The Most Dominating Color Trend for Spring

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A few months back, as you all know, world renown designers sent their spring 2017 designs down the runways during New York’s Fashion week. Of course, fashion isn’t just about the hem of a skirt or the fabrics used to create such garments, but it’s also about the colors that each of these garments is` showcased in. After careful analysis experts at the Pantone Color Institute have announced to the world their (famously accurate) color forecast. Without further ado, Pantone calls the most dominating color trend for spring “a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors.”

Per usual, the company uses their data to choose the ten colors that are collectively called a trend. Below you will find five of top ten colors making up the spring 2017 trend, as well as a few suggestions of how you can incorporate these current colors into your personal style.

Niagara (PANTONE 17-4123) is said to be the most prevalent hue for the spring 2017 season. This dull blue shade reminds us of classic colored denim blue that calls on our inner longing for luxury and relaxation. Style experts say this Niagara conveys a comfortable and dependable vibe to others. You can easily incorporate this color trend into your wardrobe by swapping out your yoga pants for a pair of jeans. Additionally, this color makes for great accessories such as scarves or hats.

Primrose Yellow (PANTONE 13-0755) is next on the list. This color that reminds us that summer isn’t too far away by emitting vigor in its warm tones. This color is in instant mood-lifter and would be a wonderful color to incorporate into your home or workspace. Whether you paint your kitchen Primrose Yellow or add some sunny décor to your desk, you’ll feel cheer and enthusiasm for days to come. Looking to wear the color? Try wearing Primrose Yellow colored flats with your favorite LBD for a fun, unexpected pop of joy.

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Pale Dogwood (PANTONE 13-1404) conveys the most natural and ideal tranquil mood. The soft and peaceful pink shade provokes feelings of innocence and purity. A very zen hue, this color would be a great addition to your yoga wardrobe. Additionally, it makes for a great lip or cheek color.

Lapis Blue (PANTONE 19-4045) is a bold and beautiful color that must be worn by a leader. In fact, Princess Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing Lapis Blue garments frequently (go kate!). Choose a blouse in this blue shade for those days when you need that extra bit of confidence, perhaps during an interview or presentation. This hue will allow you to present yourself with strength and inner radiance.

Flame (PANTONE 17-1462) is reddish orange hue, perfect for warmer weather. Flame is described by Pantone experts as “gregarious and fun loving…flamboyant and vivacious.” You can easily work this into your personal style as a lipstick, nail polish, or bathing suit.

If you’re intrigued by the dominating spring colors listed above, then you’ll absolutely love the remaining trends, these shades include: Island Paradise (PANTONE 14-4620), Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343), Pink Yarrow (PANTONE 17-2034), Kale (PANTONE 18-0107), and Hazelnut (PANTONE 14-1315).

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