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10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
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Korean Technique for Youthful Eyes: Aegyo Sal

Aegyo Sal is a Korean skin care technique used for the eyes to appear more youthful and puffed – but in a good way. It might be hard for anyone to understand why any woman would want to inflate the area under her eyes, giving them a puffed appearance. There is a difference, dermatologists say, between bags and the typical youthful puffed section under the eyes. Today, Lionesse would like to explain what that difference is, what Aegyo Sal is, and how you can get the look – if you feel so inclined.

Asian woman with beautiful eyes.

Aegyo Sal – What It Is
Aegyo Sal is a Korean skin care technique which is administered via injection underneath the bottom eyelid, giving the eyes a big of a second lid so to speak, and thus a healthier, more youthful appearance. Many children and teens and even those into their early twenties have natural ‘second lids’, as they are called, and this helps to give them their youthful look, aside from youthful, wrinkle free skin. The Aegyo Sal look is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world aside from Korea, and more women who into their late 20’s who have them are now embracing them as a last resort of the youth they once held dear.

How is Artificial Aegyo Sal Completed?
One might have to wonder how a procedure such as Aegyo Sal is done, and it’s really rather a simple process. To mimic the process of natural fat deposits under the eyes that is the natural form of Aegyo Sal, doctors will either give injections under the eye area, or implant what is known as Korean Eye Bands under the eye area in an outpatient surgical setting. The process does carry along risks associated with the surgery, as does any surgery, yet many people across the globe are opting for the treatment nonetheless. Many doctors have torn opinions on the surgery itself, some calling it silly and ridiculous, while others tout the effectiveness it has at making the face appear more youthful and making the eyes appear larger and wider. For those who aren’t quite sure if they want to opt for the surgical route, cosmetics can be applied in a particular fashion under the eye area to achieve the same type of look – and there are many YouTube videos and tutorials available online to teach you precisely how the look is done – all without going under the knife.

Beautiful Asian woman with large eyes.

What Are the Risks Involved With Aegyo Sal Surgery?
As with any surgery, Aegyo Sal procedures carry risks associated with the surgery such as infection and the body’s inability to take to the implant. Though rare, these things may happen. It’s important to educate yourself before undergoing any surgical procedure. Lots of research is important essential to a full recovery. When in doubt, ask your doctor’s opinion on whatever the surgery is to be performed before going under the knife to gain a bit of knowledge from someone who knows. Be sure to bring questions for your physician to answer so you will be more comfortable with the procedure.

How to Make Your Red Lip Last


Red lipstick has been a staple in every woman’s cosmetic routine for as long as the beauty world can remember. It gained increasing popularity during the 1940’s, and has held its own since that time. Red lips offer color and vibrancy to any outfit, brighten up dreary days, and add the perfect color pop to pictures. They are the perfect accessory to set off any outfit, and are perfect for any occasion. Lionesse would like to give you some tips on how you can make your red lip last throughout the day or night.

Woman applying a red lip liner.

Lip Liner
Applying lip liner in a hue that matches the shade of your lip color all over the lips and then applying your red lip color will help the lipstick stay put all day long. Lining the lips alone will not allow the lipstick to stay, so be sure to fill in the entirety of your lips with the pencil before applying lipstick.

Translucent Powder in a white background.

Translucent Powder
After applying your favorite matte shade of red lip stick, lightly dust your lips with some translucent powder to seal the look so it will last all day long. This isn’t recommended for those using any type of shimmery or shine induced lip color, as it will take away the sheen. Matte lipsticks work great with this method though.

Woman touching her lips.

Applying your favorite lip color and blotting with a tissue will help press the lip color into your lips, giving them a beautiful red look all day. After blotting, you can reapply a fresh coat of lip color to seal in the color and give it more vibrancy. The under layer of color will provide long wear all day long, and help your lipstick stay.

Woman sipping a drink with a straw.

Use a Straw
Rather than drinking from a glass (unless it’s wine, of course) always opt for a straw when drinking from a cup. This will protect the lips from losing color on the side of the glass, and allow your color to last longer.

