kit
With a clean and moisturized face, and brow kit in hand, follow the steps below create fabulous on fleek brows.

  1. Prep all those tiny eyebrow hairs by first applying the brow wax along the length of the bows. Although this is a step that most people fail to take, it is actually quite beneficial as the wax has a dual and beneficial purpose; the first benefit being that it will shape the brows by aligning the hair and managing and stragglers, the second benefit being that it acts as a primer for the brows, encouraging the colored powder last longer. Use the angled brush to trace the wax along the brows.
  2. Before applying the color, it’s important to identify three key areas of the brow, here’s how to go about that:
  • Identify the starting point first. To do this, hold a brush – any brush – vertically along the outside of the same sided nostril (e.g. when working on the left brow, line the brush along the left nostril).
  • Now locate the Then hold the peak of the arch. Do this by holding a brush at a diagonal, connecting the bottom of the nostril, through the center of the pupil, and finishing at the peak.
  • Lastly, identify the end point of the brow by crossing the brush from the corner of the nostril to the outside of the eyelid.
  • When just starting out, it’s a good idea to mark each of these points with a small dot of eyebrow powder, as it will help in proper shaping.
  1. Using the same angled brush which was used to apply the wax, apply the eyebrow powder, making short, light, strokes to define the shape.
  2. The reason there are two different colored powders is to allow each individual to create a custom color that is best for their brows. Use both colors if needed.
  3. When the brows have reached the desired shape and shade, use the spoolie brush to blend and smooth the powder and hair together, ultimately preventing them from looking overdone.
  4. Finally, use the tweezers to pluck any stray hairs that don’t quite belong in the shape of the brow.

Applying Statement Makeup

woman applying makeup in mirror

Applying the same makeup day after day can be tiresome. However, it’s comfortable, right? You learn how to master a specific makeup technique and get ready following the same steps one morning after the next. Then when a unique opportunity presents itself, you find that you’re not entirely sure how you should wear your makeup. If you’ve not yet been faced with an opportunity to rock statement makeup, it’s bound to happen anytime now and when it does you’ll be prepared. Below is step by step tutorial that you can use the next time you need to apply a flawless statement makeup look.

Step 1. Creating a base:
The most important part of applying statement makeup is to start with a smooth and concealed base. The reason for this is that dry skin, blemishes, and other imperfections can take away and distract from the rest of the look, so having a flawless base is key. To achieve this you’ll want to apply an SPF moisturizer to a freshly cleaned face. Once the moisturizer has had a few moments, you can then follow up with a high-quality primer. Apply a medium to full coverage foundation all over your face, then go back in with a correcting canceler to touch up any imperfections. Finally, use a fluffy brush to dust a finishing powder all over.

Step 2. Form a frame:
You wouldn’t hang up a piece of statement artwork without framing it first, right? Well, the same goes for your face! To frame your face you will want to take a few moments to fill in your brows. If you’re new to the Brow Game, the easiest way to do this is by having a brow pencil and rounded brow brush on hand. So long as your brows are maintained, you can start by lightly tracing the upper and lower lines of the brow. Then create light strokes throughout the brows, concentrating on filling in any thin areas. Now you use the eyebrow brush to give the penciled look that you just created a more natural look.

Step 3. Light up the lids:
With your complexion flawless and your face framed, you’re ready to give your eyes a bright and bold look. Do this by applying a light gray colored shadow to the entire lid. Then, use a hi-shine metallic silver in the crease. After blending the two pigments together, use a thin liner brush to apply the silver shadow to the lower lash line, keeping in mind that the more pigment you apply the bolder the look.

Step 4. Line the lookers:
Your eyes are almost finished, but in order to pull the look together, you’ll want to line the upper and lower lash lines with a long lasting black liner. You can make the look even more fierce by lining the upper and lower waterlines, giving an illusion of synchronization between the lids and the lashes.

Step 5. Lengthen the lashes:
Play up your lashes by using a few coats of a lengthening mascara after you’ve given them a good curl. Let each coat dry completely before applying another.

Step 6. Prepare to pucker up:
At this point you should use both lipstick and lip liner to create a defined lip. Depending on your preference, choose one of the following hues: orange-y red, fuchsia, plum, or espresso. Start by lining the lip with a similar shade to the chosen lipstick, then use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. For a longer last, press a tissue between your lips and apply another layer of lipstick.

