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Basic Makeup Skills to Master

Whoever said hitting your 30’s was a bad thing, had never mastered the art of makeup application. Makeup can drastically change your appearance, and you can take it as far as you want to. It can help to take years off your appearance if applied correctly – while the wrong application, color schemes, and tools used can actually make you appear older than your years. That’s why today Lionesse wants to share with you some of the basic makeup application skills that every woman should master before she hits the big 3-0. Any woman can do this, and nothing you see on this list is difficult or over the top. Let’s delve into some of the basic skills you need to know to keep a flawless face.

Woman treating her zit.

Covering a Zit
Adults can and do get breakouts – more so in women than in men – due to various stressors, and oftentimes they are hormone related. Whether it’s one zit or five, you should know how to cover up your pimples. Concealer should become your best friend in this regard. To cover a zit, apply a dab of concealer over the pimple, then foundation lightly, then more concealer. Seal it all in for a flawless look with a finishing powder, and voila – no more reddened, bumpy mess.

Woman highlighting her face.

Highlighting your face, or giving yourself a dewy appearance, is super easy and looks great for those days where you just don’t want to wear much makeup. Especially during the spring and summer months, highlighting can be your best friend and give you the perfect glow you need. When it comes to highlighting, opt for the areas around the orbital (eye) bone, center of the nose, cupid’s bow (above the top lip), and center of the forehead.

Woman using a concealer to hide her dark circles.

Looking Awake
Whether you got 8 hours of sleep or two, it’s possible to wake up to undereye bags and dark circles. This can really make your face look exhausted. To liven it up and make yourself look refreshed and awake, you should know some basics to fix the temporary problem. Apply a good concealer under the eyes after your foundation. Blend out well, bringing it down the sides of the nose. You can also spritz your face with a toner to refresh your skin and wake you up.

Woman applying lip gloss.

Attain a Fuller Looking Lips
In your 30’s, women seem to lose a bit of volume their lips once held – especially in the top lip. To get fuller looking lips, you will need concealer, a lip liner of your choice, a lip brush, lipstick and lip gloss. Apply concealer to the center of the top and bottom lip, and bring it up over the skin. Line your lips, slightly exaggerating the line outside of the natural lip line. On the bottom lip, be sure not to line all the way to the center, but leave that part bare. Blend the lip liner at the outer corner of the lips inward a bit with a lip brush. From there, apply some lipstick and blend everything together. Apply a bit of lip gloss to the center of the lips only to give a fuller appearance. Done – simple, easy, and anyone can do it!

Woman applying an eyeliner.

Perfect Your Eyeliner Skills
Every woman should know how to make use of a basic eyeliner pencil by age 30. If you don’t, you should begin practicing every night, for at least 5 minutes, before you go in with a makeup remover wipe to remove all of your makeup. Use a liquid liner to create the perfect cat eye or winged look – but it’s best to begin with a pencil liner for practice purposes. Opt for a cream liner for easy application.

Woman contouring her face.

Contouring Your Cheekbones
Contouring your cheekbones is a makeup essential – and although it can take a bit of practice, it’s well worth the trouble of learning to do. Facial contouring can completely change your face – you can make your face appear slimmer, more defined, and even change the shape of your nose and eyes. There are many tutorials available online which detail how contouring can be done – and every person, once they learn how to do it, can master the art of contouring and develop their own contour style.

Woman using a brow pencil.

Shaping and Filling In Your Brows
Unless you have super thick brows, you needn’t worry about filling yours in – but every woman could do with a bit of brow shaping. Using a good quality brow pencil that matches your brow color to line the outside of the brows in a natural way and fill in the tail end of the brow to give it an elongated or slimmer look can really make a big difference in your face.

Woman applying foundation makeup.

Natural Looking Foundation
Mastering the art of applying a natural looking foundation is super important for any woman – and can help even out your skin tone, give color, and build the perfect base for other cosmetic application. Again, there are many tutorials available online which detail how to perfectly apply foundation to give yourself a natural look. As a tip, always use a beauty blender sponge or wedge after applying your concealer with a makeup brush. Always choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, or is one shade darker.

Woman applying a bronzer.

Bronzer is one of those summer essentials every woman can’t be without. It’s also a great product to use during the cold months of winter when you’re missing the warm kiss of the sun. Bronzer can be used to contour the cheeks and add a bit of color to the cheeks, giving the skin a sun-kissed glow. Be sure to apply it to the upper cheeks, near the crease of the cheekbones, and to the forehead – all areas where the sun would normally give you color.

