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10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
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The serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

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Native American Movies to Netflix

Woman watching a movie

It would be a very sad thought to imagine anyone living within the United States–and particularly enjoying all the rights and privileges of citizenship–to go the whole of their life without ever taking the opportunity to discover the rich fabric of tradition, folklore and time-honored spirituality practiced by the many different tribes that together comprise the entire Native American Tribal Nation. This land upon which we’ve erected a sea of cities, sprawl and new age culture was once exclusively inhabited by and owned by the people now known as the Native, or Original Americans. There has been an eternal debate regarding the manner in which the English colonists invaded the Natives’ territories and shamelessly occupied, taking over anything and everything as they saw fit, by hook or by crook, as the old expression went. Where would we be now, if our nation’s intruders had taken up residence more from a visitor’s standpoint, and rather than the “winner takes all” mentality by which the U.S. was established by the English, these colonists had tried to pick up the local culture a little?

Colonial Change vs Native American Customs
Local culture of those first Colonial days would have been exclusively directed by the traditions, ceremonies and survival methods in practice by the people who were living here before the arrival of marauding boats, ferrying people from what would eventually be many other far away lands. There seems to be a certain brand of chronic intervening practiced by the English–and surely many other cultures of the world that is just not a part of the Native American more laissez-faire style of existence. These people have dedicated their lives to following established traditions, rituals and beliefs that have successfully sustained the member tribes, for hundreds of years. These customs are so deeply embedded in the culture of the Native American Nation that even with the explosion of invading cultures from every direction, it’s been the Native Americans who have faithfully upheld their traditions, spirituality and medical practices. There is surely something gravely overlooked by non-Natives that simply missed out on the chance to experience the contrasting existence once being the full extent of American existence.

The good news is that there are some not-to-miss movies for discovering the passion, folklore and fair representation of the articulate specter of life practiced by Natives.

  • Reel Injun, 2009: In this documentary by Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond (not the singer,) the manner in which Hollywood has portrayed Native Americans is examined. Insightful and poignantly executed, with a balanced interjection of well-timed humor, it’s surely a must-catch.
  • Smoke Signals, 1998: Certainly a groundbreaking cinematic feat under the direction of Cheyenne-Arapaho Native Chris Eyre, this collection of Sherman Alexie’s short story collection entitled The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven paved the way for other Native American artists to bring authentically represented Native American life the public distinction and respect it had long deserved. This humorous and heartwarming story appeals to a wide range of tastes and audiences, in asking universally experienced questions.
  • Dead Man, 1995: Johnny Depp stars in this anti-Western production that seeks to demolish stereotypically-encoded representation of Native Americans as a whole. Director Jim Jarmusch successfully uses the medium of B&W to blast the floor away from a previously Hollywood-choreographed rendition of the Wild West. Surely John Wayne’s been rolling in his grave, ever since.
  • Winter in the Blood, 2013: With a hard-hitting expose aimed at all of the problems Natives have with alcoholism on today’s modern reservation, brother-directors Alex and Andrew Smith took childhood pal –Great Plains Indian James Welch’s 1974 novel and turned it into an effective vehicle for sharing the deep pain of Virgil, who as a Native of half Blackfoot heritage, and makes you care deeply about him and the struggles of this basically good man with loneliness and troubles.

Quick Tips for a More Festive Makeup Look

Festive makeup, like all things, has its time and place, beyond which, just like everything else, is always going to be a bad idea, with no redeeming qualities or factors. It only works at certain times, and that’s just the way it is. On the other hand, when the time comes and festive makeup is appropriate, required or requested, there can be no more fun and creative way to perform your makeup routine. Are you checking into some more subtle ways to ramp up your holiday look without going all out and showing up dressed as Mrs. Claus, Rudolph or an elf? By concentrating your holiday look around your makeup application, you can have a lot of fun coming up with one or a few signature holiday looks to bring a smile to the faces of everyone you encounter, and you may already have everything you need, located among your makeup collection.

Woman getting makeup applied

Just Nothing too Permanent Here
Festive holiday makeup requires a bolder look, so just know this, right off the bat. It’s one of those “Go big or go home” things. With this being said, the sky’s the limit. For holiday look efforts, you don’t want to get into anything permanent, but other than that, have at it. The new strobing or highlighting is an ideal way to lay a foundation or base for your festive embellishments with makeup effects, and there are some really good tutorials on the Internet for how to strobe or highlight your face. From this point, a bolder look could be achieved by attaching some metallic lashes in bold, festive colors. Just remember that when you add these to your look, it’ll be difficult to switch to non-faux, later on, perhaps midday, when you need to do the whole corporate business look.

