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Walking into a Lionesse Beauty Bar is like entering into a universe of beauty. Your beauty. Enter our Makeover Metropolis, where we have all of your styling needs met, and offer tips on how to create the perfect look. We know makeup, and every time our future beauty queens buy one of our fabulous products, they get a free makeover. Come experience the excitement.

The Beauty of Lionesse

10384905_10154927601620473_7331344446386402419_nAt Lioness Beauty Bar we know flair. Uncover hair care products you have always wished for, while delighting in a professional makeover. There’s nothing like the Lionesse experience. While we help you to discover your best beauty, try our classy refreshments and enjoy the music of our in-house D.J. 
Call us in advance for an appointment, or just stroll on in. Either way, your hair is in for a treat. 
We massage your head while giving the style you desire. Our Beauty Bar comes with styling options from the top looks in the trendiest places.

Party time 

The serene feeling of a gentle stream, cascading down a regal waterfall, as your hair sings your praise. For your next party, invite your friends to some nice, relaxing, beauty time with the girls of Lionesse. It’ll be a styling adventure that will leave them smiling for days. Monthly memberships are available so you can keep on looking fabulous.

Always a great hair day

Your hair will thank you when you introduce it to its new best friend.  Our Red Tourmaline hair straightener by Lionesse Beauty Bar will have you living your dream hairstyle in no time. Feel the difference in your hair.
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The Fabulous Four-One-One

We are your one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. Our beauty guests receive their own personal glamour guards, who lend their expertise to personally tailor a cosmetic wonder for you. Whether for intensive makeover treatment or just some beauty advice, our stylists are standing by to show you how to make your beauty shine.

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All About Aries

Woman depicting the Aries Zodiac sign.

Aries is a Zodiac sign which is, undoubtedly, a firecracker in its own regard. These types are generally outspoken, determined, strong willed and heady. Lionesse would like to take a closer look at what makes the Aries woman tick, dig a bit deeper into their personality traits, and explore the types of people Aries can thrive – or writhe – around.

Common Personality Traits of the Aries Sign

  • Brave and fearless, no matter the situation
  • Willing to try anything as they love an adventure
  • Smart; they are very witty and ready to tackle problems
  • Stubborn and set in their ways; inconvincible
  • Have plenty of positivity to go around, even in difficult times
  • Passionate when it comes to love, and the things they care about

Further Traits of the Aries Personality
Aries women are described as a bouncing ball of energy. They tend to love those they hold near to their heart with a fierce, intense passion, and the things in which they feel strongly about. They never back down from a challenge, and they’re always ready to compete. The absolutely adore taking on adventures, exploring new places, and experiencing new things. Travel is one of their favorite things to do. When vacationing, they like to go to exotic places where they can get lost and learn their way around, exploring every step of the way. They are in tune with nature, and have a strong appreciation for the environment and keeping it in tact.

If you cross an Aries, you will know it because they can be feisty and explosive. They may not work that well in an office environment due to their inability to see anything through to completion. Their minds are always going, and many Aries signs have been diagnosed with things such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) because of that. The reason being is because they are brainstorming constantly. They know how to develop incredible ideas, but don’t know how to fully harness them or put them down on paper.

Aries women are faithful, loyal, and loving. There are two types of Aries women when it comes to marriage: those who believe in it, and those who are afraid of it and won’t have it. Not all Aries women share the same viewpoint on love, as with any other sign. Love is something they feel as though they need to have in their life at all times, and they hate being alone. If they have to be alone, however, they are very well capable of taking care of themselves and being strong, independent women.

Aries women love to spend money in general, but their favorite way to spend is on fashion, music, and buying cute décor to decorate their homes or apartments.

The Aries woman isn’t much of a mystery, as for example is the Scorpio woman. They are usually outgoing and very extroverted, enabling themselves to be an open book. They aren’t the greatest with keeping secrets, so be wary about what you tell them.

Aries women are great friends who you can always call for advice, and are the best kind of people to hang out with due to their spontaneous personality, and their mantra of always being ready for anything that comes their way.

Stress & Aging: What’s the Connection?

Image of a young woman stressed out with a christmas tree in the background.

Most people are aware that when they’re stressed out, their skin can take on a dull, tired, and worn down appearance. It can cause reddened skin, acne, over active oil production, and even dark circles under the eyes. Stress not only affects our appearance, it can also wreak havoc on our overall health, doing all sorts of things from running down our immune system, causing us to be more susceptible to getting sick, & causing things as severe as cancer to form within our bodies. Today, Lionesse would like to talk about the correlation of stress and aging, and what science has learned from the study of the two combined.