Woman applying blush.

Blending Your Blush
Gone are the days of the 80’s where blush was applied heavily and used to contour your cheeks (thank goodness). Learning to properly blend out your blush, and other products, is essential to obtaining the perfect makeup look. Be sure to only apply a minimal amount of blush to the face, to the apples of the cheeks, and blend out and upwards.

20′s Makeup: All About Brows

During the 1920’s, women were all about a new kind of eyebrow look. Gone were the days of bushy, natural brows – women wanted a sleeker, more slender look that would transform their faces dramatically. Today, Lionesse takes a look at how the women of the decade would style, upkeep, and shape their brows here in today’s article below.

Woman plucking her eyebrows.

Plucking and Dyeing
Women during this time realized they wanted a more modern look, and were opting for plucking their brows into thin lines, and also utilizing dyeing methods to tint the brows to various natural toned hues. If a woman were to dye her hair, or had very light blonde hair, she would more than likely want to opt for dyeing her brows to either match her hair color, or be closer to her hair color than they were previously.

We can attribute the thinned out style of brows in this era to the lovely actress Clara Bow, who was the first (that we know of) to start the trend of super thin brows. The thin, extended line of the brow became very popular, and some women would actually completely shave off their brows to draw them into a perfected line exactly how they wanted them. While some women choose to do the same in today’s world, it was much more popular during this time frame. To get the extended brow look, opt for adding an eyebrow pencil in to fill out the tail end of your brow, and thinly extend the brow past the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to use a shade of pencil that matches your natural brow color for the most natural look.

Woman with arched eyebrows.

Arched Brows
Women would draw an arch, or pluck the eyebrow shape into an arch, which could sometimes extend quite high. They didn’t want straight and narrow brows, they wanted to achieve a statement through the means of creating the perfect brow shape. You can get the look today by drawing an arch with an eyebrow pencil right about where the iris of your eye is, and extend it outwards a bit towards the outer corner of the eyebrow.

Woman shaping her brows.

Styling the Brows
Back in the 1920’s, brow gel didn’t exist. Nor did most of the beauty tools we are so fortunate to have in existence today. Back then, a woman would use her fingers to smooth down her brows, or if they were drawn on, she would need to constantly keep up with re-drawing them on, because they didn’t have the brow powder to hold their brows in place all day like we do today.

Woman using a brow pencil

Influence on Modern Culture
Today, we see many people with drawn on or penciled in brows. We also see many women opting for dyeing their brows, and wearing a thin brow style because of preference. If you want a thinned out brow look, you can head to your local brow salon or threader, and have them complete the task to ensure you don’t mess it up while doing it on your own.

It is never a good idea to shave off your eyebrows to achieve a new style, as chances are likely they won’t grow back. Actress Lucille Ball was the prime example of this – while she was filming her first motion picture, Roman Scandals, she was asked to shave off her brows and draw them on with pencil for the role. After filming the movie, her brows never grew back, and she was forced to draw them on every day of her life since that time. You should always exercise extreme caution when changing your brow style, and don’t do something you might end up regretting in the end.

Vintage Makeup: What Was Used in the 20′s?

Makeup has always seemed to be an integral role in women’s daily routines, for the purpose of applying color to the face, giving the lady wearing it a more youthful appearance, and hiding blemishes and other undesirable portions of the face such as freckles, scars, lines, and wrinkles as best as possible. During the 1920’s, women utilized cosmetics more than ever before, and began buying products on a regular basis. Lionesse would like to take a look at some of the 1920 makeup items, to reveal to you what women back in the day would use on their faces to achieve their desired look.

Vintage lipstick

Self Shaping Lipstick
Lipstick became quite popular in the 1920’s, thanks in part to the availability of the product all around the world, and to Actresses such as Clara Bow, who made the ‘cupid’s bow lip’ a thing. With this came the implementation of the self-shaping lipsticks sold by companies such as Max Factor and Maybelline. Women would line their cupid’s bow area prominently with the lip color and fill in the remainder of their lips with the same color. Colors which were pertinent during this time frame were rich red colors (think of a wine shade), and eventually, pinkish red hues and other subtle pink hues.