Step 7. Lighten up:
Finally, you’ll want to bring out the structure of your face without taking away from your eyes and lips. To do this you can highlight the apples of your cheeks with a lighter bronzer, being sure to blend it into your cheek bones.

Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Woman applying makeup .

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed lazy girl who likes to look fabulous but doesn’t want to spend too much time on your beauty routine, or you have a jam packed schedule and can’t find the time for a full beauty routine, you’ve likely found yourself looking up beauty hacks of all sorts. The problem with looking up beauty hacks without actually looking into them is that you may be wasting your time; there are many blogs out there today that offer readers false information in order to be rewarded with some sort of compensation. Like it or not, we live in a time when you really cannot believe each and everything that you read on the internet. Having come across one to many unsuccessful beauty hacks, the Lionesse team knew what had to be done.

The team went to work and looked into the most popular beauty hacks and the science behind each one. After some careful research, we have found the beauty hacks that actually work. Since we know you don’t have time to waste on hacks that don’t get the job done, we’ve also tested each and every one of the hacks being investigated. The ones that were effective made it to the list below, check it out!

Detox Water
There’s no denying that there are hundreds – if not thousands – of weight loss and detox scams on the market today. Instead of putting a packet of chemicals into your water bottle every morning, switch to some natural additives. Of all the detox water hacks out there, we found that adding lemons, apples, cucumbers, and mint leaves into an ice cold glass of water works the same, maybe even better, than a lot of other concoctions on the internet today. The reason this works is because the four ingredients are major metabolism boosters. Also, the lemon and cold water work as diuretics. Drinking a cold glass of this detox water every morning is the only hack you need to lose any extra belly bloat you may have.

Lip Plumper
Have you ever noticed how drying lip plumper can be? As if that wasn’t bad enough, many of them provide the tingle but mix the plump. To our surprise, the most talked about lip plumping hack on the web was biting. Yes, women are actually biting their lips, causing them the swell, thus appear more plump. Ladies, please do not bite your own lip, instead add a few drops of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss. This hack works because of the basic properties of peppermint oil; the tingling you feel is the oil stimulating your lips, which will cause painless swelling.

Rinse Free Cleansing
Makeup wipes are a girl’s best friend, but they should not be the only method used to remove makeup on a regular basis. Often times the wipe spreads the makeup around after wiping up trace amounts of it. Additionally, the wipes can be harsh and even cause irritation. Put the makeup removing wipe hack to rest and make room for the best facial cleansing hack yet: micellar water. This no rinse liquid cleanser is gaining an unexpectedly large following, and after looking into the product, we have nothing bad to say about it. It might seem strange to wash your face without water, but here’s why it makes total sense: micellar water is composed of teeny tiny oil cleansing molecules, called micelles, which are housed in softened water. The micelles actually absorb dirt, grime, and makeup. After wiping your entire face with a few cotton pads, you’ll notice there is no makeup on one if the pads, this means that you’ve wiped everything off.

Signs That You’re A Makeup Addict

Women shopping for cosmetics.

“Shout out to all the makeup I haven’t bought yet… I’m coming’ for you”
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Oh yes, ladies, the struggle is real. If you’re a makeup addict, then you know it’s not actually your fault. Rather, it’s all because of your favorite aunt, glamorous grandmother, or whoever introduced you to makeup, gave you a glimpse into the beauty world. Just like that, you realized you needed to try any kind of product you could get your hands on.

The addiction starts out as more of a hobby. Of course, you remember collecting every lip smackers item you could get your hands on; if your brother was allowed to collect Pokémon cards and call that a hobby, then your non-conditioning lip product collection was most certainly a hobby…right? As you get older, you clock into overtime watching every woman you know applies their makeup. Soon enough lip smackers are a thing of the past and you’re experimenting with different looks. It was probably right around this time when you realized just how much you loved makeup, you couldn’t get enough of it, and your friends and family were suggesting that you were a makeup addict.

For all you might-be makeup addicts out there, read through the list below which entails the signs that you are, indeed, a makeup addict.

