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Summer Highlighting Tips

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So you’ve just gotten a full set of highlights at the salon and they’re absolutely perfect for summer. But between work, beach weekends with the girls, hot yoga, and cycling classes, studying for your graduate school entry exam and going on fun dates with that hottie that you’ve been Snapchatting all month it seems like you’ll have virtually no time to visit the salon for highlight maintained. Yikes! Were those golden streaks a bad idea? Before you get carried away with second guessing your fab new ‘do, know that there are a number of ways that you can maintain your summer highlights without carving out time for a salon appointment until the tree leaves start to change colors. Without further ado check out these summer highlighting tips for perfect tresses all season.

Make Sure You Used a Permanent Color
If your hair hasn’t been highlighted yet, be sure to tell your colorist that you want a permanent color, rather than a semi-permanent. Opting for a permanent color means that the color won’t fade after only a few weeks. If your hair is already colored, there isn’t too much you can do about the color. That said if you are unsure which type of hair color your stylist used you could call the salon and simply ask if your highlights are permanent or semi-permanent.

Start Using a High-Quality Anti-Fading Shampoo
If you don’t already use a sulfate-free shampoo, now is the time to switch. There are a number of reasons backed by scientific evidence as to why sulfate isn’t great for your hair. Many hair product companies have jumped onto the sulfate-free bandwagon, so it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to still use a shampoo by your favorite brand. Choosing sulfate-free means that when you shampoo you’ll only be rinsing grease and grime down the drain, but the color will remain on your strands.

Nix the Alcohol
Yes, you can still have a mimosa by the pool! We’re talking about the alcohol in your hair products. Alcohol based products not only dry your hair out but also speed up the fading process. The bad news is that unless this is something you’re usually conscious of, it’s likely that the majority of your products are alcohol based. The good news is that there are tons of alcohol-free products on the market that work just as well!

Try a Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner
These are more common the people think, the reason being the way that they are marketed. Basically, anything that claims something along the lines of being able to make your blond streaks blonder will work by depositing color, thus prevent it from fading. You can also try a toning shampoo if you find that you color isn’t necessarily fading, but is becoming bronzy.

Protect Your Strands
Whether your longing solo by the pool or tanning with your girls at the beach it’s super important to protect your tresses! One option is to use an SPF conditioner which will work to protect your hair from harmful rays even after it’s been rinsed out. Another option is to use a leave in conditioner which contains SPF; not only will this protect your strands from the sun but it will protect your scalp from getting burnt as well.

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