Woman applying red lipstick

Choose Long Wear Lipsticks
Nearly every brand of lipstick offers a long-wear option in their line. Choose products that are meant for long wear, and ensure even, well distributed application takes place. These products are more capable of staying put for longer periods of time than the average lip color.

Makeup Setting Spray
Use a quick spritz of makeup setting spray to keep your lip color in place all day long.

Woman applying a lip stain on her lips.

Choose a Lip Stain
Rather than using a traditional lipstick, try using a red tinted lip stain instead. Use a high gloss lip glaze over the top of the stain to give it a shimmery effect.

Woman applying primer on her lips.

Use Primer
Use a good primer on your lips before applying your lip color. Not only will it hold the color in place all day, but it will give the color a more vibrant appearance all day long.

Lionesse hopes these helpful tips to keeping your red lip last throughout the day will come in handy to help you with your look, and we hope you will give them a try the next time you have the urge to wear a red lip color.

1940′s Inspired Makeup Tutorial

The 1940’s era boasted some of the most beautiful hair and makeup styles of our generation. The women of that decade were always keeping up on their appearance and took pride in looking their best. Cosmetics were a part of everyday life, as was fixing the hair into a fashionable style that would enable her to look classy and stylish. If you’ve ever wondered if you could mimic a 1940’s makeup application, it’s very easy to do and only requires a few products to complete the look. We have Beauty Blogger Sarah McCormick on board today to give you the lowdown on how you can get the look yourself at home.

Completed 1940's Popular Cosmetic look

Hi ladies! Welcome to another edition of my tutorial sessions for Lionesse. Today, I am going to be focusing on showing you how you can complete a simple 1940’s cosmetic application, and show you in pictures how simple and easy it is to get the look.

This is what you will need to get the look:

Cosmetics Needed for 1940's Cosmetic Application

  • Liquid foundation – I used Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Normal to Dry Skin – you can use any brand you like
  • Bright red lipstick – I used BITE’s red
  • Pink blush – Mine is from Sephora
  • A blush brush
  • Transluscent powder/ finishing powder and brush
  • Mascara – Mine is Lionesse’s lengthening mascara
  • Brown Eyeshadow and eyeshadow brush – Mine was a chocolate/suede color mix, but any tan or brown shade will do

Here is how you will get the look:

Step 1: Apply the foundation all over your face in a thin layer, and also blend it out into your neck to give your neck coverage and even tone as well.

Red Lipstick for 1940's Makeup Look

Step 2: Apply a coat of red lipstick to the top and bottom lip. Blot onto a tissue, and apply a second coat to lock in the color. You can use a shimmery or glossy red like I did, or a matte red. It’s all on personal preference.

Pink blush/rouge for 1940's makeup look

Pink blush application for 1940's makeup look

Step 3: Apply a light dusting of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, but don’t go overboard. Subtle color is more here.

Mascara application for 1940's makeup look

Finished mascara for Lionesse 1940's Makeup look

Step 4: Apply two coats of mascara to the top lash line, and one to the bottom of the lashes.

Brown eyeshadow application for vintage 1940's makeup look

Step 5: Apply your eye shadow to the upper eyelid, sweeping it gently across the lid and avoiding bringing it up past the crease or corer of the eye. Blend well with the brush or your fingertip.

Translucent powder for 1940's Makeup Look

Applying finishing powder for 1940's makeup look

Step 6: Dust your face with translucent or finishing powder, and also dust your neck to set all of the makeup in place for the day and soften the look.

As you can see, it’s a very easy to do look that is typical of the 1940′s look. Usually in the 40′s, women didn’t wear foundation – but they were apt to use cream/creme wafers which were essentially the same thing as foundation.

As an added tip: if you aren’t very skilled at applying eye shadow without obtaining fallout, you can opt to apply your eye makeup first before putting on your foundation and mascara. You can also do a sort of cat eye eyeliner look like I have here, however this much eyeliner was not typical of the 40′s. Mine is my own spin on things to modernize the look.

Complete 1940's makeup look

I hope you have enjoyed this beauty tutorial, and as always, I look forward to completing many more looks for you in the coming weeks!