What Studies Have Shown
Many medical studies have been done on stress and the aging process. All of the findings show that prolonged, chronic stress – that is, those who lead stressful or overly stressful lives, whether due to job related stressors, family related stressors, or other factors – is capable and very responsible for aging the cells within the body.

How Stress Affects the Body
When cells are not regenerating as they should, and are actually killed off by the stress, many different things take place within the body. Not only are you more susceptible to getting sick as your immune system is weakened, but your organs are also impacted as well and could even cease to function properly. This is a scary fact that everyone should be aware of. All of the tissues within the body will also fall short of their abilities, aging and deteriorating rapidly. Prolonged stress has prolonged effects. Essentially, long bouts of stress will ultimately lead to the destruction of the body – and could even lead to death.

How Stress Affects the Appearance
When skin cells are not receiving adequate oxygen or the ability to regenerate as rapidly as is necessary to maintain a healthy balance and prolong a youthful appearance, many different things begin taking place within the body. Skin appears more dull, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, age spots can appear, and other skin maladies can also occur, such as dryness, redness, rosacea, eczema, and dark circles under the eyes. Stress can affect hair growth, and can cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Graying hair can be seen in individuals who are under immense amounts of stress long before their time for graying has come. With all of these findings, it’s important to note that minimizing stress in whatever healthy way is possible is essential to maintaining or restoring a sense of youth.

Although stress can sometimes be unavoidable, it’s important to note that each of us processes different stress factors differently, and each of us have individual needs and methods that work in alleviating the stress factors within our lives. Whether it’s spending time applying makeup, exercise, a healthy diet, finding quiet time for ourselves throughout the day, a phone call with a friend, or a relaxing night with a book or movie, finding ways to cope with the things in our lives that cause undue stress and dispel them from our minds – even for a little while – is important to overcoming and making it through stressful situations.

Style Evolution: The 60′s

Women dressed in the mod fashions of mid to late 60sIt is a pretty widely known fact that the 1960s had its own era of style. Some might say that the decade itself brought on somewhat of a style evolution, all its own. This article’s primary focus will be on some of the most popular fashion trends that were brought into existence by the 60s style evolution, and how it all originated.

Styles of the Early To Mid 60s

At the onset of the 60s decade, Parisian designers were in domination of the market. Pricey posh haute couture apparel was everywhere. Women’s formal suits evolved into skirt trends that translated to shorter hemlines and looser shapes.

New style ideas soon emerged from the London pop scene. The mod look became a popular one, and by the mid-1960s, skirts, dresses and coats with the flared A-line came onto the fashion scene. Slim-fitting apparel with bright colors could be found for cheap prices in “Swinging London” and had a huge impact all throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Suits for men were designed to be sleeker and bright and were often accessorized with brash shirts and boots with high heels. The flamboyant look became popular with wide trousers and lapels signaling the style. Clothing designers would experiment with materials that were shiny and waterproof, and also had a modern look, such as Perspex and PVC. Sculpture-like clothing was pioneered by Paco Rabanne such as dresses made out of plastic discs and metal links.

Styles of the Mid To Late 60s

Frills and cravats made a comeback in the mid-60s, along with vividly printed tops. Lapels and trousers were being designed with excessively wide dimensions. Clothing started becoming increasingly unisex, and both women and men shopped for similar clothing items at the same stores.

The hippie look, originally from the west coast of the U.S., made its mark in the latter part of the 1960s decade. Dress designers were experimenting with patterns, colors and textures that were adopted from non-Western cultures. Ethnic influences began to become more mainstream, long layers of loose attire with vivid colors that clashed were sported by the people who were considered to be the most stylish. (i.e. Thea Porter’s kaftans and Pucci’s glittering prints)

Couture of the 60s Decade

French designers such as Dior and Balenciaga made apparel that represented chic and refined stylishness, and was worn by women who were considered to be of high society. Less formal garments, like shorter skirts, became more favored, even by public figures such as Jackie Kennedy. Less and less people were wearing accessories like gloves and hats.

Young people had their highest level of income since the end of World War II and apparel aimed specifically toward the young people included designs by Mary Quant, which became exceedingly popular.

