Glitter & Gold Smoky Eyes

Golden smokey eyes

The eyes have always been known as the windows to the soul, and the way any window is framed has the most significant impact on the beauty of that window, as every decent architect and builder knows. The exact manner in which you frame your eyes with makeup effects can create a myriad of effects for just as many occasions, from day to evening. When it comes to the universal skin loving color, it’s got to be gold–in all its tones, and on all skin tones. With some gold eye shadow and some gold glitter, you can make news with the newest trend to make eyes dazzle on the most exotic and mysterious level, ever. Gold is lush, it’s opulent, it’s rich and truly the most emollient of colors. Silver has its place, but gold is perfect everywhere, all the time, with everyone.

Choose Your Gold Tone
There is no “one gold.” Like every other color, gold can reveal influences by an unlimited palette of infused colors. There are several eyeshadow palettes that feature every possible color, with a predominance of gold overtones.  Something like this will be your best go-to, when choosing the best shades of gold to go with what you’re wearing.

Get the Look

  • Prime Right: This all begins with a high-quality eye primer. Check out some of the sparkle primers that come in shades of nude for some glam glittery primer effects.
  • Bronze Cornering: Apply some rich bronze color to your inner and outer lid corners, evenly with a slightly dampened sponge eyeshadow applicator.
  • The Crease: Here’s where you apply dark brown in a rather narrow line, but blend out, above and below, using a blending brush.
  • Seal the Crease: Re-apply your primer here, right over your center shadow.
  • Lid Attention: With a flat-tipped brush, pat a light bronze shadow on your lid.
  • Above the Lid: Here’s  the time to blend in a light color of the lightest shade of neutral you have, just above the crease, lightly and evenly, without edge lines.
  • Highlighting: With a more intense concentration at the outer edge, use a very light shade with substantial shimmer to your brow line.
  • Liner: Using a good waterproof gel liner, apply to your lash line and smudge the outer corner around to cover the bottom lash line. Set the outer edge with a super sparkly gold liner right at the outer corners and along your lower lash line, just below the smudged previous liner.
  • Staying Power: Be sure to proceed into glitter effects with the appropriate adhesive that is formulated for cosmetic purposes. Without adhesive, even if you apply cream or water-based shadow and quickly apply glitter before the shadow is set, after it dries, you’ll be shedding glitter in every place you occupy for the entirety of whatever you’re doing.

Gold sparkles

Gold Always Sparkles
The thing is, without glitter, your gold and smokey eye look will be relatively flat. There is no reason, with all of the super shimmery and glittery eye products that anyone would ever need to go gold without Fort Knox Shine!

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