  • Beauty bags are for mere beginners. It would take at least three beauty bags to hold all of your cosmetics, which is why your makeup has its own tri-fold suitcase.
  • You can’t walk through a drug store without perusing the makeup isle. What was the reason you stopped there on the way home from work? Who cares, as long as you got a few new products!
  • You fall in love with a specific product and swear you’ll never need anything else…until you find that even better product(!), you know the one that’s too similar for anyone else to even notice there’s a difference.
  • You could spend days watching (and critiquing) makeup tutorials. Why bother subscribing to Netflix when you can access unlimited amounts of YouTube free?
  • Your friends ask you to get them ready for their date…which means your makeup application techniques are considered a talent.
  • Your makeup is on point regardless of the occasion. Are you going to a five-star restaurant or getting an arm workout with the spoon and ice-cream container tonight? The world may never know.
  • You silently apologize to Mother Nature for all the times you use an aerosol container and mass amounts of plastic you possess. Which is why you rinse your empties and always recycle them.
  • You’re on a budget. But there’s always an exception for anything that falls under the category of “beauty products.”

So maybe there’s a little makeup addict in each of us, but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Oh, and if your boyfriend has a problem with your beauty habit, don’t listen to his complaints; we believe that every woman deserves a man who doesn’t just support your beauty addiction, but pre-orders that new eyeshadow palette you’re dying to try.

Looking Refreshed on The First Day of School

Happy woman on the first day back to school

No matter how old you get, the thrill and nerves surrounding the first day of school never subside. To help ease your nerves we’ve put together an article full of everything you need. You need to look refreshed and feel your best on the first day of school. The best part? These are tips that you can use any day of the school year to look and feel great all year round. Check it out!

Rest Up
Many students don’t head back to school for a few more weeks, making it the perfect time to start getting your sleep schedule back on track. Whether we like to admit it or not, the long days catching up with old friends and late nights catching up on your favorite Netflix series take a toll on your bedtime routine. When classes start you’ll be getting up earlier which means you’ll need to start hitting the sack earlier too. Start by getting into bed 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minutes earlier for a day or two. After two days make it thirty minutes earlier than the current time, continuing to adjust your schedule until your sleep schedule is back on track for the school year. Keep in mind, you should be getting an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, however, some people operate best with more or less sleep. You know your body and what feels right, as long as you feel rested and can function properly, then you’ll be okay.

Keep A Calm Mental State
Whether it’s the day before school starts or the eve of a big test, it’s important that you keep a calm mental state in the hours leading up to the big day. Not only will doing so make it easier to fall asleep, but you’ll be able to give your full and undivided attention to the occasion. To maintain a calm mental state, you should avoid all kinds of stimulants; this includes things like caffeine and alcohol, as well as arguments with friends and other unnecessary stressors.

If you don’t already have an exercise routine, here’s your 1,001 reason to start one. Research has shown that those who work out on a regular basis have higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem when compared to those who don’t. If the gym scene isn’t your thing, get into the habit of taking your dog for an evening walk, sign up for a hot yoga class, or even consult YouTube for some of the hottest workout videos. As long as you get your body moving for a minimum of 30 minutes you’ll feel and look better for days to come.

Show Your skin Some TLC
The summer can take a toll on your skin. Between beach days, new makeup products, and 2 for 1 mixed drinks with the girls, your skin will start to look drained and dull. If you can you should make an appointment with a trusted and certified esthetician. They will do whatever it takes to get your skin looking great again. You can also take matters into your own hands by sticking to a healthy skincare regimen which involves cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Finally, the best thing you can do for your skin is to stay hydrated! Get into the habit of bringing a reusable water bottle with you whenever you leave the house.

Beauty Inspired By Burning Man

Beautiful woman sitting in a beach

As the end of summer approaches, so does the end of festival season. For the most part, many of the major music festivals held across the country have come and gone and had their trending hashtags on social media. While the light dancers of Coachella are a mere memory, and the tunes of Lollapalooza pop into your head every once in a while, they are a piece of the summer’s past. But if you’re a festival lover you still have one more chance to fill your festival fix the summer. That’s right, the Burning Man festival takes place from August 28th through September 5th in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. During this time, the desert transforms the normally empty and barren area to what festival-goers call “Black Rock City,” filling the area with people dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance where anyone and everyone is welcome.