Metal Lip Tracers
In conjunction with the self-shaping lipstick products, women would use metallic lip tracers to achieve the perfect lip with their lip color. These lip tracers were a must have for every woman who wanted to wear lipstick, and made the application process much easier and looked as close to perfect as a woman could get in those days.


Rouge was another must have product in any lady’s makeup collection. It can be likened to that of blush, but more reddened in tone. It was applied in a circular fashion rather than angled, as it is today. It was supposed to give the illusion of a rounded face, which most women were partial to in those days. No woman ever left home without her rouge applied in a neat and orderly fashion!

Mascaro, or mascara as we know it today, was quite popular during the 1920’s. It was a new innovation to give your lashes volume and length – and what woman wouldn’t want that? The difference between mascara in the days of old and the mascara products we buy today is this: women would have to mix the mascara product with water, as the mascara came in a ‘cake’, and apply the product to the eyelashes with a small brush which was sold separately. It was a time consuming process to mix up your own product, and of course, every woman wanted to get it just right. Practice was something many woman worked on with the product often.

Kohl eyeliner

Kohl Eyeliner
Kohl liner was an integral part of any woman’s look during the 20’s. Women would line the top lash line and bottom lash line, and smudge it out to give it a smokey eye effect. Kohl liner was a greyish black hue and wasn’t extremely prominent once applied. There was no such thing as highly pigmented products in those days, and this was the liner of choice.  Isn’t it funny how this trend never really died, and has only become more popular as the years have gone on? Nearly all of us are fans of the smokey eye!

Powder was an absolute must for women in this decade, and every woman would carry her compact with her in her purse, and have one on her bathroom vanity to use whenever she needed a touch up. It was applied to the face to brighten the skin, give an even tone, and hide imperfections and flaws.

How to Wear 20′s Makeup Style Today

When we think 1920’s makeup styles, we think of the ‘roaring 20’s’ look that so many of us are used to seeing portrayed in movies and on television series. For those of us who have seen pictures from our grandparent’s past, and flipped through photo books at the local library, we would have seen there were a wide variety of styles to choose from back in those days. Some were glamorous, others were more casual and low-key. Today, Lionesse would like to educate you on how you can wear some of the 1920’s makeup looks in your everyday routine, or on special occasions, to get the look from the era and look completely 2015 all at the same time.

Woman with thin eyebrows.

For those with thin eyebrows, this is absolutely fantastic news for you. For those of you who have thick, natural eyebrows, you will need to do a bit of work to get a true 1920’s look and feel – but not to worry, it can be done! During the 20’s, many women opted for shaving off their eyebrows and creating a lined look, as it was glamorous for the era. They also used to extend out past the eye itself, whereas in today’s world, we know the eyebrows should only go to about the outer corner of the eye and then tail off. There were also high arches incorporated into the look.

To get an eyebrow look reminiscent of the 20’s if you have very thin or no eyebrows, use a brow pencil to mark out where you want your brow to go, and fill in the lines with your brow pencil. Be sure to incorporate an arch towards the middle of the brow, and use a brow powder to set the brow in place. Use a setting spray to hold your look all day. If you have thick natural brows, you can choose one of two options: waxing or plucking, although that would be shameful for all of you who have worked so hard to get that natural, thick look, or you can go in with a concealer to conceal parts of the brow you want to hide, followed up with an eyebrow pencil and brow powder to set in place.

Woman with 1920s styled look

For the lips, dark berry hues, reds, and pinks were all the rage in the 20’s. The lips were usually well defined, and lined to give the top lip extra definition and a plump look. To get this look, use a lip liner that matches the lip color you plan on using, and define your cupids bow area well. Go in with your color of choice, bearing in mind the colors that pertained to the era, and set with setting powder for a matte look. Glossy lips were not popular during the 20’s, so keep that in mind when choosing your lip shades.

Woman with smokey eyes.

Smokey Eyes
Smokey eyes were all the rage in the 20’s – what’s changed? To get the look, use a brown eye pencil on the top lash line as well as the bottom lash line, and blend out. Use mascara on the bottom lashes to give emphasis on the eyes. Use neutral toned eyeshadows, such as dark brown and cream, to give the eye definition.

Woman with rogue makeup.

The use of rouge was exceptionally important to set off a 20’s makeup look. You can go in with your favorite highly pigmented pink blush and apply it to the cheeks, not only focusing on the apples, but bringing it up around the eyes, and down near the mouth to achieve an authentic look. Or, to keep it modern, dust it on the apples of the cheeks only.

