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Time Saving Hair and Makeup Tips

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According to a recent data, the average woman spends roughly an hour getting ready every morning. But imagine being able to sleep in – that’s right, we didn’t day “wake up late,” we said “sleep in” –  even thirty minutes more, without having to rush your morning routine. Imagine cutting the amount of time you spend getting ready in half, making it to work on time, and still looking fabulous. It might sound crazy, but it can be done! To find out how to speed up your morning beauty routine read the time-saving hair and makeup tips below.

Maintain Your Cut and Color
That’s right! One of the best ways to cut down hair styling time is to visit the salon on a regular basis. If your hair is colored or highlighted and you have your new growth touched up periodically, you won’t spend extra time trying to hide your roots with root touch up hair spray. It’s also important that you have a haircut that suits your hair and head. Everyone’s hair lays differently, which is why it’s important to have a certified stylist cut and trim your hair so that it will fall into place without having to fuss with it.

Don’t Overwork the Blow Dryer
The process of blow drying hair can be a total time suck. Instead of turning on the blow dryer minutes after drying and getting dressed, avoid using it until you’ve finished all other steps in your morning routine. Of course, you should brush your hair after towel drying, and after doing so just let your hair be. You’ll be amazed at how fast the air will dry the ends of your hair. Once you’ve finished getting ready and your roots are still wet, go ahead and put the hair dryer on full blast; Since the majority of your hair will be dry, you won’t be applying heat for an extended period of time, which means it’s okay use it to its full potential.

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Apply Moisture when Wet
Long gone (almost) are the days of washing in the shower and patting completely dry before liberally applying body lotion – which you have to wait to dry, or stand in front of a fan, otherwise it feels like your combatting an obstacle course just to get your closes on over your sticky skin. Body and beauty companies have revolutionized the miniaturization process but formulating in shower body lotion. After washing, while wet you apply this product as you would with any other lotion. Give yourself a quick rinse before getting out of the shower, pat yourself dry and you’re ready to get dressed. If you’re into a natural or minimalist beauty routine, the same can be done with baby oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Invest in a Good CC
BB creams and CC creams are truly beauty miracles, and if you’re not using them yet, then what the heck are you doing?! BB’s are basically a magic foundation which also contains SPF protecting and are often fortified with antioxidants or other skin loving ingredients. CC creams are a bit different in that they act as more of a color corrector and provide a bit more coverage, yet are lighter than a BB. So, instead of waiting for your skin to fully absorb SPF, then putting on primer and waiting for that to set, then putting on various color correcting creams and foundations, simply cover your face with a multitasking miracle.

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