Quick Makeup Application For When You Oversleep

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As much as we’d all love wake up with the beauty of a Disney princess, it’s about as unrealistic as finding a prince charming before one’s eighteenth birthday. Also unrealistic: clocking in at eight hours for a full night’s sleep. These days, getting a full eight hours of sleep usually means sleeping in. Sure, sleeping in is a great feeling, but for several adults, hitting the snooze button that extra time is an accident. Many of us have beauty routines that take fifteen minutes, and for some, glamming up in the morning can take as long as sixty minutes – which is why sleeping in is more of a nightmare rather than a dream come true. The good news is there are plenty of quick makeup application tricks that can get you out the door.

The Problem: Crazy Static, No Time to Shower
The trick: grab a dryer sheet! Press the sheet flat through the bristles of your brush and brush it through your locks. Another option is to simply gather all your hair in one hand and smooth the dryer sheet around it (much like the way you slip your hand down your hair when you squeeze out the water after a shower).

woman applying ice cube under eye

The Problem: Puffy Morning Eyes
The trick: maybe you overslept after a few too many drinks at happy hours with the girls and the bags under your eyes is less than forgiving. Rather than waiting for your eyes to de-puff, speed the process up with some good old ice. Simply grab an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth or paper towel, then massage it out the entire eye age for a few minutes. Yes, it will be cold, but it will wake you up while helping you look wide awake.

The Problem: Sleep Lines on Your Cheeks (and everywhere else)
The Trick: those who sleep on their side are probably familiar with the I-over-slept lines that set deep into your face and arms. These temporary wrinkle-looking marks can take up to an hour to go away. Or, you can try this: apply a BB cream with a high moisture content, then do twenty or so jumping jacks. The BB cream will work to provide your skin with hydration, sun protection, coverage, and more. The jumping jacks, on the other hand, will get your blood flowing from the tips of your fingers and toes to the top of your head. This means your skin will look and feel plump and healthy, plus it will get the oxygen into your skin cells, which will get rid of those sleep lines in no time.

woman applying eye cream

The Problem: No Time to Cover Blemishes
The Fix: instead of fumbling with multiple foundation and concealer containers, let a single product work on double duty. Whether you’re using a powder foundation or a cream base BB cream, use your finger to reapply your all-over product to those imperfect marks. This allows you to quickly cover problem areas without having to use multiple products for coverage or numerous brushes to blend.

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