The most eye-catching piece of attire of the 1960s decade was, of course, the miniskirt. It was designed for a female form with an idyllically skinny build. Pale foundation was worn by the women and mascara, kohl and false eyelashes emphasized their eyes. Long straight hairstyles or shaped bobs or wedges created by Vidal Sassoon, also became popular.

The clothing and textile designers praised modernity and primary colored prints from Pop and OP Art were being mixed with space-age silver. And men’s’ clothing remarkably developed, like the collarless jacket, which was sported with slim-fitting trousers and a pair of boots.

Pisces – A Guide to Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces infographicPisces (February 19 – March 20) is ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is known to take in attributes from the rest of the signs. This is why Pisceans are known to generate conflicting opinions. Some find them to be fixated while others find them to be caring and generous. And considering that the sign itself shows opposites, paradoxes are bound to crop up when dealing with Pisceans. This infographic from Lionesse helps Pisceans to find out more about some of their best and worst qualities, the best makeup looks and their ideal career choices.

Positive Qualities

  • Artistic – Pisceans are known to be extremely artistic and they boast of having extremely vivid imaginations. Their creativity is often expressed in the form of art, drama, literature and music and they love all things to do with pleasure, style and luxury.
  • Compassionate – Pisceans are known to be extremely generous and compassionate by nature. They are positively natured people who really care about the feelings of those around them.
  • Easygoing – Pisceans are extremely popular because of their likable and easygoing character. They have an uncanny art of understanding what a person needs and they are good at delivering it.

Negative Qualities

  • Scatterbrained – Pisceans are famous for being scatterbrained. They don’t thrive in highly structured situations and they can be a real drag to people around them because of their needy, intense and emotional nature.
  • Indiscreet – Pisceans are famous for being indiscreet. They have an extremely short will power and usually seek an escape in the form of drugs or alcohol.
  • Impractical – Pisceans are extremely impractical in their approach and they tend to withdraw from harsh realities into their own shell.

Best Makeup Look

Pisces women are famous for their soft features, dreamy looks and sublime beauty. Their soul-searching eyes are their main highlight and they usually have full lips as well. The Piscean woman always looks best when she plays up her exotic eyes and this is why the shimmery eye shadow look can work wonders for a Piscean.


Piscean women dress as if life were an extension of their own fantasies. They are bound to add bits and pieces of their dream world into their style. If they’re into fairies, they would love to wear flowery clothes. If they’re into Goth, they love to have a mysterious and dark aura to them. This is why a soft and romantic look suits the Piscean women the best.

Most Compatible With

Due to their unique nature and characteristics, Pisceans are most compatible with people from the Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs.

Pisceans are always better off working for themselves. Their unique personality makes them a perfect fit for a career in charity or as a veterinarian caring for animals. They have an unending love for water and they usually tend to thrive in jobs that keep them close to the sea. Their creative side also makes them an ideal fit for advertising, PR and success in films or on stage. Some of the best career choices for Pisceans include salespeople, advertising executives and copy writers.

Cosmetic Surgery Is Big Business in South Korea

South Korean woman cosmetic surgery consultationSouth Korea’s plastic surgery trends

Whether you call it cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, the aim is the same – to alter appearance significantly. You might think that this is relatively rare, or that only the rich and famous go under the surgeon’s knife, however you only have to head over to South Korea to see that plastic surgery has gone mainstream, with a study showing that in Seoul, the capital, one in five women have had plastic surgery.

Lionesse believes that it’s quite a jaw-dropping figure.

It’s not just women who are getting in on the action either, as there are plenty of male-only clinics popping up, all hoping to get rid of what they consider imperfections, and find their ideal partner. Beauty is considered important in South Korea, and it’s not unusual to find young girls undergoing procedures, in order to rid themselves of what they consider to be a too-wide jaw, or too-small eyes. Some parents even encourage their daughters to undergo surgery.

Whilst in the Western world it’s often seen as a raised eyebrow look when someone has a procedure done, or a secret, in South Korea, it’s a status symbol, as common as going to buy a new outfit or a new pair of shoes. You will find advertisements everywhere, all offering procedures for less of a price tag than you will find in the USA or UK.

The common trends are obviously facial, and a double lids procedure is probably the most requested form of plastic surgery at the current time. There are certain procedures which are so common they are considered to be the first port of call for a visit to a plastic surgery clinic – namely a smaller nose, bigger eyes, the aforementioned double lids, and a ‘v’ shape to the chin. Another relatively popular and newer procedure is double jaw surgery. Sounds a little invasive, and it certainly is; this is where the upper and lower jaws are cut and shaped to be thinner, giving that ‘v’ shape we were talking about earlier.

