Which Is Better for Your Lips: Liquid or Cream

Woman applying lipstick

If you’ve taken a stroll down the “lip” isle of the cosmetics section lately, you probably noticed the overwhelmingly large selection of lip balms and lip glosses, lip stains, and lipsticks. With so many brands, colors, and product claims, finding the perfect lip color can be a bit of a challenge—to say the least. We’ve written this article to broaden your understanding of luscious world of lip products; specifically, this article will focus on the disparities between liquid and cream lipsticks. By the time you finish reading, you’ll not only know the differences between the two lipstick formulas, but you’ll also know which is better for your lips.

Cream lipstick is the classic, twist-up tube of lip color that women have been using for decades. As you may already know, cream lipsticks are available in a wide variety of finishes; this includes everything from sheer and glossy, to matte, metallic, and hi-shine. A typical cream lipstick is manufactured with waxes, oils, and emollients (i.e., lip softeners). Of course, there is also some sort of pigmented ingredient as well, to give it color. Thanks to the waxy texture of the product, lipstick glides easily across the lips when being applied. In addition, the composition of the smooth lip pigment can help to soften and condition the lips. However, there are a few drawbacks to your average cream lipstick. In fact, all these drawbacks can ultimately be summarized as lipstick rubs off. This by the time you’ve kissed your hubby “goodbye” and finished your coffee, you’ll probably need to reapply. Luckily, lipstick isn’t too tricky or time consuming with the help of a mirror (or your selfie cam!).

Woman applying lip glossLiquid
Liquid lipstick is all the rage these days. The idea behind the product was to take the concept of the much-loved lip gloss but give it a more pigmented-lipstick-like notion; think of liquid lipstick as a lipstick X gloss hybrid. Liquid lipsticks are composed out of a gel base, oils, polymers, and pigment. Interestingly, liquid lipsticks go on thick, so don’t let their lip gloss look fool you. Liquid lipstick is applied in a painting-like manner. Once the product dries, you’ll be left sporting a highly pigmented matte lip with a smooth finish. Liquid lipstick is unique in that you can easily apply one coat, or you can layer the product, building it from an opaque color to an intense shade. Also, liquid lipstick is meant to be worn for hours on end. That’s right, similar to a lip stain, liquid lipstick offer a long-lasting color, making it perfect for anything from a busy day to a kiss-potential date night. That said, there is a downside to the oh-so-hyped liquid lipstick. While the product may stay on your lips from morning to night, it is very, very drying. Also, since liquid lipstick stays put all day, you may find it difficult to remove.

The Consensus
So, which Is better for you: the liquid lipstick that everyone’s obsessing about, or the cream lipstick that women have applied to their pout for decades? Well, it all comes down to personal preference! If you prefer a more moisturizing product and are okay with having to reapply throughout the day, then stick with the good ‘ol cream lipstick. However, if you prefer to set it and forget it, and aren’t worried about chapped lips or the removal process, then give liquid lipstick a shot!

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