Woman applying foundation.

Powder was used a lot in the 20’s. Every woman had her compact with her to even out her skin tone and ward off shine. You can get the look today by using a matte foundation that will keep your shine under control, and work magic to have your face looking flawless all day.

European Beauty Trends

Europe takes the cake when it comes to creating innovative, beautiful trends in beauty. Year after year, we see some of the most fantastic hair trends and beauty trends emerge on the runways, in magazines, and on the internet – and many of those are formed, or got their beginnings, in Europe. Today, Lionesse showcases a few of these amazing trends that we love, and that we believe might be sticking around for a while.

Woman with side parted hair.

Extreme Side Parted Hair
We have been seeing this make waves on the runways and in fashion magazines everywhere – but in England, this style is really taking off. It can also be seen quite prominently in France and Italy as well. Extreme side parted hair is taking the side part to a whole new level. Incorporate a wet look into the mix with a gel and water cocktail to really be a trendsetter.

Blonde woman with faded out hair colors.

Faded Out Hair Color Trend
This look is quite the hit right now in all of Europe. Many women are opting for an ice blonde hue and fading the tips of their hair to a baby pink color, or other colors such as baby blue, turquoise, or lavender purple. It’s sort of a cross between the ombre look, rainbow hair, and mermaid hair combined into one.

Woman showing her manicured nails.

Faux Gel Manicures
This trend is one we are really excited about. For those of us who have indulged in a gel nail color, we know that UV light is typically required to get the proper dry and to keep the nails looking shiny and vibrant. Well, not anymore. Women across Europe are jumping on board with the gel look nails by use of nail polishes that incorporate volcanic glass and a super high-octane shine to give the illusion of a gel manicure, without the wait and dry time. Most of these nail products dry as quickly as, if not faster than, typical nail colors. Common shades to be seen this season across Europe are purples, pinks, berry hues and nudes.

Woman with a big bangs hairstyle.

Big Bangs Hair Extensions
This trend is taking hair extensions to a whole new level. If you’ve ever gotten tired of wearing your long hair bang-free, there’s extensions for that. Most of us have seen the bang hair extensions, but Europe is taking it to a whole new level by bringing back the big hair! Is anyone else feeling slightly nostalgic over the 80’s decade suddenly? They come in a few different styles, from feathered styles, to poufy, to thick and whispy.

Woman with a beautiful natural makeup look.

Dewy, Vibrant Skin
Okay, so this is not a trend only being seen in Europe – women across the globe are opting for a more dewy, radiant appearance – but in Europe right now, women are forgoing the heavy makeup for a more natural, moisturized approach. They are cleansing, moisturizing their skin with brightening moisturizers, and dabbing some hydrating lip balms onto their skin. They may even add some highlighting with the strobing technique – but you won’t see many women right now in this region doing a full face of heavy makeup. They are also opting for drinking more water to give a radiant glow.

Indian Beauty Trends

Many of us have never really thought of, or heard of, many beauty trends when it comes to the country of India. Just because we haven’t heard of them, however, doesn’t mean they don’t exist! Today, Lionesse is taking some time out to showcase some of the most fascinating Indian beauty trends for the current season – as well as some traditional beauty trends used for hundreds of years – and we hope you will be as fascinated by them as we were.

Woman applying henna on her hands.

Henna Tattoos
Henna has long been a part of the Indian culture and tradition, and today it is still very much trendy in the beauty world. Henna tattoos have made their way to western culture, and in the United States they are highly sought after during the summer months. They are typically applied to the hands and feet using a special henna powder which is mixed into a dye of sorts, and is then painted on in various floral and patterned designs, leaving behind stained skin which holds the tattoo for a few weeks at a time.

Woman with a glittery French manicure.

Glitter Nails
Indian women simply adore their nails and changing their nail color every now and then is a must. One of the hottest nail trends doing the rounds in India is translucent glitter. If you’re looking to add some glam to your look, simply paint a base coat on your nails and apply some sparkly nail paint on top. Easy and chic!!! Another super popular trend to go for is the dual tone French manicure, a more interesting version of those dull and boring white edges. White with a line of mint green is super hot right now.

Woman with cat eyes.

