Lionesse Beauty Bar Is Where your Essence and Beauty Merge

Lionesse Beauty Bar Is Where your Essence and Beauty Merge

Fun at Lionesse Beauty BarWalking into a Lionesse Beauty Bar is like entering into a universe of beauty. Your beauty. Enter our Makeover Metropolis, where we have all of your styling needs met, and offer tips on how to create the perfect look. We know makeup, and every time our future beauty queens buy one of our fabulous products, they get a free makeover. Come experience the excitement.

The Beauty of Lionesse

Lionesse Beauty Bar - Beautiful HairAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
Call us in advance for an appointment, or just stroll on in. Either way, your hair is in for a treat. 
We massage your head while giving the style you desire. Our Beauty Bar comes with styling options from the top looks in the trendiest places.

Party time 

Lionesse - Beautiful hair done by professionalsThe serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

Always a great hair day

Your hair will thank you when you introduce it to its new best friend.  Our Red Tourmaline hair straightener by Lionesse Beauty Bar will have you living your dream hairstyle in no time. Feel the difference in your hair.

The Fabulous Four-One-One

We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Our beauty guests receive their own personal glamour guards, who lend their expertise to personally tailor a cosmetic wonder for you. Whether for intensive makeover treatment or just some beauty advice, our stylists are standing by to show you how to make your beauty shine.

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Happy Halloween from Lionesse

Pumpkin and Halloween decor on stoopHalloween is upon us, and we at Lionesse would love to wish you and your families a Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time of year. It is the one day out of 365 where we can dress and act like someone we are not. It’s seemingly the only day out of the year where people are, for the most part, typically non-judgmental about things like hair color, clothing, and showing a little skin. It’s also the only day out of the year where you don’t have to feel embarrassed or bad about over indulging in the leftover Halloween candy, and can watch Halloween movies on the couch with candy in tow and scare yourself silly. Brilliant!


The History of Halloween

Halloween, originally known as All Hallows Eve, or Samhain (pronounced as Sah-win) is celebrated on October 31st every year around the world. Halloween got its beginning in Ireland, where at Celtic festivals – also known as Samhain – people would celebrate the ending of the harvest season. This is typically when the people of each village would stock up on food to last through the long, cold winter months. People during that time believed October 31st was the day in which spirits, both evil and good, would resurrect from their graves and steal crops and cause immeasurable sickness. At these festivals, there would be a lot of bonfires. People would dress in costumes to confuse the spirits and sometimes, to please them.

It has become commonplace for children to knock on doors every Halloween, while adorned in costumes of their particular liking, asking the question, “Trick or treat?” If no treats are given, sometimes tricks are played on the unsuspecting door-answerers, which can to some be funny, and others stressful. Children await this day all year, and are usually hopped up on more sugar on that one night than any other day of the year.


Fun Things to do on Halloween

Some of the fun things you can do with your family, children, friends, or significant other on Halloween are:

  • Make a bonfire or campfire in the backyard. Tell scary ghost stories as you roast marshmallows, and drink hot chocolate.
  • Watch a Halloween movie. There are many great Halloween movies to choose from (but none as great as ‘Hocus Pocus’ or ‘Halloween’!)
  • Make candy apples or caramel apples
  • Have a Halloween sleepover with your friends, or your kids friends
  • Make some Halloween crafts
  • Bake some Halloween themed cookies and decorate accordingly
  • Take a walk through a graveyard at night to give yourself a terrible fright!
  • Attend a Halloween party and dress up like something completely different than the normal ‘you’


There are so many things you can do on Halloween to have a good time and celebrate the day. Have a blast, and tell Lionesse about your Halloween plans below!


Lionesse Brings You Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scary & Fun Makeup for Halloween 2014

Halloween is less than a month away, and it’s time to decide what you want to be this year. With so many choices, the act of choosing one costume can be daunting. Makeup and makeup tricks are a huge part of setting your costume apart from the rest, and not to mention application is incredibly fun as well, especially with friends! This is the time to get creative and step outside the box of what you look like in your day to day life. Get daring with colors and practice the look you want to achieve for the ultimate look you desire.


Eye Makeup Ideas

There are various ways in which someone could choose to apply eye makeup for Halloween. This all depends on what it is you want to be for Halloween, first and foremost, and aside from that you will need to choose the colors and techniques you want to use based upon what you’re going for.