Cosmetic surgeries which are more common in more western areas, such as breast enlargements, aren’t as popular in South Korea, although still offered. In South Korea it appears to be all about the face. Due to this rising popularity of cosmetic procedures, women in this area often see themselves as a failure, or ugly, if they don’t conform to the standards seen on the TV or on the many billboards around the towns and cities, especially Seoul, where you will not struggle to find a doctor to perform your procedure.

It’s astonishing to realise the scale of this plastic surgery revolution, and South Korea has now become what can be only be described as a serious hot spot for cosmetic surgery. Those individuals who are able to travel to the country to take advantage of the lower price tag for cosmetic surgery are now doing so more and more often, meaning plastic surgery holidays are becoming a very real trend of the here and now.

Lionesse on the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Lionesse Aquarius Zodiac InfographicAquarians, people who are born between 20th January and 18th February, are ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. All Aquarians are known to possess extremely attractive and strong personalities. They usually fall into one of the two categories – patient, gentle and shy OR exhibitionist, lively and exuberant. Irrespective of which category they fall into, they are famous for being forceful in their own ways and strong willed. This beautiful Aquarius infograhic from Lionesse helps you learn more about the Aquarian zodiac sign, and those born under it, including their traits, their lifestyle choices and the people they are most compatible with.

Positive Qualities

Here are some of the main positive qualities that make Aquarians so unique.

  • Intelligence – Aquarians are known to be extremely intelligent and this alone makes you respect them. Even the laziest Aquarian can achieve all sorts of results by putting in the least amount of effort. Honors, early graduations, scholarships – these are just some of the things that you usually associate Aquarians with.
  • Wit – Aquarians are very witty and they can easily stand out in a crowd. Their intelligence allows them to stimulate conversations and intellectual conversations are known to captivate them like no other. You can always expect to have a lot of fun when you’re around an Aquarian.
  • Inventiveness – Since they’re extremely independent in their thinking and are always on the search for something new, Aquarians are extremely inventive by nature.

Negative Qualities

Despite all their positive traits, Aquarians can also be a major pain to live with. Here are some of their main negative qualities.

  • Stubbornness – Aquarians are known to thrive when things are unpredictable and chaotic and they tend to be extremely stubborn and cranky. They are totally dedicated to unconventional things and this ends up being an extremely rigid pattern in their everyday life.
  • Rebelliousness – Aquarians can become extremely detached, almost to the point that they come across as cold. They like to live in isolation and they have their own way of thinking. They always follow the unconventional and always walk away from the crowd. These traits also make them extremely rebellious.
  • Impatience – It is a bit too much to ask an Aquarian to be patient. Their wit and intelligence makes it difficult for them to comprehend with mere mortals and even though they don’t mean any real harm, they can end up being extremely impatient when things don’t go their way.

Best Makeup Look

The best makeup look for any Aquarian woman is the Silver Smokey Eye. Smokey eyes are one of the most sought after makeup looks for evening dinners and special events and nothing suits an Aquarian more than a Silver Smokey Eye.

Best Style

Boho is a style that was associated with the early 21st century, but it still looks amazing on an Aquarian. This fashion draws influences from hippie and bohemian fashions and it was at its peak in the year 2004 – 05 when Kate Moss and Ashley Olsen sported this look almost everywhere.

Best Color

Turquoise is an Aquarian’s star stone. It comes from a French word that actually means “Turkey”. This color has been one of the most coveted colors ever since the year 4000 BC and it looks perfect on an Aquarian.

Top Career Choices

Due to their unique traits and personality, Aquarians tend to thrive as psychologists, politicians and social workers.

Most Compatible With

The Aquarius sun sign is most compatible with Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini.

Lionesse on the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn zodiac signThose having the Capricorn sun sign are known to be extremely realistic and usually have a grounded approach towards life, irrespective of how dreamy things seem to be. Capricornians are known to be people who know how to do things as well as how to get things done. Capricorn is the sun sign for anyone born between December 22 and January 19. Capricornians are ruled by the planet Saturn and they are also known to be one of the most stable and serious types of people. This Lionesse Capricorn guide showcases some of the main qualities and preferences of a Capricornian.

Positive Qualities
Their grounded and practical nature makes Capricornians very realistic people. Here are some of their main positive qualities.