Cat Eyes and Two Toned Eyeshadow
Single eyeshadows have become really boring. Add some glam to your eye area by using two complimentary colors. Indian women have really taken to the two-toned eyeshadow look to create extended cat eyes and they are rocking this look by pairing it with subtle dresses and hairstyles such as soft, long waved hair.

Woman applying a skin cream.

Skin Care
Indian women are becoming more and more in tune with skin care, and are recognizing now more than ever the need for quality dermatologists and skin care services. Many Indian women are now taking better care of their skin, and indulging in exclusive skin care products to maintain their skin and also treat skin care maladies such as pigmentation and dark circles. Skin brightening techniques are a favorite among Indian women.

Woman getting her eyebrows threaded.

Eyebrow Looks
Many Indian women are opting for taking better care of their brows, and keeping them as natural looking as possible while maintaining a gorgeous, clean style. Eyebrow threading is extremely popular among India, and it is something many women of this region are indulging in – and have been – for quite some time now. With beauty bloggers and vloggers across the internet offering inspiration and trends to the masses, it makes it easy for Indian women to incorporate modern styles into the traditional Indian style. Then again, for Indian women living in America, many of them follow the American eyebrow trends rather than stick to their culture’s looks.

Asian Beauty Trends

Some of the most exquisite beauty trends tend to come from none other than the Asian territories throughout the world. Places like Japan, Korea, and China, as well as other Asian nations are responsible for some of the most beloved beauty products in our current markets, as well as traditions and beauty tricks used for centuries. Today, Lionesse would like to take a closer look at some of the most popular Asian beauty trends being used and seen in parts of Asia as well as throughout the world.

Pink blush applied right below the eyes

Under-eye Blush
Contrary to everything we have been taught when it comes to beauty, this Japanese beauty trend is taking the country by storm. Apparently, Japanese women and girls are utilizing this trend which makes them appear sick on purpose to reflect beauty. What? Yes, you read right. Apparently, the Japanese believe that this helps to give a glow to the skin and also makes the person utilizing the trend appear fragile, as though they are in need of a rescue. If you want to get the look yourself, be sure to apply plenty of bright pink blush underneath the eyes, coupled with pale cheeks to complete the look. If you really want to take it all the way, work on your brows with a pencil to give your brow a furrowed, worried look, which is also very trendy in Japan right now.

Woman holding a finger on her lips.

The Finger Trap Test
Many of us have never heard of this beauty trend, but it originated in Japan and consists of resting your index finger on the tip of your nose, and forming your hand into a fist and resting it on your chin, as if you were holding up the number one with a closed fist. According to the test, if your lips touch your hand, you’re pretty – and if they don’t, you’re unattractive. Though this isn’t quite a beauty trend, it pertains to beauty, and it’s pretty abnormal – so we had to include this one on the list.

Gradient lip

Gradient Lips
Gradient lips are super popular in all Asian countries right now, and they consist of applying a small bit of red lipstick to the bottom of the top lip and to the top of the bottom lip and blending out and away from the application spot, focusing more on the center of the lips than anything, to achieve the appearance of a plump lip with a bit of color. We must admit, this is a pretty fantastic trend that we will love for a long time to come! We aren’t quite sure which Asian territory started this trend, we just know that it did get its beginnings in Asia.

Asian eyebrow trends

The Korean Eyebrow Look
Many women nowadays are opting for a bigger, bolder, more natural brow. For those who love that look, you could opt for the Korean eyebrow look that is making huge waves in the beauty industry. To get the look, you will need an angled brow brush, light colored brow powder, and that’s it. Create a boxy brow look beginning at the inner corner of the brow, and work the light colored brow powder throughout the eyebrow in a thin application. Don’t create high arches, keep it natural toned and beautiful – and there you have it, a gorgeous Korean brow look.

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Stirs Controversy

Makeup artist applying makeup on a little girl.

It’s a well-known fact that when most people hear the name ‘Kim Kardashian’, they can expect controversy to ensue. It’s currently no different for her personal makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, who posted a very controversial image to his Instagram account depicting an already gorgeous little girl of pre-pubescent age clad in a dark berry colored lipstick and dark cat-eye makeup.

As if this alone wouldn’t cause controversy enough between those who feel he went overboard and took it too far, and those who believe the look is perfectly acceptable, he captioned the photo with, “My future daughter  #soCute (this is not my makeup)”. Naturally, the photo gained an immense amount of attention across the internet in a very short amount of time, inviting backlash from those who oppose the sexualization of young girls through the media, and those who believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little girl being decked out for pictures of this sort.