If you’re planning on attending Burning Man, you might be racking your brain for ideas of what to wear to the one of a kind festival. Because the festival is right around the corner and you shouldn’t be stressing in the days leading up to Burning Man, we’ve put together a list of beauty trends and outfit tips inspired by Burning Man.

Beauty Tip #1: Beautified Bags
When walking through Black Rock City you’ll notice that a majority of people are walking works of art created with face and body paint. One of the best things about face and body paint is that you can you as much or little of it as you’d like and still create an amazing look. One of our favorite ways of using face paint is to hide the bags under your tired eyes! Instead of looking like the night before got the best of you, cover your bags with lots and lots of glitter! After you’ve applied a BB or CC cream, use your finger to lightly dab on translucent body gel. You’ll want to dab it around the entire under area of your eyes (pretty much anywhere you would apply an eye serum). While the gel is still wet, use an eyeshadow brush to dust gold or rose gold colored body glitter over your bags. Let it dry for a few moments, then add another layer of gel and glitter. Finish the look with a few coats of mascara and you’ll be ready for all that the day holds.

Outfit Tip #1: Avoid Creating MOOP
One of the principals the Burners stand by is to “leave no trace.” This means, when the festival and it’s attendees leave, the desert should look as barren as before they arrived. To do so, it is extremely important that you don’t wear anything that creates MOOP, or matter out of place. This means things like sequins, beads, and feathers. Sure they look fab, but it’s highly likely that they’ll fall off and make an unwanted mark on the land.

Beauty Tip #2: Wrap it Up
One of the hottest festival hair trends is not only cute, but it’s super easy too! All you need is some craft string to create a one of a kind hair wrap. Simply grab a small section of hair and tie the string into a knot at the root of the section (the key here is to make sure you have lots and lots of string before cutting it, that way you don’t run out mid hair wrap). Hold the section firmly between your fingers and wrap the string around your hair as many times as you need to until you reach the bottom. Once you get to the ends of the strands you can tie the string into a double knot and you’re all set! You can even add some extra glam to the look by tying a bead or charm to the end.

Outfit Tip #2: Avoid Branding
While representing your favorite brand across your chest or from shoulder to shoulder is all the rage right now, but clothes like this are more-or-less the opposite of the major point of the festival. With that said, you should wear whatever you want, but do so with the utmost creativity.

Woman with rainbow makeup

Beauty Tip #3: Wear the Rainbow
For those of you who have a hard time picking just one color to incorporate into your beauty look, then you should absolutely wear the rainbow… on your eyelashes that is! Apply your foundation and concealer as you normally would. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, then apply one or two coats of lash curling mascara. After the mascara has had a few moments to dry, apply a dab of eyelash adhesive to mini pompoms (you can find these at your local craft store or online. 3/16’’ seems to be the best size and are available in a wide verity of colors). Then, one by one, place the pompoms to the top of your lash, it should look almost like they are being cradled by the curl of the lash.

Outfit Tip #3: Check Out the Gallery
The Burning Man website features thousands of pictures of creators of all kinds and their outfits from past years. Let this photo gallery be your biggest inspiration. Take the ideas you’ve found and hit up a thrift store to put together an outfit unlike any others.

Back To School Styles For Teachers

As August comes to a close, teachers all over the country are putting together lesson plans and decorating bulletin boards in preparation for the start of the 2016 school year. With back to school season officially upon us, we have put together a collection of ultra-modern school-appropriate outfits and style must-haves, perfect for teachers everywhere.

Women in stylish blue dress

Monday Blues
No matter what grade you teach, Monday’s are always a bit sleepy. After a weekend of grading and memorizing new names, it seems like the last thing that you want to do is put a ton of effort into your work ensemble; this Monday blues outfit is perfect! Slip into a navy blue colored knee length dress, go for one that’s form-fitting, but not too tight. Accessorize with a brown leather-looking belt around your waist to give you a womanly shape. Layer the dress with a cozy – yet breathable – oversized cardigan. Choose one that’s a nude hue to match your belt. Complete the look with a pair of geometrical stud earrings, brown (p)leather booties, and a matching tote bag.

Tuesday Pencils
As in pencil skirts that is! Show your co-workers how you can rock a professional look by wearing a brightly colored pencil skirt (may we suggest seafoam green or lilac?). Top the skirt off with a white or nude colored button up. Of course, you’ll want to tuck in the hem of the top into the top of the skirt. Top off the look with a black famine blazer (be sure to button the blazer and fold your shirt cuffs outside the blazer), some silver or gold ball-shaped stud earrings, and, finally, step into paten black kitten heels.

