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Summer Highlighting Tips

Woman with highlighted hair

So you’ve just gotten a full set of highlights at the salon and they’re absolutely perfect for summer. But between work, beach weekends with the girls, hot yoga, and cycling classes, studying for your graduate school entry exam and going

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Pageant Worthy Hair

Congeniality, Cosmetics and Wide-Barrel Curlers
The three (unofficial) C’s of pageantry, ladies. It is no secret that the toddlers (and their controversial parents), tweens, teens, and young women of pageants work hard 365 days of the year in hopes of ...Read More

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Curly Girl Hair Tricks

Woman with curly hair

Sleek or Slinky
Doesn’t it seem that at just about any age, you always want something you can’t easily attain? Often times, this can be a motivator, causing driven individuals to satisfy their needs by working hard to get what ...Read More

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How to Reduce Hair Growth on Face

How to Reduce Hair Growth in Face: The Different Ways

With amazing advancement in technology, you can choose from both temporary and permanent solutions to reduce hair growth on your face and give way to clean and flawless looking skin ...Read More

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