Some commenters were completely supportive in a show of comments posted to the picture. One user stated, “she [sic] looks beautiful! It’s just makeup there is nothing wrong with that! It washes off people are making such a big deal out of absolutely nothing! There is no difference between this and Toddlers & Tiaras. #dontjudge”. Another user said, “Some of these ladies need to chill, didn’t they ever play with makeup as little girls? Maybe that’s why they’re fussing so much, cause [sic] they didn’t have fun in their childhood.”

Other commenters came at this MUA with some not-so-supportive comments, such as, “Protect the innocent,” and “Too young. Babies shouldn’t look like women.”

While it’s easy to understand why some people would be completely upset over this picture, it’s also easy to see the innocence in the photo as well for many. Considering the fact that the picture was done for this little girl’s modeling portfolio, who we now know to be Harper Tillman, a successful child model, many people feel as though the masses may be overreacting.

Many people found the picture to be over-sexualized in the sense that adorning a small child in this type of makeup, in this heavy of an application, with what could be perceived as a too-sexy eye makeup look for her age, is disconcerting – and many weren’t afraid to voice their opinions on it in the comment section. At the same time, many women believed the photo to be beautiful, adorable, and innocent – and say that most people are overreacting to what is a beautiful image of a little girl just being a little girl.

Our questions to our readers are these: What are your thoughts on the image? Do you feel as though this little girl is being sexualized in any manner, and that she is wearing a makeup look that is far too old for her age? Or, do you believe this is an innocent photograph with a little girl wearing a bit of makeup, and that people are over reacting completely in their backlash against the photo? Lionesse would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below.

Your Little Girl Wants to Wear Makeup – Now What?

Moms and dads alike fear for the day when their little girl decides she would like to become a big little girl – and begin wearing makeup. Some parents have differences of opinion on the matter, and it can cause a lot of conflict within a marriage or relationship. A lot of mothers believe a little bit of makeup is perfectly okay, while the dads are sitting back, shaking their head, saying, “No way is my daughter leaving the house with her face painted.” So, what do you do? Lionesse has some advice and tips on how to deal with your little girl and her desire to wear makeup – and how you should approach the situation so everyone is happy.

Young girl talking to her mother.

Talk About the Issue
If there is an issue with the fact that your daughter wants to wear makeup between your spouse and yourself, you should most definitely sit down and talk about. Perhaps you can come to some sort of an agreement – and if you can’t, it’s best to come up with logical reasons as to why. These reasons should be explained in plain language to your daughter, who will then understand why you aren’t yet ready to allow her to wear makeup. Explanations are key, as is communication. You don’t want to give her a simple, ‘No’, without providing her a reason as to why so that she can understand the reasons behind it.

Mother brushing her daughter's hair.

Try to Come to Terms and Understand
Whether you like it or not, your daughter is growing up. There will be many situations in life you as a parent are going to need to face, and you will learn over time that you need to sometimes choose your battles. Is the fact that wants to wear makeup really that big of a deal? If so, perhaps you could try to get her reasoning as to why she wants to begin wearing makeup, and if her reasons are legitimate, perhaps you could begin allowing her to wear one simple product, such as lip gloss, as a start.

Mother applying nail polish on her daughter's fingernails

Allow Age Appropriate Products
Any little girl would adore the chance to begin delving into a few makeup products here and there. Perhaps allowing her the chance to wear lipgloss, shimmery light hued eye shadows, and at the most a light pink lipstick would make her day. Allowing her to wear what you feel comfortable with is the most important thing, and she will likely be very happy that you are allowing her to wear any makeup products at all.

Young girl applying makeup.

If All Else Fails, Allow her to Wear Makeup at Home
If you aren’t comfortable with her wearing makeup out of the house, perhaps you could allow her to experiment with it in front of her bathroom mirror and learn how to do makeup to wear at home. Teaching her the right application methods, and even applying it for her so she can see what she looks like, is a great way to bond and spend time while she learns how it’s done.