How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

Creating the purrfect (see what we did there?) cat eye look isn’t all that difficult, and it can be a lot of fun. For those just starting out with makeup application, or for those who haven’t ever dared to give it a try out of intimidation, it can be a bit scary to give it a go. Today, Lionesse would like to help you learn how to create and get the perfect cat eye look – and when you’re done reading this article, we hope you will give it a try yourself.

Woman selecting cosmetics at a beauty store.

Step 1: Choose Your Liner
First thing’s first: when it comes to purchasing a liner for the perfect cat eye, you are going to want to go with a liner that has a very smooth application capability, and opt for something black or brown. Cat eye looks are not usually achieved with other color variations, but perhaps once you get the hang of completing the look, you could give another color a try to co-ordinate with a specific outfit for a special occasion. To get the perfect cat eye, opt for a liquid or gel liner, or a cream based eye pencil. We recommend liquid liner because it gives you the most liquid, precise line with the felt tip applicator on the liner.

Step 2: Gather What You Need
Once you’ve purchased your liner, you will then need to gather some items together to get the look. You will need the following:

  1. Liquid liner (recommended) or other liner, such as a cream pencil or gel liner
  2. Makeup removing wipes for easy removal of mess-ups

From there, you are ready to begin creating your perfect cat eye look.

woman with a beautiful cat eye look in a retro style.

Step 3: Apply the Liner and Get the Look
Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to get rockin’ and rollin’ on your look. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Apply a few dots as close to the lash line as possible with the liner, and begin connecting those dots from the innermost corner of the eye to the outer edge of the eye. Remember to stay as close to the lash line as possible. When you get to the outer corner of the eye, flick the brush or tip of the liquid liner upwards at a 45 degree angle. This will come into play for the cat eye look, and is known as a wing.
  2. About halfway across the upper eyelid after applying your thin eye, make the line thicker towards the outer edge of the eye. Connect it to the wing.
  3. On the bottom lash line, create a very thin line along the lash line and extend the outer corner up into the wing. Blend the corner well so that it meshes neatly into the wing.
  4. Clean up any mess ups with the cosmetic removing wipes, and apply a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Your look will be completed and look beautiful.

It may take some practice, but with time, you will be creating a perfect cat eye look that is unique to you and your own personal style.

Tricks Learned from Beauty Pageants

Beauty pageants are known for boasting some of the most fantastic beauty looks around. The many different styles and looks of makeup and hair provide the rest of the world a place to look for inspiration and beauty tips and tricks. Lionesse wants to share some of the top tricks that have been learned from beauty pageants for overall beauty and style.

Woman getting her hair washed at the salon

Hair Washing Is a No No
For about two weeks before a pageant, many contestants choose not to wash their hair due to wanting their hair to have brilliant shine from the natural oils within surfacing. Rather, they opt for using dry shampoo to keep the oil to a slight minimum, or baby powder to do the same. If you want brilliant, shiny hair, don’t shampoo – and choose to dry shampoo instead. Incorporating a flat iron into the routine will also help to provide brilliant shine.

Lemon with white teeth.

Lemon Peels to Whiten Teeth
Using a lemon peel to whiten your teeth is just as effective as using a whitening treatment or whitening toothpaste – and far less expensive. Not to mention, it tastes so much better! Simply peel the lemon and use the inside pith of the peel and rub against the teeth. The oils in the peel will deteriorate staining and provide a white, fresh smile. Many contestants use them right before walking out on stage to give their pearly whites an even whiter glow.

Stylist applying hairspray on a model's hair.

Use Hairspray or Butt Glue
Many contestants, for the swim suit portion of beauty pageants, opt for using butt glue or hairspray to get their swim suit to stick to the skin, rather than moving out of place. This could come in handy when you decide you’d like to take a walk on the beach, boardwalk, or even just to take a day trip out on the boat. Hair spray works just as well as procure butt glue, so if you’re not willing to spend the cash or are too embarrassed to buy the stuff, hairspray is a great second option.

Woman applying Vaseline on her lips.