Women with stylish white pants

Wednesday Whites
Who doesn’t love a little white on hump day?! Brighten up your this-week’s-only-halfway-over mood with a pair of bright white skinnies. Be sure to fold the hem of your pants up into two-to-three inch cuffs around your ankles. Own the white look why topping off your pants with a pastille colored peplum top. Put your hair up into a bun and accessorize with a chunky CZ statement necklace and matching bracelet. Right before you head to the classroom slip into a pair of nude flats and grab your matching nude tote.

Thursday Bright’s
Smile, because tomorrow’s Friday! In honor of showing off your pearly whites, you should go for a light and bright look on Thursday. If you don’t want to wear the white pants two days in a row, then slip into a pair of light blue colored khakis. Top it off with a white and gray colored pinstripe button up. Fold up the sleeves so that they’re ¾ sleeve style, tuck in the hem of your shirt and put on a tan skinny belt. Finish the look with pearl earrings, tan boat shoes, and a matching tan tote.

Women in stylish outfit

Casual Friday
When your favorite day of the week has arrived, it’s time to celebrate, girl! But before you can go home and sip merlot at girl’s night, you have to rock your casual Friday outfit! Step into your favorite pair of jeans – you know the pair. Top those off with a loose fitting polka dot print or solid colored top. Accessorize with a chunky watch and some bangles. Step into a pair of comfy flats and rock the day!

Creating A Bright Eyed Look

It seems that regardless of age or race, women are always yearning for bigger and brighter eyes. While we wholeheartedly believe that every one of us is unique and beautiful and that no matter who you are or what walks of life lie ahead, you should always love yourself. With that said, we also believe it can be inspiring and empowering to play with makeup. So, if you are interested in learning how to create a bright-eyed look with eye makeup, read through the tips and tricks below, which – by the way – are used by the pros. That’s right, follow along with the suggestions and you’ll be leaving the house looking like you spend your morning getting ready with Kim K.

Women with highlighting makeup.

Brighten The Darkest Corners Of Your Face With…Drum Roll, Please… HIGHLIGHTER!
It seems like a no-brainer, right? Don’t worry, we also had a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment when we learned this one. At the inner corners of your eyes, along the bridge of your nose, apply a tiny dot of liquid highlighter. This simple trick helps to make your eyes like wide awake and blatantly bright in two ways: first, the highlighter counteracts the shadow being overcast buy your nose, eyebrow bones, and lashes. Second, the brightening cosmetic will absorb and reflect any light source around you. Seems like a win-win to us!

Apply Your Under Eye Concealer With A Modern and Geometric Flare.
When you apply concealer in the curved shape bellow your lower eyelid, you may be brightening your under eye circles, but you are then contrasting your cheek bones, which are really only an inch or less below your eyes. Kick the curved concealer method to the curb and apply your concealer in a V or upside-down triangle shape, then blend it outward. This will make your eyes look fuller, brighter, and like you’ve just woken up from a full night’s sleep.

Women with curled eyelashes

Curl Your Lashes Ladies!
Even if you have only seconds to get ready, curling your lashes makes a major difference. When your lashes are left straight and flat they look thin, create a shadow, and just make your eyes look small. After curling your lashes for only a few seconds, your eyes will look wide and bright.

Sticking With The Neutral Theme.
You can make your eyes look nothing short of amazing by wearing a neutral lip color. Yes, lip color! This works by muting the lips, thus redirecting the attention upward, making your eyes look big and bright.

White Colored Liner On Your Waterline
Maybe you’ve heard it before, but our celeb stylist can’t stress this one enough: use a nude or white colored liner on your waterline. Not only does this banish redness and bloodshot eyes, but it makes your eyes look brighter and wider than ever before.

women with groomed eye brows

Keep Up With Grooming Your Brows.
Even though it can be a pain, and it might even seem overrated today, it is highly recommended that you keep up with grooming your brows. Where you tweeze, wax, or thread, having a defined brow shape will frame your eyes. If you go the extra step and fill in your brows you will be pleasantly surprised with how bright your eyes look.