Don’t Forget The Lashes

False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular by the second. With today’s hottest celebs sporting extra long lashes, and some even teaming up with beauty and cosmetic companies to endorse falsies, it is no wonder ladies everywhere are stocking up on lashes for every occasion. Prom is right around the corner, and what better […]

Spring Eyeshadow Choices

“Spring is in the air” as they say. You know what that means, ladies: new eyeshadow colors will soon be filling the shelves and counters of department stores. Of course, you will want to purchase some new pigment to make your eyes pop this spring, but what eyeshadow colors will actually be worth the splurge? […]

Risqué Eye Makeup

Risqué, Rebellious, Racy No matter which way you put it, risqué is a more polite way to describe the sexy look you always aimed for, but could never get quite right. With avant-garde hair and makeup making a comeback, there is no time like the present to give that sultry look a second chance, whether […]

Amazing Avant Garde Makeup Looks

Art or Beauty? Many women get ready for the morning with a cup o’ joe, followed by a steamy shower to awaken the mind and body. After that, a woman will typically take her place in front of the mirror, which is (most likely) in the best lit room in the house, and “paint her […]

Josephine Baker’s Dark Lip & Smokey Eye

“I’m not intimidated by anyone, Baker remarked once. “Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach, and a head. Just think about that.”–Josephine Baker Of course, among the many aspects that intrigued the world from the lovely Josephine Baker, a prominent memory was her “banana dance,” where she brandished a skirt consisting of […]

Nail the Smokey Eye!

The smoky eye is a sultry and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a date night, a formal event, or even a dramatic look for every day wear. The smoky eye seems easy enough to pull off, but it’s easy to turn this sexy look into a smudgy mess. You won’t look like a seductress — […]

5 Eyeshadow Looks We Love

Let’s face it: there are always going to be new looks coming in, and old ones heading right on out the door. There are some looks we’ve loved forever, while there are some nobody could possibly love. Today, Lionesse wants to talk about five of the eyeshadow looks we are loving right now, whether new […]

Smokey Eye Do’s and Dont’s

Creating a smoky eye is one of the most gorgeous looks you can create when it comes to your makeup. Smokey eyed makeup looks great for any occasion, and there are many variations of the look not simply partial to black and grey. You can use browns, tans, creams colors and more. Lionesse has put […]