Vaseline on Teeth
If you’ve ever wondered how the pageant goers get their big, wide smiles, Vaseline or petroleum jelly may be the reason. Smearing a small amount of Vaseline across your teeth will allow your mouth to open wider, and provide you with a bigger, more brilliant smile. Give it a try – the results will please you.

Stylist applying airbrushing makeup on a model.

Airbrushing Makeup
Rather than applying typical day makeup, why not opt for an airbrush gun? Airbrushing your cosmetics provides you with a more even coverage, and nearly perfect skin. Plus – it lasts all day, no matter the climate you happen to be living in or are exposed to.

Woman holding a scotch tape in her hand.

Scotch Tape for Eyeshadow Removal
When you are in a quick need for removing your eyeshadow effectively, but don’t want to remove the rest of your makeup, opt for scotch tape. It possesses the capability of lifting the color away from the eyelid gently, effectively, and won’t ruin the rest of your makeup. This makes changing colors or removing completely super simple and easy.

Beauty Queen Makeup Secrets

Every woman wants to look her absolute best – and that is why Lionesse put together this fabulous little guide on how you can look as gorgeous as all of the top beauty queens of the world, without trying exceptionally hard. Sometimes, less is more. If you want to learn how you can get the look, read on.

Woman cleansing her face with a foaming cleanser.

Take Proper Care of Your Skin
One of the biggest things you can do to be as flawless any beauty queen out there is to take good care of your skin. Cleaning all of your makeup products off of your face and neck before bed is essential to maintaining good, healthy skin. Cleansing the skin morning and night is also essential – and ensuring you are using products made for your skin type is of the greatest importance. Moisturizing your skin morning and night is also essential – but be sure to steer clear of using day moisturizers at night time, because many of them have sunscreen infused within the product, which can lead to breakouts if left to sit on and in your pores all night long. Exfoliation weekly with a non-abrasive exfoliating polish or mask will ensure your skin looks flawless and fresh. And never, ever scrub your skin in any harsh type of motion. Always use small circles with your fingertips when cleansing, applying moisturizer, or exfoliating.

Close up of a woman applying an eyeliner.

Layer Your Eyeliner
It may seem redundant, but layering your eyeliner is a great way to make sure your liner looks flawless all day long. Simply line your lash line with a pencil liner, followed by the same with a liquid liner. This will keep your eyeliner in place all day long and give you a flawless, fail free look.

Woman using a lash curler to shape her lashes.

Heat Up Your Lash Curler
Running your eyelash curler under hot water for a few seconds, or blowing hot air at it with your blow dryer, can give you a better curled lash that lasts.

Woman lining her waterline with a white pencil

Give Your Eyes a Wider Appearance
Using a white eyeliner pencil, line your waterline – or, the inner portion of the bottom lash line – with the pencil. This will give the eyes a more widened, opened appearance, and is a trick that has been used on beauty queens for ages.

Woman using a business card to apply mascara.

Business Cards for Beauty
Use a business card to get the perfect mascara look. Simply take the card in one hand, hold it on the inner lash line, and apply mascara with the other hand. This way, your mascara will evenly coat every lash – and you won’t end up with clumps or uneven lashes. Plus – this is a cool way to actually make use of all of those useless business cards you’ve been collecting that you don’t know what to do with.

Woman applying a moisturizer on her face.

If Wrinkles Abound, Nix the Powder
If you want to have a flawless face, yet you have aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, do away with the powder. Rather, opt for a tinted moisturizer or even a dewy foundation to provide even coverage while filling in lines and wrinkles. As a general rule, women over 35 should forgo the powder completely.

Woman applying a moisturizer on her face.

DIY Tinted Moisturizer
Rather than splurging on a pricey container of tinted moisturizer, make your own. Simply put some of your favorite moisturizer into a small container, and add a drop of your favorite liquid foundation. Mix, and apply. Simple, easy and flawless.

Woman applying sunscreen at a beach.

Don’t Ever Forget The Sunscreen!
It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin routine. Any time you plan on stepping out the door, apply a good facial and body sunscreen to protect yourself from those harmful rays.

