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Grooming Tips For Men With Sensitive Skin

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A recent study found that approximately one in three men experience sensitive skin conditions. While our posts often tend the needs of women, we thought we’d shed some light on men’s needs with this post. The thing is—depending on the severity—many men aren’t totally aware that what they’re experiencing is skin sensitivity. So, if you’re a gentleman reading this for yourself, kudos to you! On the other hand, we hope that all you awesome wives and girlfriends out there will pass along the grooming tips below to the man in your life with sensitive skin.

What Does Sensitive Skin Look Like?
As far as grooming goes, men with sensitive skin will most likely experience skin resections during and after shaving. This can be anything from skin irritation and rough patches to regular acne breakouts and painful ingrown hair, and even minor bleeding. More so, some men may not even have sensitive skin, per se, but their skin has become vulnerable to their tools and regimen. If this is the case, this tips below will still be extremely helpful in getting your skin back to a healthy state.

Clean Up, Morning and Night
Although it may go against the manhood you earned in college, it’s time for you to invest in a quality facial cleanser. No, the bar of soap in the shower doesn’t count! Instead, reach for a gentle foam or gel cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance-free. This will help cleanse the skin from all the environmental agents that creep into your pores during the day, and the sweat that accumulates while you sleep.

Prevent Nicks
Can you imagine a shaving session free of nicks and cuts? It is possible by exfoliating your skin a few times per week. Mechanical exfoliation, aka the rough beads in the cleanser, work to slough off all the dry and dead skin. This way the razor blade can glide across the surface of the skin without getting caught and leaving a mark. It’s best to use do gentle exfoliation a few minutes before shaving, just keep in mind that you don’t need to apply too much pressure—it shouldn’t be painful!

Chill Out
Once you finish shaving give your entire face a rise with cold water. This helps tighten the pores to prevent infection and it reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. Rumor has it, it feels extra refreshing, too.

Pat…Don’t Rub
One of the keys to youthful looking skin is to pat your skin dry, rather than aggressively rubbing it dry with a towel. This goes for your entire body, however, as far as the face goes, it’s extremely important to pat the skin dry with a clean towel after a fresh shave. Patting the skin dry is the best way to avoid redness and irritation immediately after a shave, and a clean towel prevents bacteria from entering the pores.

Hydrate Daily
While you may use an after shave cream or balm after you shave it’s not enough. You should be applying a moisture rich facial lotion every day after washing your face. This will supply your skin with the hydration it needs to function properly and it will even soften your stubble, making your next shave easier to maneuver.

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