The Lip and Cheek Stain Comeback

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At first thought, a stain of any kind might sound like the last thing you want. However, the 90’s lip and cheek stain trend has made a comeback, and we certainly hope this beauty trend sticks around for a while. Like most of us, your grandmother may have spent years reiterating to you how to remove wine stains from the carpet or coffee stains from your blouse, but chances are that no one’s ever told you how to properly apply a stain to your lips or cheeks – until now, that is. That’s right, we’re going to explain to you how to properly apply stain to your lips and cheeks. The hope is that you’ll take what you’ve learned, put it to use, and get the most out of the stain product that you possibly can.

Before applying lip or cheek stain, it’s ultra important to exfoliate away any and all dead skin cells. This is important because of the thin consistency of stain products; in other words, because it’s so thin imperfections (such as cracks or dry patches) appear much more evident than if you were to apply a crème based color or lipstick. Although we recommend exfoliating on a semi-regular to regular basis, it’s a good idea to give the area of application a quick scrub right before applying the product. Slough any dead skin off your lips with a bit of brown sugar. Give your complexion the boost it needs by using your regular face exfoliator the morning or night before you plan on applying cheek stain.

In addition to exfoliating dry skin before application, you should always apply a nourishing lip balm or face crème before application of the stain. One of the reasons that lip and cheek stains are so potent is owed to the high alcohol content in the product. This highly concentrated drying ingredient is the last thing that you want to put on bare lips or skin, especially after you’ve exfoliated. Depending on how much time you have, we suggest applying a semi-thick layer of nourishment immediately after exfoliation and letting it soak into the pores for a few minutes. Once you notice that the product has saturated the skin, go ahead and apply another thin layer of moisturization.

Layer for Longevity
While the lip and cheek stain is bound to last, it’s not always going to last in the precise manner that you applied it. When wearing a lip stain, there are two things you should layer with the product. The first is a lip liner; although the lip stain should go on with ease, it’s unusual for it to glide on as easily as lipstick or lip gloss. On the other hand, if you’re applying the stain to the edges of the lips and make even the slightest stray mark, it’s not going to wipe off. Avoid all mishaps by lining your lips with a corresponding lip liner before applying the stain. The second product that you should layer with a lip stain is a similar shade of lipstick or lip gloss. It may seem redundant, but applying a thicker product atop the stain holds in moisture for a few extra hours. Not to mention, by the time the top color wears off, you don’t’ need to worry about touch-ups, because the stain is still there. As for cheek stain, you’ll want to apply your primer and foundation prior to application of the stain. After you’ve used a brush to blend the stain, make sure to give it an even hold with a setting powder.

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