Makeup for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Enhance Your Beauty

When you’re just starting out in applying makeup, chances are, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. You probably think it’s not all that complicated and you’re doing everything right. Most of us do. Sadly, though, over application or using the wrong technique in the application of any cosmetic product can leave you looking less than fabulous.

Lionesse is here to help make the transition into using cosmetic products something that helps to enhance your natural beauty, not hurt it. Read on to learn some helpful tips in application from the pros.

Image highlighting the different issues that affect a woman's skin.

Learn Your Skin Type
Learning the type of skin you have will undoubtedly help you to make better product choices – both in skin care and in cosmetic options – when the time comes to make the purchase. Whether you have normal, oily, dry, or combination skin, there are products available for every skin type, so be sure to pay close attention!

Choose Cosmetic and Skin Products Based on Your Skin Type
Always make sure you choose products based on your particular skin type when it comes to cosmetics and skin care products. From cleansers, to toners, moisturizers and foundations, and more, products you are applying to your skin can have an adverse effect and cause more harm than good if you are using the wrong products for your skin.

Woman cleansing her face in the morning.

Cleanse and Moisturize Daily
Something most girls just starting out in using makeup forget is to be sure to cleanse your face twice per day. Once in the morning, and once at night should be enough to ensure you remove all of the product buildup from the day, and refresh your look in the morning. It’s also essential to keeping your skin young and healthy. When it comes to moisturizing, be sure to do this twice a day as well following a cleanse. Before cleansing, if you have makeup products on, be sure to use makeup removing wipes to remove all traces of cosmetic products to give you a better cleanse.

Woman applying a primer on her face.

Use Primer
Using a good makeup primer will help to ensure your makeup lasts and lasts all day long, and it will also give you a smoother application. Be sure to choose a good primer from a reputable company to ensure your skin won’t have any unwanted breakouts or pimples. Primer goes on after cleansing and moisturizing, but before foundation and other products.

Beautiful woman choosing the right shade of foundation for her skin.

Match Your Skin to Your Foundation
Be sure, when choosing foundation, to match your skin on your inner wrist to the color of the foundation you will be applying. As a general rule of thumb, you can go one or two shades darker with liquid or powder foundation, but you should never go lighter.

Woman applying a concealer in a white background.

Learn to Use a Concealer
Concealer can be your best friend when you are having a bad breakout or pimple problem. Learning to use concealer properly can be extremely beneficial. Be sure to choose concealers that provide even coverage and practice with using it on problem areas of your face. You can use it after foundation, before foundation, or both.

Woman looking at a makeup tutorial video in her laptop.

Watch Makeup Tutorial Videos
Watching popular beauty bloggers on YouTube can help you to drastically improve your makeup game. You can learn a lot and gain a lot of knowledge, tips, and tricks from these masters of makeup, and it only takes a few minutes per video. If you really want to learn the tricks of the pros, this is a great way to make it happen.

Makeup products on a table.

Understand the Differences between Products
Understanding the difference between products can make all the difference when it comes to buying products. Understanding, for example, that a liquid foundation differs from a powder foundation in that it provides more even coverage and a thicker coverage than would a mineral foundation can be key when it comes to choosing products. Learn the differences to you can make the best decision for each product.

Woman applying a blush on her cheeks.

Use Bronzer and Blush
Bronzer and blush can add just the right amount of color to your cheeks to perk them up, make them look warm and glowing, and can give you that sun kissed look as if you just hit the beach for the day. Dusting on some bronzer across your forehead near your hairline, playing up your cheek bones, and your chin area can give some great facial contour. On the other hand, a warm peachy pink blush is perfect for spring and can add the pop of color you need. Experiment with different colors and options until you find one that works well for you.

Woman applying some mascara on her eyes.

Mascara – Explore the Possibilities
Mascara is one of the greatest aspects of beauty products, as it can dramatically increase length and volume of your lashes, providing you with fuller, longer lashes in an instant. It can give you just what you need to set your look off. Experiment with different brands – mascara is all based around personal preference on the look you want to achieve.