Age Appropriate Makeup for Teens

There comes a point in every teen girl’s life where they begin to become curious about using cosmetic products, whether it’s to fit in with the other girls their age, to experiment with various beauty aides, or just to feel pretty. Perhaps they’ve taken an interest in watching vlogs from beauty bloggers on the ever popular YouTube, subscribing to their channels and following all of the advice given to achieve a perfect look. As a parent, we don’t want our children to grow up too soon, nor do we want them to look older than they need to in a world filled with so much to be afraid of, and the fear that all the boys will come knocking. So, how do we allow them to wear age appropriate makeup without looking too done up? Lionesse has some helpful tips and advice in this article, detailing some of the best age appropriate looks for various ages in the teenage spectrum.

Mother and teen daughter applying makeup

13-14 Year Olds – Soft, Natural Look
Between the ages of 13 and 14 years old, girls can pull off a soft, natural look while beginning to incorporate cosmetic products into their routine – and moms and dads will be glad to know this requires only minimal product application. During this time frame, your precious daughter will go through many hormonal changes that will cause her to experience breakouts and varying skin tones from oily to dry. Perhaps allowing some yellow based concealer to mask the appearance of blemishes, coupled with a tinted moisturizer to apply underneath the concealer where it is applied, is the best way to go. Many tinted moisturizers contain SPF properties, which will not only moisturize the face, and add a small sheer pop of color to the skin, but they will also protect them from harmful UV rays every time they walk out the door. A nice natural toned lip gloss will give sheen to the lips without appearing dramatic.

Carrie Underwood
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15-16 Year Olds – Look for Inspiration from Positive Role Models
By looking to the women who inspire teen girls in a positive light, such as singer Carrie Underwood, or even First Lady Michelle Obama, girls within this age bracket should be able to begin using more product for a still natural, classic look. Using a concealer to mask dark under eye circles for those late nights studying, coupled with a foundation, is a great place to start. The concealer should be yellow based in tone, to simply hide the dark circles or pigmented areas under the eyes. Girls in this age group also face a lot of stress factors in terms of school and peer relationships, and this may give them something to feel good about to boost their confidence. Lip gloss in various shades, or a light pink to medium pink lipstick, are great choices for teens of this age group. Brown eyeliner can be used on the lash line for special occasions, and a shimmery natural toned eyeshadow will give them something to feel glamorous and girly about without being overboard. Mascara can be applied to the lashes with mom and dad’s say so for special occasions – but it isn’t an essential.

Teenager with natural makeup and mascara.

17-18 Year Olds – Experimentation with Various Looks
By this point, your daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman and is almost through with her high school career, if they aren’t already. Chances are likely that she’s begun dating, and may even likely have a steady boyfriend. During this time, it’s perfectly acceptable to allow her to wear a full face of makeup – but she should keep it looking natural for a perfect casual day look. No teen girl needs to look like a glamour queen every time she leaves the house. Those looks should be reserved for important special occasions, such as her graduation ceremony or prom night. Allow her to use mascara at will, lipstick in girly, pretty tones, foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush products in pinks and corals, and bronzer to contour and add some color. Black eyeliner is now acceptable in moderation, as are smokey eye looks for special occasions. At this age, they should still steer clear of using dark colored lipsticks, yet when it comes to nail color, they can add any pop of color they like. Famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown said in an interview with Oprah regarding the use of wild colors for nails and teen girls, “Purple, black, blue—anything goes right now with nails.” She also states that teen girls of any age should avoid wild colors on the eyes, and keep it looking natural and beautiful to simply highlight and show off her natural beauty.

In addition, every teen girl should begin a good skin care regimen at the age of 13, where they cleanse the face twice per day – once in the morning, and once in the evening, and also utilize makeup removing wipes to clean away any products they have used throughout the day. Moisturizer is also important, and adding in a moisturizer that incorporates SPF properties is essential to protecting their skin while out and about.

Mother teaching her daughter how to apply lipstick.

Allowing the use of cosmetic products in moderation and also allowing her to implement more products over time will help her self-confidence, which in turn will reflect in her personal life. As our little girls grow up, we can still have a say in what they do and what they wear, but by being in their corner and showing them we love them and care, we can steer them onto the path to achieving success in life. It’s better to allow them the freedom to wear some products that are age appropriate than for them to become rebellious and do it out of their own accord in the end. Sometimes, being a parent forces us to choose our battles – and there are far greater things of concern as a parent than a few simple cosmetic products to be worried about.

We hope this article has been a helpful one, and here’s to good luck to you and your teenage daughter from all of us here at Lionesse.