Water With A Twist

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There’ve been all sorts of hype about flavored water lately—and for good reason, too! If you’re a regular Lionesse reader, you may be aware how important it is to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated; a general rule of thumb is to drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day. This can be a challenge for many people at the account of all different reasons. Whether you’re trying to drink more water or you’re just looking for a new way to drink water, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find three easy-to-make detox water (a.k.a. fruit infused water or flavored water) recipes and the benefits that go beyond hydration. But first, we want to share a few tips for you to get the most out of your flavored water with as little stress and worry as possible. Check ‘em out:

  • If you don’t want to peel your fruits or veggies, it’s best to opt for organic options—no one wants chemicals soaking in the drinking water!
  • Regardless of the variety of fruits or veggies you use to flavor your water you should ways give them a good wash before chopping them up.
  • Fruit doesn’t need to be fresh, you will get the same benefits from using frozen fruits, too.
  • There’s no right or wrong amount of ingredients to use. Some of the recipes below include loose guidelines on how much of which ingredient to add however you should always alter it to your taste preferences.
  • It’s okay to make your flavored water ahead of time, as long as you drink it within 24 hours to avoid mushy fruit.

Cucumber Water (Spa Water)
Slice seasonal cucumbers into thin coins, then add them to the water and allow it to sit for three to four hours for a crisp and refreshing flavor. Thanks to cucumber’s anti-inflammatory properties, a few glasses of this water will lessen the appearance of dark circles and reduce the inflammation of breakouts. Additionally, cucumber water has been found to ease nausea.

Cucumber slices and cucumber water

Mint Water
Add a handful of fresh mint leaves to water, then allow it to sit for two hours before enjoying. Mint water will do so much more than freshen your breath; its etheric oils that disperse throughout the water contain menthol, carotenoids, flavonoids, and small amounts of vitamins. Mint water has been found to clear up minor breakouts, lessen headaches, and fight fatigue. Finally, because mint is an anesthetic it helps curb hunger.

Lemon Ginger Water
To make this crowd-pleasing drink add a handful of slices of a ripe lemon and grated ginger to taste. Let it sit for a bit or enjoy right away! The lemon will boost your immune system while encouraging a healthy digestive tract and decreasing bloating. Plus, ginger has been found to reduce menstrual cramps and headaches, and even ease the common cold and indigestion.

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