  • Sensible. Capricornians are known to be extremely sensible. They are practical planners who are very dedicated and industrious as well.
  • Ambitious. Capricornians are high achievers by nature. They have better things to do than waste time on useless misconceptions and are known to be extremely capable characters. They are passionate and adventurous and they are also famous for being very intelligent.
  • Loyal. Capricornians are among the most loyal people. Their loyalty cannot be underestimated at any cost and they often end up being the rock of the family.

Negative Qualities
Their nature also makes them extremely problematic to deal with for many people. This section features some of the main negative qualities of capricornians.

  • Demanding. Capricornians are known to be very demanding in their personal and professional lives. This can prove to be a major flaw at most times, but there are times when their demanding nature also gets them through the toughest times.
  • Materialistic. Capricornians are often known to be materialistic because of their need for security. They are known to always repay acts of kindness, but the thought of “owing” people often ends up making them very insecure.
  • Pessimistic. Capricornians are nothing if not pessimistic. This feeling arises out of their defense mechanisms where failure is simply not an option.

Best Makeup Look – Matte eye shadow in earthy tones. Lionesse believes that a matte eye shadow which has an earthy tone works wonders for the appearance of a Capricornian because it reflects her true nature and helps her to look really beautiful.

StyleMenswear elements. Capricornians often use menswear elements like trousers, military styles and jackets because of their preference towards urban and traditional clothing. They demand good quality tailoring and love to have an aura of authority.

Most Compatible With
Capricornians are known to tirelessly work to improve their relationships in order to get them to work. They don’t just let things go and try and ensure that the relationship means a lot to them as well as their partners. They take out the time to talk about feelings and always prefer to own up their mistakes. Capricornians have an extremely unique nature and this makes them most compatible to the Taurus, Virgo and Pisces sun signs. 

Capricornians are very practical and extremely grounded. They are very competitive and resourceful and they try to ensure that they give their best at whatever project they take on. Capricornians are also known to be extremely ambitious individuals. This makes them the ideal people to work in the fields of real estate, as a broker, as teachers or engineers.


Some Amazing Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

Do you have oily skin? Are you worried about how you can take care of your skin? If you are one suffering from oily skin, do not forget that there is a way out too from this.


Women who have oily skin often find it difficult to manage and take care of it on a regular basis. They find it even more difficult when it comes to applying makeup. This is the reason Lionesse brings to you some effective and expert makeup tips for oily complexion and help you to look good always.

Use a makeup primer first – If you have an oily complexion, you should always apply a makeup primer before applying any kind of makeup on your face. Use an anti-shine and oil-free primer and apply on the oiliest areas of your face such as the chin, nose and forehead. Clean your face with a facial cleanser, apply the primer and then put on the foundation or powder and finally the make-up.

Avoid using concealers – Using too much concealer to cover up redness and dark circles under the eye should be avoided as much as possible. This will help cut down on creasing of eye makeup. Using primers which are made for eyelids specifically help create the perfect base for eye shadows and liners and also absorb the oils which cause crease in your makeup.

Use less face powder – Most women feel that applying face powder and that too loads of it will help create the perfect face and hide all her flaws. What you need to understand is that applying too much face powder can make your skin pores push out more oil. Apply less powder on areas that shine and use a matte translucent formula for best results. To remove excess face powder, blot a damp makeup sponge over the areas that are too powdery.

beautiful woman holding oil jar

Keep blotting papers handy

If you have oily skin, you are bound to shine during the day, no matter how flawless your makeup is. Use blotting sheets that help lift up the oil from your skin and deposit a little powder on that area to soak up the extra oil. Simply press the paper where you feel oily and roll it off the skin instead of rubbing over it.

Use noncomedogenic products

Use noncomedogenic and oil-free makeup products as they do not clog your skin pores which are already producing more oil than it should. Use toners and facial cleansers that contain glycolic or salicylic acid in it as they help reduce excess oil on your face.

Opt for long-wear products

Always purchase and use water-resistant, waterproof and long-wear makeup products as oil can smear, slip and smudge your makeup easily. For long lasting eye makeup, apply an eye primer followed by water-resistant cream eye shadow and eyeliner.

Get rid of the excess oil

Use a natural treatment mask once or twice every week to control the excess oil and impurities which can spoil your makeup. Such natural masks also help lessen the irritation on your skin. Apply a small amount of the mask on the face; let it rest for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat often? If you are one of those who suffer from sweating and think twice before going out or carrying out any physical activity, help is at hand. It is true that we do not sweat the same. Some sweat more than others.

Exhausted runner

So, what is it about sweating?

