Tools To Make Your Eyes Pop

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We won’t give you that age old song and dance that you’ve surely heard before – you know, of course, the adage that the eyes are the window to your soul. However, two things that your eyes do showcase are your health and your confidence. With that said, this article more-or-less focuses on the ladder of the pair, or rather how you can face the day with confidence that your peepers look their best. Below you will find the professional approved tools and tips you need to make your eyes pop!

When in Doubt, Chill Out
Whether your puffy eyes are owed to the one to many glasses of wine you had the night before, or the all-nighter you pulled for your final pre-med exam, something needs to be done about them. Any other morning you might actually be able to hide your swollen peepers with a few dabs on concealer, but some days it just won’t do. Believe it or not, the key to your problem is in your freezer. That’s right! You can apply pretty much anything frozen (e.g. bag of peas, ice pack) to your eyes for just a few minutes and you’ll instantly notice the swelling go down. Believe it or not, some people swear by icing their entire face every morning and night! Just take caution and wrap the ice in a washcloth so that you don’t damage your skin.

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Curls are a Girl’s Best Friend
Eyelash curlers that is. If you don’t curl your lashes every day, today is the day to start. Sure, it can seem like a pain if you’re not used to the task, but just taking a few extra moments to curl your lashes makes a major difference. Not only will your eyelashes look longer, but your lookers might even allude that you’ve gotten a full eight hours of sleep!

Apply and Let Dry
There are a plethora of eye serums and eye creams out on the market today. Whether you are concerned about impossible puffiness that you can’t seem to de-puff, dark circles that make you question if you should get to bed immediately after dinner, or fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet that cause your makeup to crease, you are bound to find an eye regimen tailored to your needs. That said, you should always be applying your serums and creams with your ring finger. Your ring finger applies just the right amount of pressure to work the products into the skin while sparing the delicate area from tugging. Also, let  the eye product dry before applying makeup. If you apply makeup before your skin has the time to fully absorb the eye serums and creams, the makeup will only sit on top of the product – not only does this make the product less effective but your makeup won’t look it’s best either.

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Lighten Up
If you’ve ever wondered why makeup companies sell white eyeliner all year ‘round, and not exclusively during October? It’s a well known, yet selfishly kept secret that a little white eyeliner along the waterline makes miracles happen. Your peepers will look bigger, brighter, and well rested – and not to worry, no one will actually notice the white.

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