Makeup, Anxiety and Depression

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With so many movements encouraging the discussion of mental illness, we thought it was time to shed some light on the relationship between mental illnesses (such as anxiety and depression) and makeup. While there are some individuals who are ...Read More

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Easy Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

makeup brushes

Chances are that at this point, your nothing short self-taught makeup pro. You know which brush to use for what, you can create a perfect smoky eye with only a moment’s notice, and – let’s be honest – all your ...Read More

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Eye Health for Contact Lens Wearers

woman applying contact lense
Millions of people use contact lenses on a day to day basis. However, only a fraction of individuals practice proper contact lens hygiene. Many men and women are taught hygiene basics when they’re children (i.e. washing hands with soap and ...Read More

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