Woman applying an eyeliner.

Eyeliner – Develop Your Own Style
There are so many ways to wear eyeliner, and so many types of eyeliner, that the possibilities are literally endless. You can create a subtle look, or something more fierce and dramatic. Starting out, it may be easier for you to begin with a pencil liner until you get comfortable, and then you can switch to other methods like gel or liquid liner, which require a bit more precision and confidence. In time, you can master the art of eyeliner with lots of practice.

Hopefully, our helpful tips from the pros will help you to get into the swing of applying makeup in a more professional manner. We hope you are well on your way to looking fabulous and feeling fabulous in no time at all.

Get Shimmery, Prom Ready Nails with Lionesse Shimmers

Prom nails are one of the most fun beauty aspect of the prom season. Some girls head to their favorite salon and do the typical pink and white tips, others will opt for a color or airbrush, and others choose to do their nails themselves at home. Lionesse has an awesome idea to really set off your prom look – Shimmer Nails with Lionesse Mineral Pigment Shimmers! This cool idea is simple and easy to accomplish at home, and today we have Beauty Blogger Sarah McCormick here with us to give you the rundown on how you can get the look.

Lionesse Prom Shimmer Nails
Hello, ladies! It’s great to be here again today. Today, I would like to give you guys an idea of how you can create your very own custom nail polish – and all you will need are the following items:

  • Solid nail polish color of your choice – I used Cinderella in Sinful Colors
  • Lionesse Shimmer – I used SH-09, which is a sort of gold/pearl hue
  • Clear nail polish
  • A small bottle cap
  • Q-tip for mixing
  • Paper towels to avoid mess and spillage

Once you’ve gathered all of your items, it’s time to get started!

Paint your nails with two coats of your favorite nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of your favorite color nail polish – or one that will match your dress perfectly. Allow them to dry fully.

Mix a clear fingernail polish and a Lionesse Mineral Shimmer pigment.

Step 2: Into the small bottle cap, using a Q-Tip, mix together clear fingernail polish and a sprinkle or two of the Lionesse Mineral Shimmer pigment of your choice. Stir well to ensure the polish is well blended. If you want more color, add more Shimmer powder. There is no right or wrong way to do this – it’s all based on personal preference!

Apply the custom colored nail polish in any pattern you like.

Step 3: Using the brush from the clear nail polish bottle, apply the custom colored nail polish to your nails in any pattern you like. I chose to do an ombre effect as it looked really pretty with the blue. The colors reminded me of either cotton candy, babies, or clouds as the sun is setting in the sky. Gorgeous!

Complete the process on all nails.

Step 4: Complete this process on all of your nails until you finish adding the custom Shimmer color to your nails. Some other variations of using the color could be to paint your tips only, somewhat like a French manicure, painting chevron styled tips onto your nails with nail stickers, or using the color by itself. The possibilities are endless – customize the look to fit whatever you need and want.

Allow your nails to dry.

Step 5: Allow your nails to air dry, or let them sit under a drying lamp. Voila! Shimmery, beautiful nails and it only requires the above items and a little free time. Your nails will look like a pro salon spent the day doing them when you use Lionesse shimmers for adding color and style to your prom look.

I hope you have enjoyed this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Until next time!

Translate Runway Trends to Your Prom Look

Prom season is here, and by now you are more than likely putting the finishing touches on your overall look for the big night. You are thoroughly satisfied with your gorgeous dress selection, the hairstyle you will wear, the shoes you’ve picked out that you’ve been drooling over, and your best friend’s after party that you will be attending. All that’s left to do is come up with a beautiful makeup look to really seal the deal. That’s where Lionesse steps in to save the day! Today, we want to show you how you can bring the a special look to your prom night by incorporating beauty and makeup trends seen on the runway into your overall look. Read on for more on how you can look runway ready for prom.

Winged eyelinerWinged Eye Liner
Winged liquid liner adds something special to your prom look, and its super simple and easy to achieve. All you need is a good liquid liner – gel liner works well, too – and a little practice. Rather than simply staying on the lash line, when you reach the outer corners of the eye, drag the line upwards and outwards a bit. You can experiment and play with this look until you achieve the exact look you’re going for. This can be seen on the runway from designers such as St. Laurent, Prada, and more.