Sparkle and Shine
When it is a more ramped up effort like this, surely the terminology festive and shine almost seem to be synonymous. Maybe you have a container or two of some over the top eye shadow with a blinding degree of sparkle. This is the time you can guiltlessly put that shadow to full use. Don’t forget to coordinate the colors you plan to use before you begin. This is much easier than having to come back and remove what you’ve done. When it comes to making your makeup festive, nothing you could possibly add would be more effective at doing festive than glitter. Generally speaking, the finer the glitter, the less sparkle it will have. Make sure that what you’re applying will do better than some shiny powder, but placed in strategic places, glitter can marvelously sparkle up your festive ambiance. The best area is around the eyes, and especially on the area just under the eyebrow, tapering in toward the nose. Remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t ruin your festive look by making it look more like a war zone.

Woman applying eye makeup.

Eyeliner Art
With a little practice, you can learn how to use an ultra fine eyeliner brush to add diminutive embellishments, from well-placed lines of dots and swirls to tiny seasonal touches. Add some holly by first laying down some powder or lipstick that’s green where you’ll want the holly to go, and red where the berries will be. After that, come back and draw your holly and berry outlines on top of and surrounding the color. Nail polish (Not manufacturer recommended,) works for this too, and offers more colors.

Going Social Means Going Bigger For Native Designers


A powerfully-charged niche is hitting the Internet, showcasing Native American designers who are availing themselves of the power of social media, in its various forms to broadcast their creations with higher visibility that these platforms offer. As the news travels to tap an immediate range of potential customer audiences, these talented Native designers are developing customer bases that are without previous geographical limits. While there has always been a market for Native American-produced clothing and jewelry, finding it has represented the most prevalent cause of sluggish sales. As mega-shopping via the Internet has not managed to explode into full force until the past few years, there has been no dependable way to create a consistent flow of access to Native American designed products. There has only been the sporadic department store carrying big labels featuring designs from natives, and nothing you could necessarily return to, a few months later to find.

The Time is Right Now
Seizing the opportune time to act, more Native designers are creating their own independent niche, via the Internet, whereby they are making it happen by self-distribution, at least as a start. Here are three prominent Native designers definitely worth checking out:

Nanibaa Beck
Hailing from Arizona’s Pinon in the Navajo Nation, Navajo native Nanibaa Beck does some really amazing stuff with metals. Beck named her website, from inspiration derived from one of the many ways her name has been mispronounced. Her metal mainstay being silver, this 32-year-old designer incorporates the Navajo language into her creations. Silver bands form rings and bracelets, while geometrically shaped surfaces are inscribed with Navajo words and meaningful sayings, generally around $75-$100 each. She honors customers’ word requests, when they’ll fit.

Virgil Ortiz
Cochiti Pueblo Native Ortiz got a big leg up from NY based designer Donna Karan, who inquired about joining forces in a collaborative venture to come up with a distinctively unique fashion line. From that point on, the 45-year-old Ortiz has enjoyed worldwide success and fame. Basing his studio in Pueblo, Ortiz continues to work in the leading metropolitan cities, and his creations net the Santa Fe designer some hefty profits, with a majority priced in the “over 1k” range. Purchasing an Ortiz design comes with the guarantee that every component, from zippers to buckles and the materials all are produced by Native Americans residing in the U.S., as acknowledged by the accompanying “Made in Native America” label. And when he’s not working with fashion, he’s painting events from important Native history.

Bethany Yellowtail
The design focus of this 26-year-old Crow and Northern Cheyenne Native is to provide first class fashion for the professional Native American. Growing up in the Crow Nation for Yellowtail (whose tribal enrollment is in the Northern Cheyenne Nation,) involved her very early efforts as a child in designing clothes. With the right steering from her 8th grade home ec teacher, Yellowtail learned how to sew and design patterns from scratch. In fulfilling her high school leadership program’s business-style dress requirement for a field trip, she took cues from Beyonce’s ‘Check on It,’ music vid, and came up with inspiration to create her individual brand of professionalism that day, making a big splash with everyone. Yellowtail, whose pieces typically go for between $170 to $700, hopes to expand the richness of Native elements into everyday wear, along with their special significance, which she feels needs a little inspiration to be seen as more than “ethnic stuff” by non-natives, and the general consumer population.

