Taking Proper Care of Your Gym Clothes

Woman folding clothes

In case you haven’t already heard, the athleisure look is here to stay—we hope you’re just as excited as we are! The best part about the new fashion staples of yoga pants, spandex leggings, and loose fitting tops is that they’re being sold in cuter styles each season. Those who’ve already made athleisure their personal style would probably agree that the simplicity of getting in a morning workout before going…

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How Embrocation Creams Can Be a Fashion Savior

The problems with pantyhose are always an issue, and while their invention did solve a lot of issues for women once it became allowable for women to expose any portion of their lower extremities in public. Early stockings for women got their cues from socks, coming in pairs that were either held in place by garters, by rolling the tops down and later, by garter belts. Due to limited knit-manufacturing…

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