Here are some various visual ideas for eye makeup to consider for this coming Halloween – all of which look great, but vary in difficulty:

Halloween eye makeup that resembles a siderweb

Scattered eye makeup, Photo Credit to Listal.comInteresting Halloween eye makeup; looks like unzipped skin with galaxy makeup below

Galaxy Eye Makeup, Photo Credit to Couture Makeup on Pinterest

"Nightmare Before Christmas" eye makeup

‘Nightmare before Christmas’ eye makeup, Photo Credit to AboutFashionBeautyAndMore on Blogspot

Creepy graveyard at night Halloween eye makeup

Photo Credit to

Aside from eye makeup, there are other important aspects of applying Halloween makeup such as lips and cheeks. Again, depending on what you’d like to be this Halloween, angles, and tricks just might make (or break) your costume.

Defining lines, bright colors, blending and smoothing are all important factors to consider during the application process.

Lip Makeup Ideas

Below are some pictures of lip makeup application for Halloween. Perhaps this list can give you an idea as to how to craft and create a design all your own!

Cartoon lips Halloween makeup

Photo Credit to

With flying over creepy castle Halloween lip makeup

Photo Credit to Eva Senin Pernas

 Black widow spider lip Halloweenmakeup

Photo Credit to Eva Senin Pernas

 Joker from Batman Halloween lip makeup

Photo Credit to Eva Senin Pernas

Even if you don’t have a costume to wear for Halloween, utilizing some of these makeup ideas will have you looking Halloweentastic in no time at all!


Cheek Makeup Ideas

Your cheeks are the defining point of you face. If done right, makeup can be used to completely modify your facial structure’s appearance. It’s not overly difficult to apply makeup to your cheeks – and with a little practice, you’ll soon be applying like a pro!

Here are some fantastic cheek and facial makeup strategies and ideas you can use to develop your look for your upcoming Halloween parties, or even just to practice and have fun with any time of year!

Half face Halloween check makeup

Photo Credit to, Alana Dawn

Dead doll bride Halloween cheek makeup

Photo Credit to, Alana Dawn

Butterfly on the face cheek makeup

Photo Credit to Melissa Foster, Pinterest

As you can see, the pictures shown are some incredible depictions on transforming your face into your artist’s canvas. Halloween makeup application should be about having fun, being creative, and finding the beauty in makeup.

What are some of your favorite Halloween makeup styles? Leave us a comment below, and fill us in!

Lionesse Shows You How to Use Foundation

Beautiful woman applying foundation to her faceFoundation serves multiple purposes. It is something some women can’t live without, and others are actually intimidated by it. Some women just don’t quite know what foundation is, or why they need it. This article serves to inform, educate, and help you understand how to use it.

If you’re like most women who roll out of the bed and look in the mirror in the morning, you probably cringe at the sight of yourself in the morning. Makeup can work wonders to change that uneven skin tone, hide the blemishes, and correct discoloration. This is where foundation comes in. This little miracle product is fantastic for so many reasons – these are just a few!

Foundation serves to provide even coverage, helps to even out the skin tone, hide blemishes, allow makeup to ‘stick’, helps to conceal dark circles under the eyes along with concealer, and provides a smooth look to the entirety of the face. Used with a good moisturizer and cleanser, foundations can work wonders for your face – and finding the right one for you may take some time and preparation, however you will notice a remarkable difference when you apply it and have a look in the mirror. ‘Who’s that chick!?’ will be the first question that crosses your mind when you see the difference it can make!


How to Select the Right Foundation

There are various types of foundation available. From liquid foundation, the most popular, to whipped/creamy foundation, to mineral powder foundation, there is a selection available for every texture you can think of. There are also myriad colors to select from to perfectly match your skin tone. Play around with different types of foundation to find the one that works for you. Be sure to invest in a good quality product to avoid breakouts! You can normally match the color of the inside of your wrist to the color on the palette at the store to find the color which would best work with your skin. If no palette is available, you can match the bottle up to your inner wrist, and match the color that way.


How to Apply Foundation

Foundation application is dependent upon which type of foundation you decide to use. If you are working with a liquid foundation, using a spongy makeup wedge is probably your best bet for even coverage and smooth application. If you are using a whipped foundation, you could use your fingers, or again, a wedge. If you are using a mineral foundation, it will be in powder form and therefore you would use either a foundation brush or a Kabuki brush. When applying the product(s), you would need to ensure you put enough of the product to cover your face, chin, and neck, without using too much or too little product. This is done through practice. Too much will make your face look cakey (and honestly, we love cake as much as the next chick, but wearing it on our faces? Not so much) and just…gross. So, be sure to incorporate the right amount of product.

After applying the foundation to your face, you can then use concealer, blush, and other makeup. Foundation really ties your look together. Think of it as a canvas waiting for a painting.

After getting acquainted with how to use foundation properly, you will see what a difference it will really make in your makeup regimen, and wonder how you ever did without it!