New Trend: Metallics for Winter

Metallics fashion
catwalker /

The winter season just ahead promises a fabulously sparkly element of luminous shine to impart many forms of jaw-dropping excellence, and anyone wearing this shine will be announcing to the world that there’s nothing second hand about their wardrobe! From the view beside the runways, it’s going to be the fashion, and not the future, that is “so bright, you’re gonna need shades!” Say “hello” to a wealth of enticingly bold and beautiful glitter effects, with sparkling embroidery from metallic threads, to sequinned everything–making fashion-forward first-evers by new ways of introducing metallic bead work, fabrics and trims.

Combining Metals With Seriously Stunning, First-Ever Results
In assessing the fine array bearing that highly polished metal flair for this coming winter, there is surely no element of apparel or any other wearable component left out. Metals including charismatic coppers, brazen brass, glimmering golds, stunning silvers and bold bronzes will be added to an amazing number of fashion formats, and from the looks of things, the response is going to be incredible! There will be some amazing artistry to pierce the veil of rather heavily-guarded design protocol, with first-ever stunning combos of mixed metals that promise to bring game-changing thinking to a new age of metallics for the entire fashion industry.

The New Metallics Are More Within Reach Than Ever Before
Look for luxuriously luminescent colors, and new collections will have everything covered, from underwear to outerwear, jewelry, hats, scarves, purses, shoes, belts and boots that, simply by virtue of their qualities–easily transition from day wear to evening wear with only slight switching out of a couple of details. And thanks to so many new technological advancements, the former roadblock of maintenance and cleaning yesterday’s temperamental metallics is gone, so that finally average consumers everywhere are affordably adding lovely metallics to their wardrobes and they’re much more affordably home-laundering the metallics they buy.

Add-Ons Making a Difference
There are a large number of innovations to distinguish this year’s look of metallics, with their brilliant standout sparkling designs that produce iridescence and radiate a subtly powerful opulence. Many new concepts allow for practical, yet truly amazing details that are every bit as comfortable as they are beautiful. A lovely and unprecedented aspect being introduced to the lineup comes from effects that include 3D imagery and WOW-styled glass trinkets, such as flowers, butterflies, geometric shapes and more. These add depth and dimension, while not interfering with wearability.

Mixing and Matching at a New Level
Metallics are emerging as far more easily integrated into the various style themes, from western wear, to steampunk and goth. There is a real, resurgence of fur that is being combined with metal effects for a jaw-dropping precedent in mixed materials. If you are more interested in animals than you are wearing their skins, do not worry, as there have never been so many gorgeous and real-looking man-made “faux” furs to choose from than now. Imagine a stunning metallic azure jacket, capped off with one of the new crazy-cool styles of printed faux fur–if you haven’t seen this trend yet, you’re in for a fabulous surprise.

How to Cook and Bake Your Makeup

Woman applying makeup.

There is a new answer to the age-old inquiry of “What’s cooking?” And this is all due to the latest trick to come to cosmetics–but be careful just who you tell, and watch the words you use to explain what it is you are doing, just to avoid the real possibility of the people who care about you checking into arranging some kind of mandated vacation plan for just you, that some folks refer to as “involuntary commitment.” And add to this the fact that your oven won’t even be turned on. Cooking? ok…Just sayin’…But hold on–keep reading. If your impression is becoming suspicious of this process’ validity, here’s all you need to know: Kim Kardashian does it, ok? Now you can keep reading.

Cooking With Natural Energy
This form of cooking does not involve any appliances, and doesn’t bear any ENERGY STAR certification…in fact, you can even do it when there’s a power outage in your area. This new process follows in the lineup that began with contouring–next followed by strobing and highlighting. You really will be cooking, but with the heat for this cook time being provided by your body’s normal temperature, there’ll be no danger of burning anything (insert canned audience laughter here.)

Tons of Tutorials
Sound interesting? Wanna learn more about it? You could…go ask a drag queen, or…bring up Youtube, or…read what follows below. If you are at all uncomfortable at the thought of walking rather aimlessly around while asking strangers (or even people you know) whom you might encounter if they can point you in the direction of a drag queen, or your work cubicle is not exactly (and will never be) soundproofed, then this little blurb will be sufficient to get you started.

