Use Bronzer For A Winter Glow

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One of the best parts of summer is the golden glow that the sun leaves on your skin. On the other hand, when winter comes around a natural looking glow is rare. In fact, if we were to gather a group of women into a single room during the snowy season, it’s likely that we’d see one of two things – that is: women who appear totally pale and are embracing it, and those who are pale but hiding it with unseasonable bronzer. However, you don’t need to fall into either one of these categories because – believe it or not – bronzer can be worn for a fresh winter glow, when applied correctly that is. We’ve talked to a few experts in the business who’ve given some tips on using bronzer to achieve that winter glow you’ve been longing for.

  • Picking a color that suits your unique complexion is more important now than ever before. In the summer, a shade or two off doesn’t make a major difference since the sun is already giving your skin some color. In the winter, one or two shades off can be a major mess.
  • Chose the proper base color for your skin color. Those with a darker complexion should stick more towards brown and orange shades. On the contrary, those with lighter skin are better off with a golden shade. Above all else, remember that the men and women working at makeup counters are there to help – if you’re unsure of which color suits you best, ask!
  • When applying bronzer in the winter, you should be applying it to your face as well as your neck and chest. Nothing screams “notice the tan my makeup gives me” more than a glowing facial complexion just inches above a pale neck and chest. Color consistency is key when adding a summer tint to your winter skin tone.
  • Remember where you get a glow on those sunny summer days; the sun naturally falls on specific areas of the face more than others, think back to the areas of your face that tan (or burn) first. That’s where you should be applying bronzer to maintain a natural look. If you have no clue where the sun kisses your face, focus on adding some color to the temples of your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, along the bridge of your nose, and the center of your neck.
  • Some people prefer an allover radiance, opposed to a contoured glow – that’s okay too! If less guess work is more your speed, all you need is some liquid bronzer and a separate bottle of your daily moisturizer. Add just two or three drops of bronzer to your moisturizer and give it a good shake. Simply applying your moisturizer will give you the summer glow you’ve been looking for without worrying about too many specifics.
  • Don’t forget to follow up your bronzer with some blush. Whether you prefer to blend the two colors together before application or apply them next to each other is totally up to you. Just remember that doing helps the glow look more natural, rather than a work of art courtesy of your makeup bag.
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