Bright multi-colored lip look Lips on Fire
Another hot runway trend that you can incorporate into your prom look is the ‘Lips on Fire’ technique. Take a rich berry hue lipstick, and apply it to the outer edges of the lips as you would a lip liner. The only difference is, the line will be much thicker and you will want to blend with a lip brush or your fingertip towards the middle a bit –but don’t go too crazy. On the inner portions of the lips, apply an orangey red hue and blend outwards. Voila! Instantaneous beauty. This look can be seen on the runway from such designers as Burberry & Dolce & Gabbana.

Sexy brown smokey eyeBrown Eyed Beauty
Take your runway makeup to a whole new level. The ever beloved brown eye shadow is making big waves on the runway this year in various chocolatey hues, and now is your chance to get in on the look by incorporating it into your own personal prom style. There are many different variations as to how you can apply this particular shade, but the point is to make sure you incorporate it somehow – that is, if it matches your dress, of course. This look can be found on the runway in designer models from Givenchy and Gucci.

Bright eye liner look White or Bright Eyeliner
With this look, dare to be different and bold! Using white eyeliner across the top lid and incorporating in a shade of eyeshadow to match your dress could be just what you need to dress things up. Or, opt for an eye popping eyeliner hue such as bright orange or blue for the under eye area. Get creative with the application process – because with this look, there’s nothing too wild or bold. This look can be found being sported on the runways from Peter Som and Honor.

No matter what look you choose to go for, bringing the runway to your prom look is a fun, creative way to be fashion forward in terms of your beauty. Count on Lionesse to bring you more on hot 2015 prom looks in the coming week.

How to Do Your Own Prom Makeup

Friends posing for a photograph in their prom dresses.

Prom time means time to look your absolute best. You have your dress picked out, the perfect pair of shoes, and the best clutch to go along with it. All of the accessories are in order, and you’re dying to slip into that dress and look stunning. You haven’t figured out yet whether or not you are going to head to your local beauty salon for your makeup, or if you are going to give it a try yourself. If you are leaning more towards doing your own prom makeup, Lionesse brings you a helpful guide that helps you learn how to complete the look yourself.

Beautiful young woman looks into the mirror.

Find a Makeup Style that Suits You
Finding a makeup style that suits you is probably the most important aspect of cosmetic application. Once you have that part narrowed down, you can then begin the next phase which is research.

Woman consulting a professional stylist on the best makeup look.

Research Makeup Tutorials
There are so many makeup videos online to help you learn how to apply products in the style you want, and there is no better place to look than YouTube. So many beauty bloggers post up videos on how to get specific looks, and they detail the colors, shades, styles of application, what you need to apply the makeup as far as tools, and show you how it’s done. There are also many written tutorials available online as well, so use the internet to your advantage to get the look you are going for.

Trendy teenager applying makeup.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing any makeup look you want will help you to achieve the look, look your absolute best, and allow you to change the style up and modify it to your own specifications. You can sit in front of your mirror, spend time working on the style, and experiment with different colors and styles. The look you create is an art form, and it’s all up to you.

When practicing your look, be sure to only work on one area at a time and stay focused. Designate a specific amount of time to working on your eyes, then cheeks, lips, and et cetera until you are finally comfortable with your skill. Over time, you will only get better.

Woman with false eyelashes.

Add Some Falsies
False lashes can help to make everything feel prettier, and by learning the application methods of false lashes – again by practicing – you will bump your look up a notch. You can give your eye makeup a completely new look and look more glamorous – even for just one night. False lashes come in many different types, such as synthetic, human hair, and mink, but a good place to start for practice purposes is to opt for some cheap ones until you get good at applying them. A good pair of false lashes will last for a long time with proper care.

Lionesse believes every girl deserves to look like a princess on her prom night, and that’s why we put this helpful tip guide together to help show you how to get the look you want. We hope your prom night is everything you want it to be, and more!