The Basic How-To

  • Apply your primer, then foundation and do the contouring you would normally do, just like always.
  • Using a high quality sponge or beauty blender, apply concealer (that is a shade lighter than the foundation you regularly use) to rather heavily highlight the area beneath each eye, from just beside your nose, and decreasing the volume as you move toward your hairline; then down just to the beginning of the hollow of your cheeks. You can use a powder form of highlighter, but the cream type is the best type to use.
  • Now–hands off! Leave your face alone, and do not blend or touch the makeup that you applied for a period of at least ten minutes–with twenty minutes being ideal. Call a friend, have a glass of water, or take care of another aspect of your preparation regimen.
  • Your baking will be complete, and you won’t need oven mitts here. You will need a beauty blending sponge, which you’ll now use to do your careful blending.
  • Finish off with an application of loose powder–translucent is best for this. Alternately, you can use a setting spray.
  • Smile–and take a selfie of your new, radiant glow.
  • Make this “baked” selfie your Facebook profile pic.

How to Apply Highlighter

Highlighter makeup

Move over, contouring — you were certainly adequate, and please know that it’s not you — it’s us — and yes, we admit it — we have found something else-something better and brighter, and something we just like more. It meets our needs better and makes us look so good. It was certainly good while it lasted, but alas, the time has come for you to be on your way — out of the makeup drawers and cosmetics bags of women everywhere. We’re making room for the next big thing, and you, contouring — well there’s just no place in the mix for you now. So to you, contouring — good luck, fare the well, adieu and adios!

The Beautifying Power of True Light
Everyone has a way of looking better in certain lighting–take candlelight, for example. The newly trending makeup application form of highlighting magically illuminates your face with hugely impressive results. Now, don’t be misled into simply believing that it’s all from strategically placed light areas around the face, as you would be wrong. Highlighting is about cosmetically “lit” areas of the face that are accompanied by the characteristic glow of authentic highlighting. There’s nothing matte here, it’s all about the way true light, when it hits a subject, how it conveys a distinctive sparkle or sheen–not a glossy finish–just a glow. It’s like it all comes from within–the glow of health, beauty and radiance that is head-turning, alluring and can be yours, with a little instruction.

What to Have on Hand
Of course, you’ll need your regular foundation and other makeup you wear every day, but to this add a concealer that is a full shade lighter than what you normally buy (to normally match your skin tone.) Resist being tempted here to go any lighter, if you want to keep it looking natural and not like stage makeup. One shade lighter–and that’s it. Have a good blending sponge, and an eye makeup brush for blending. Get a good liquid highlighter, and to that add another cream or powder highlighter. And finally, some nice gold-toned lipstick.

The Process:
Apply foundation as you normally do, then make small dots with the one shade lighter concealer at the areas you desire to highlight–like at the tops of your cheekbones, across the center of your forehead, straight down the center of your nose, around your nose, under your eyes and just above your chin, form an arch. By dotting the application, it can be more smoothly blended, for a more natural appearance.

  • Using a damp makeup sponge, blend the dots gently, and on either side of the nose, blend outward from the nose.
  • With a dry eyeshadow brush, apply liquid highlighter vertically down the length of your nose, and on your cheekbones. add touches just above each eye, right over the inside corners and on your browbone. Even add a splash in the indentation at the center and above your top lip. Also, add at your chin and forehead, just to the center of each. Make it blend, even if you have to work it in better by using your fingers.
  • The cream or powder highlighter comes to play now, added just over the cheekbones.
  • Finish off with a lovely shade of pink lipstick that has some gold tones in it, or follow the all-pink shade with a second layer of thinly applied gold lipstick.

Pigtails: No Longer for Little Girls

When you were a little girl, your mother probably put you in pigtails all the time. This go-to style not only looks adorable on young girls, but it also keeps hair out of their face so it doesn’t get sticky or get in their way during play. You don’t have to grow out of pigtails. There are many adult ways to wear this fun hair style. The good news: pigtails are also back in style!

Here are a few ways you might want to consider wearing this classic style this fall:

Low Ponies
Pull your pigtails down and to the back of your head for an edgier twist on this classic style. Each pony should start at the base of your skull, and they should be placed symmetrically. Clasp both of them with a single, oversized barrette to really accent the style. The pigtails should stay separated, but they will be joined by the barrette.


Low braids pigtails

Low Braids
It’s important that you give your pigtails a bit of an edge to make them stylish and not cutesy. One way you can do this is to wear them in low braids at either side of your head or at the back of your head. Add some interesting details to the style by parting the hair at an angle (instead of straight down the middle) and making the pigtails slightly off balance.

