Your Little Girl Wants to Wear Makeup – Now What?

Moms and dads alike fear for the day when their little girl decides she would like to become a big little girl – and begin wearing makeup. Some parents have differences of opinion on the matter, and it can cause a lot of conflict within a marriage or relationship. A lot of mothers believe a little bit of makeup is perfectly okay, while the dads are sitting back, shaking their head, saying, “No way is my daughter leaving the house with her face painted.” So, what do you do? Lionesse has some advice and tips on how to deal with your little girl and her desire to wear makeup – and how you should approach the situation so everyone is happy.

Young girl talking to her mother.

Talk About the Issue
If there is an issue with the fact that your daughter wants to wear makeup between your spouse and yourself, you should most definitely sit down and talk about. Perhaps you can come to some sort of an agreement – and if you can’t, it’s best to come up with logical reasons as to why. These reasons should be explained in plain language to your daughter, who will then understand why you aren’t yet ready to allow her to wear makeup. Explanations are key, as is communication. You don’t want to give her a simple, ‘No’, without providing her a reason as to why so that she can understand the reasons behind it.

Mother brushing her daughter's hair.

Try to Come to Terms and Understand
Whether you like it or not, your daughter is growing up. There will be many situations in life you as a parent are going to need to face, and you will learn over time that you need to sometimes choose your battles. Is the fact that wants to wear makeup really that big of a deal? If so, perhaps you could try to get her reasoning as to why she wants to begin wearing makeup, and if her reasons are legitimate, perhaps you could begin allowing her to wear one simple product, such as lip gloss, as a start.

Mother applying nail polish on her daughter's fingernails

Allow Age Appropriate Products
Any little girl would adore the chance to begin delving into a few makeup products here and there. Perhaps allowing her the chance to wear lipgloss, shimmery light hued eye shadows, and at the most a light pink lipstick would make her day. Allowing her to wear what you feel comfortable with is the most important thing, and she will likely be very happy that you are allowing her to wear any makeup products at all.

Young girl applying makeup.

If All Else Fails, Allow her to Wear Makeup at Home
If you aren’t comfortable with her wearing makeup out of the house, perhaps you could allow her to experiment with it in front of her bathroom mirror and learn how to do makeup to wear at home. Teaching her the right application methods, and even applying it for her so she can see what she looks like, is a great way to bond and spend time while she learns how it’s done.

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