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Wear Your Crown, Princess
Remember the CW’s hit show, Gossip Girl? Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, and her minions (a.k.a all her friends who did her dirty work for her), gave a new meaning to their hair accessory world. These young women wore their headbands as a means of displaying their status. Of course, we are all mature adults here and should not be competing with our peers for status, based off of hair pieces, there is no reason that hair accessories can’t be worn into adulthood. In fact, hair accessories should be worn more often!

Glitter, Gold, Glitz, and Glam
When thinking of hair accessories, it seems that the first thing to come to mind are the ones your daughter leaves all over the house: the thick elastic bands with “LOL,” “BE HAPPY,” and “GIRLS RULE” printed on them, the slinky looking hair ties that look more like key ring bracelets, and the three inch wide headbands that have plastic flowers – or had plastic flowers, before they fell off. You don’t have to worry because we aren’t encouraging you to sport those to your next office meeting. What we are encouraging is you take a few minutes and check out all the mature hair accessories that are out there, allow yourself to be surprised, and try them out.

Many of the hair accessories you will see are truly fit for a queen; they are often silver, gold, or bronze colored. Often times the have a glittered dusting or simple rhinestone accents. These glam hair accessories are perfect sense they can be dressed up or dressed down. Below are three of our favorite hair accessories, all of which look stunning with a gold or silver metallic glow.

Silver hair accessories

Elegant Headbands
Whether you’re looking for a sweatband for the gym, a toothed headband to accentuate your slicked back ponytail, or a novelty headband to accentuate your locks you can find one! All of which come in a variety of natural gold colored materials with simple glitter accents.

Here are a few tips to ensure you choose the perfect headband:

  • Make sure it fits! Although headbands are made as one size fits all, this method doesn’t seem to work when everyone’s head is shaped differently.
  • Check the durability of the piece, you don’t want it to break after only a few wears. Go ahead and bend it a bit, if it’s in excellent condition, it won’t have much give.

Chic Banana Clips
Yes, ladies, they have made their way back. In fact, many stylists now say that they are a must-have accessory because you can do so much with them! Create a voluminous ponytail by simply pulling all your hair back and securing the banana clip.

Need a quick up-do on a hot day? Try this: pull your hair back into a ponytail with the banana clip, then fan all your hair around and over the clip. Then roll reach section of your hair away from the center of the ponytail and tuck it under the base of the clip. You will know that you accomplished the look when you have a smooth donut-like bun.

Lovely Elastics
Sometimes the classic black elastics just don’t match. Luckily they made hair ties today that actually match your jewelry! Not only are they made in solid gold and silver colors, but there are some that have elegant glass beads disguising them as just another bracelet.

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