Boho chic pigtail

Boho Chic
Create an airy look that’s perfect for boho-chic by pulling two loose ponies to each side. The long hair should lie on each shoulder in a tousled mess. Add dimension and texture by scrunching the hair in your hands and spraying with dry shampoo or texturizing spray. Add a headband or bandana that wraps around the forehead to accent this style.

Loose twist pigtails

Loose Twists
Braids are a classic choice for pigtails, but they aren’t the only choice. Finish your pigtails in loose twists that hang over your shoulders instead. You can replicate the look of braided pigtails with twists, such as by creating an off-center look, a looser twist, or twists with accessories like a headband.

Loose braids pigtails

Large, Loose Braids
If you have long, thick hair, this style is for you. Braid your hair in low pigtails that hang over your shoulders, but keep the braids chunky and loose. You can even pull out a few strands of hair here and there for some interesting accents. The result will be a casual yet sexy look that is effortlessly stylish.

Pigtails don’t have to be so neat and tidy. Create a messy, tousled look for your hair, with lots of volume. Then braid small pigtails that come out the bottom on either side. The hair should be big and messy on both sides with just a hint of pigtail below. It kind of looks like you braided pigtails three days ago and haven’t combed them out yet.

Pigtails aren’t just for little girls anymore; they’ve gone high style. Try out some of these styles to get the looks that have been coming down runways this fall.

Hair Trend Alert: Tie Dye

Tie dye hair

You might very well be one among the many people who have never, ever encountered the words “hair” and “tie dye” together, in one sentence. And you would be remembering correctly, too, if you fessed up. Whether you have or have not had the experience previously, you are going to be hearing (and seeing) a lot more of it in the days, weeks and months to come. The powerful iconic representation of the Woodstock Nation and an era gone by of peace, love and flower power is coming into its own in significant numbers once again, and in new and unprecedented forms. Whether you were there when Jimi rocked the outdoor NY stage with his representation of “The Star Spangled Banner,” or your brush with it came about during your summer camp session, where crafting projects included the art form, surely “tie dye” rings a familiar bell.

The Broadened Evolution
In its original “day,” tie dye was more descriptive than words, and wearing it or brandishing it in any form immediately qualified you as belonging to the hippie revolution. Over the years, however, tie dye has become more of a color or pattern–like chevron–than any type of independence declaration or political statement. The more so-inclined among us who, for one reason or another lived “camp-less” every summer comprising their youth, but went on to discover tie dying on their own, learning that the process began with a plain white tee, and in a series of introducing the shirt to different colors of dyes by way of first tieing it in multiple places with rubber bands and following by dipping it into the various colors (there were and are specific tie dye colors, too.) The result was this colorful psychedelic shirt. Only now, we’re tie dying hair in a similar process.

How -To
There are numerous methods for tie dying hair on the Internet, but this one is closest to the “real deal,  in terms of the application method. To begin, the hair should be light-light blonde, or stripped of color altogether. If you can’t or won’t go to this extreme, you can either buy a wig, or extensions that are relatively white, or just forego the entire process.

  • Section off the hair into 3-inch squares, with each being secured by a rubber band positioned approximately 2 inches away from the scalp.
  • Once you have all of your individual ponytails completed, create second, third and fourth (depending on the length of your hair,) proceed three inches from the first rubber band and at that point, tie off the section with a second rubber band. Continue until you have about 2-3 inches of hair left at the ends.
  • Next, cover each rubber band by wrapping and tying a 1-inch strip of med-thick fabric over the rubber band.
  • Choose at least three of these colors for dying: red, yellow, orange, teal, kelly green, hot pink and deep blue, and mix them, having them ready. If your hair is long enough that you have several gathers with rubber bands going down the strands, you can either add another color or duplicate one or more colors that you began with.
  • Begin with the bottom section of unsecured hair, and working your way around all the hair that is sectioned off on that row, paint the first section, from the tip ends to the first cloth tie with your first color–making sure to continue with that same color on every gathered section of that horizontal row.
  • Move up, with your second color and brush on, continuing horizontally just as you did in the first row, keeping the second color consistent as you go, from row to row.
  • Within a few minutes, and depending on what you used to color your hair, you can either wash (only when permanent color was used,) or dry (with temporary color only.)

Tie-dyed hair! You’ve got it!

