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Summer is in full swing, and we’re betting that many of our readers have had the chance to catch up on some much-needed vitamin D after a long, cold winter. Although we’re certain that you’ve been slathering on your SPF, getting a bit sun kissed can be almost unavoidable during the summer months—but now that we mention it, who actually avoids getting a glow? Anyways, we here at Lionesse believe that you should take total advantage of your summer glow and show it off. So, we’ve talked to experts in the fashion and style industry who’ve passed along some of their best tips to show off your sun-kissed skin. Keep reading to find out the best colors and cuts to wear after a day in the sun!

Colors You Should Absolutely Wear
Shades of Citrus: Think lime-like green, lemony yellow, and bright orange. These bold and bright hues contrast against your tan, ultimately boosting your healthy glow. To enhance your tan even more, pair a fresh white top with a pair of citrus colored bottoms.

Juicy Hues: Fruity and juicy colors, like raspberry, watermelon, and cantaloupe all call for attention when laid upon the skin. Want to make your tan stand out even more? Wear a juicy-hued color—one that’s just a few shades off from your outfit—on your lips. This will draw the eye up to the tan on your face, neck, chest, and shoulders. Also, these colors are great to wear in the winter; even when your skin is less than bronze the pink-ish and orange-ish hues will enhance the color of your skin, rather than making you look washed out.

Cool and Crisp Whites: Naturally, whites are going to contrast beautifully with a sun-kissed glow, but when wearing white there is one rule of thumb to keep in mind. That is, those with cool skin tones should reach for a clean, bright whites. Those with warmer skin tones (which have a more natural glow), should opt for off-white pieces. Regardless of which white is suited better for you, its extra light hue is going to make your skin look darker instantly.

Cuts You Must Definitely Try
Strappy Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are hotter than ever right now, and having a tan is no reason not to pull one off during the summer season. Look for a jumpsuit made out of a lightweight fabric (this way you don’t get too warm with your legs covered), that has a low-cut neckline and a strappy back. This piece can be worn for girls night, or even date night

Peek-A-Boo Romper: Very similar to a jumpsuit, of course, the romper will show a bit more skin. The peek-a-boo style typically has a triangle or oval shaped cut out just below the bra line, which is perfect for showing off your tan and toned tummy. Remember to choose one that’s in one of the tan-friendly colors that we talked about above!

Bow-tie Back: Whether you’re looking for a romper, dress, or blouse, you’ll be able to find one with a bow-tie back! This style is almost an open back, except it usually is held together with—you guessed it—a few bow-ties. This is the perfect way to show off your sun-kissed skin without being too sexy.

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