Risqué Eye Makeup

Risqué, Rebellious, Racy
No matter which way you put it, risqué is a more polite way to describe the sexy look you always aimed for, but could never get quite right. With avant-garde hair and makeup making a comeback, there is no time like the present to give that sultry look a second chance, whether it be for date night or girls night.

Because any look looks better when it was first thought of as a whole, let’s do a quick recap of how to go about your next risqué look. First, you should always be sure to plan out enough time to get ready. This point needs to be made because this is the one of the few times per day (if not the only time) where you are focusing solely on your body and your beauty. While you are getting ready, you should be doing so with love and care; when your show your body you love it, it will love you back and give you the confidence to own your sexy look. Okay, now that we’ve got that settled, when you start to get ready, remember to pick out not only what makes you look sexy, but what makes you feel confident. For many women, this is the easy part, usually ending with a little black dress or a body-con red mini.

Legs and Locks
Much like the first few steps of creating a risqué look, women often find these steps just as simple – but hey, a little reminder never does one harm. For risqué legs make sure to smooth on some sensual smelling lotion, you can take it to the next level by applying a shimmer lotion. Sexy hair is simple; many women attain risqué locks by adding lots and lots of volume.

Risque eye makeup

Risqué Eye Makeup
Yes, the one part that woman of all ages get stumped on. What tends to happen is women will plan out their daring, risqué look and put themselves together rather nicely. However, when they get to their eye makeup they will get lost in the belief that the look they hoped for is too complicated. If this has happened to you, you are in the right place, because we have solved this problem by laying out the six easy steps for perfect risqué eye makeup. You’re welcome.

  1. Apply your base eye shadow completely covering the eyelid, and above the socket and crease. With your brush, blend slightly upwards toward the brow.
  2. Apply a medium color eye shadow along the base of lid. Start at the inner  lash line and continue into the upward into the outer corner of the lid.
  3. Now, using your darkest shadow color and an angled brush, apply the shadow along the edge of the lash line and across the outer corner of your eye.
  4. With a blending brush, you should now blend the three colors together, blurring the lines of each.
  5. Start by taking a deep breath. Now, apply a set of risqué falsies. Everyone has their own technique, each with varying difficulties. If you’re unsure or afraid to apply the lashes, have a friend help you out.
  6. Top your falsies off with a few coats of mascara, line your lower lash line and there you have it! You have successfully competed perfect risqué eye makeup finishing off your sexy look.

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