Pulling Off a Half Bun

Woman with half bun hairstyle

Pretty much every celebrity has been seen rocking the half bun recently, from daytime shopping to red carpets at award shows and movie premieres. The half bun is a simple variation on the standard top knot or bun, and can be worn with a multitude of hair types and lengths. It can pass for cute and casual as well as refined and elegant. As you’re about to find out, this look isn’t just for the celebs, in just a few simple steps you too can pull off the half bun and look just as good as Jennifer Lopez or Ariana Grande! So follow these simple directions and you’ll be on your way to mastering the half bun.

Remove Those Tangles
Of course this step will be different for everyone based on your hairstyle, but if you can, take a brush or comb and try to rid your hair of any tangles or knots. This will help make the rest of the steps much easier, and help with the top knot look its best.

Choose Your Style
Here’s where you can have a little fun with your options. If you have straight hair you can add some waves by air drying your hair and then using a curling wand to get that surfer chick look. Having a bit of waves gives your hair that more casual messy look to the half bun, and generally looks better. That isn’t to say this can’t be done with straight hair either, so if you want to rock the straight half bun, go for it. If you have tight curls don’t fret, you too can wear the half bun in style. Try out different amounts of curls or waves and see what you think looks best on you.

Size and Shape it
Remember, this is a half bun, so you don’t want it too big, or too small. Your hair length will have a lot to do with how you size and shape your bun. If you have long hair, you’ll want to start with by making a tight ponytail. Tease the base of it for added volume before wrapping the hair around the base, and keep it in place with some bobby pins. If you have shorter hair, create two parts in your hair at your temples, and then create a ponytail using the middle section of hair.

Lower That Bun
This isn’t your regular old top bun, so we don’t want to see that bun sitting on top of your head, lower it just a bit, right to where you separate the sections of hair to make the bun, about at the crown of the head.

For those of you with thinner hair, don’t hesitate to add extensions! Get a fuller “bottom half” by placing these hairpieces strategically in just the right spots. Once in, no one will ever be able to tell the difference. It’s well worth the extra money and time to get just the right look!

Beauty Lessons of Marilyn Monroe

Starlets come and go. Most stars fade and are forgotten over time, but there is one that, even today, continues to inspire women all over the world: Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest celebrities of the 1950’s, from her early days as a pinup star to her career as an actress and movie star. Her image in engrained into popular culture more than that of most any other female in modern times. Though she wasn’t the first woman to be labeled as a blonde bombshell, she definitely took the meaning of the term to new levels. Her look was so recognizable that any woman with short blonde hair who came after her would undoubtedly have to face comparisons to Marilyn. She embodied beauty by embracing her curvy body and breaking out of the pinup mold she was told she would be stuck in. From her hair to her makeup let’s take a look at 5 beauty lessons from Marilyn Monroe.

Woman with Marilyn Monroe like hair

The Blonde Waves
While it might look like Marilyn’s hairstyle took a team of professionals to get it just right, here are a few simple ways for you to emulate those beautiful blonde waves without traveling back in time to hire a 1950’s hair stylist. First, you’ll need a few items to help get the look right. You should have most of these at home, but if not, go pick up a comb, a brush, some mousse, hairspray, and heated curlers. Towel-dry your hair after a shower and then work in some styling mousse through your hair. Take your comb and part your hair to one side before adding in your large heated curlers. Next, blow-dry your hair. One it is dry, remove the curlers, style with some gel if you wish, and when you get it just perfect use some hairspray to keep it all in place.

Woman looking like Marilyn Monroe.

Glowing Skin
Marilyn’s perfect skin may have been a bit more of an illusion than a reality, as she used hormone cream to help achieve her glowing skin. This had a nasty side effect however: peach fuzz. She refused to have the peach fuzz removed as she thought it made her skin shimmer even more in photos. We don’t recommend going to those extremes however. Try using a simple foundation cream with a shimmering pearlescent primer instead.

Cat eyes and red lips

Once you get the glowing skin perfected, it’s time to work on your eyes and lips. Even though Marilyn’s hair was platinum blonde, she continued sporting her natural dark eyebrows, an important touch to her look. Try darkening them with a pencil for a full look. For your eyes go with a winged eyeliner or cat eyes look. Finally, don’t forget about that amazing beauty mark. If you don’t have a natural one, just draw one on as many other famous models have done!

We would love to hear from you! Tell about your favorite Marilyn Monroe inspired beauty lesson and how you use it today!