Remove Makeup Stains From Almost Anything

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Surely you’ve heard of Edward A. Murphy’s wrong way installation observation, right? Maybe you’ll better recognize the term Murphy’s Law; Murphy’s law is a popular adage which states “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

If anything can be learned ...Read More

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Pigtails: No Longer for Little Girls

When you were a little girl, your mother probably put you in pigtails all the time. This go-to style not only looks adorable on young girls, but it also keeps hair out of their face so it doesn’t get sticky ...Read More

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50s Beauty Advancements

Woman applying hair spray

Particularly due to where the 50s decade came in chronologically–directly following WWII, as a respite from so many ways in which the war had disrupted life as we knew it–the decade was certainly more a time of “everything new” than ...Read More

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