Though sweating is a natural process of the body that allows it to release toxins; experiencing excess of it is considered to be a disorder that can embarrass an individual in public and release foul odor which is not easy to withstand. One can make use of the home remedies recommended by Lionesse to cure excessive sweating and control it quickly.


Vinegar is a great cure for excessive sweating. Mix two teaspoons of natural vinegar with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Consume half an hour before every meal, 3 times a day and you will be able to control the sweating in a few weeks time.


Baking Soda

Bkaing soda is alkaline in nature and helps to reduce the pH levels of your body. Sweat on the other hand is acidic and contains bacteria in it. Dust some baking soda on the places where you sweat excessively every day to reduce the acidic effect and also do away with the foul odor.

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice helps to control excess secretion of sweat and normalizes it with regular consumption. It contains antioxidants which help shrink pores and reduce excessive sweating. Consume a glass of fresh tomato juice every morning to get rid of this problem. After a few weeks, drink the juice on alternate days and stop drinking it altogether when you notice the difference in the amount of perspiration.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid in it which eliminates those bacteria which cause excessive sweating and foul body odor. Take a small amount of coconut oil and massage it into the areas which sweat excessively. Do this once you are done with your daily shower and take a final rinse with water after applying the coconut oil. The sweating will get controlled in a few weeks time.

Herbal Tea

Brew some herbal or green tea and let it cool down. Drink it 2 to 3 times every day. Herbal or green tea is rich in Vitamin B and magnesium and reduces the sweat gland activities effectively. It is great for stopping excessive sweating in the underarms region.


Potatoes too control the sweat glands with ease. Cut a fresh potato and take out a slice from it. Rub it under your arms and other areas which sweat excessively before taking your morning shower. The sweating gets controlled within a few weeks time and reduces day by day.

Consume Magnesium Rich Foods

If you are deficient in magnesium, you might experience excessive sweating on a regular basis. Your body temperature may not be normal and you may feel anxious which too leads to excessive sweating. Foods that are rich in magnesium help to cover up the deficiency and should be consumed every day. These would include green leafy vegetables, bananas, potatoes, broccoli, avocados, whole grains, legumes, nuts and apples.

Lionesse Brings You Easy Winter Hairstyles

Beautiful woman with a Christmas tree for hairWinter time allows for new, fresh hair style ideas. There are usually some things to take into consideration, however, such as wind, snow, and warmth. Due to this, many hairstyles in which you wear your hair down, or partially down, are restricted as you want to keep your style and not lose it by stepping out the door. Lionesse would like to offer you a few simple hairstyle ideas you can complete in five minutes or less that will allow you to look great without taking too much time in front of the mirror, allowing you to get on with your day. Read on to find out some of the top Lionesse easy to do winter styles.

Side Bun with a Hair Brooch
A cute, fashionable bun is always a good look, no matter the season. When wearing it off to the side and a bit lower, it gives you a sense of class and mobility, and looks great even when worn with certain styled winter inspired hats. It stays out of the way, and stays put, most importantly, the whole day through. Combine your cute bun with a seasonal hair brooch inserted into the bun or off to the side of the bun to give it a winter-like look you will be sure to love.

Half Updo
There are so many ways to make this style your own, and it’s a quick, effective, easy style that takes no more than five minutes (three, really) to complete. Incorporating curls or waves into your half updo, or even small braided sections, will really set it off. Try braiding some seasonal colored ribbon throughout the hair, or wear a clip on extension that has a seasonal pop of color in it, and make that work for your style.

Side Parted Straight Style
If you’ve got naturally straight hair, good for you – this style will be even more simple. If you don’t and want to get the look, simply straighten your hair the night before. Hair tends to relax more as we sleep, and your look will only need a touch up with a straightening iron the day of. Simply part the style down the middle and you’re good to go! This could also work for curly hair. Try to tame the frizz down a bit with a frizz prevention product so the hair won’t look bulky on one side.

Crimpy Hair in a Ponytail
Crimping your hair is back in style, and adding it to a ponytail looks fabulous. Try some variations between wearing the hair in a high pony or low pony to suit your taste. Wrap some hair around the pony tail holder and pin underneath for a wrapped ponytail look. Experiment with this style and make it your own!

These are all we at Lionesse have for you in terms of tips today, but be sure to check back soon as we are always posting new hair tips and tricks. There is also a plethora of ideas on the internet, so be sure to take some time out to learn some new styles – and most importantly, have fun!