Secrets to Getting Falsies Right

Woman wearing falsies.

Some girls are blessed with beautiful full and long eyelashes, but most of us have to rely on mascara to really get that full look. On some occasions however, mascara isn’t enough, we have to rely on false eyelashes to get the look we want. This can be intimidating to some, but it’s really a simple thing that can be done to make your eyes pop! Let’s take a look at some tips to help you with your falsies.

– First you need to get the tools and materials to make this task as simple as possible. You’ll need: eyeliner, mascara, a lash curler, lash glue, tweezers, scissors, and of course, the eyelashes themselves. Once you’ve got all the necessary items, you’re ready to start.

– One of the biggest mistakes first timers make is thinking that the lashes can be applied to either eye. In fact, each set should come with a left and a right specific set of lashes. If they aren’t marked, just make sure that you put the shorter lashes closer to your inner eye (nose) and the longer lashes out towards your ears.

– Before you apply the glue you need to measure the lashes. Everyone’s eyes are different sizes, and you really don’t want the lashes to be wider than your real eyelashes. So measure them from the inner corner of your eye to the outer, and if they’re a little too long, trim them to size. Cutting the lashes into thirds will make it easier to apply rather than applying the whole piece at once.

Woman applying false eyelashes

– To apply the lashes, make sure you’re using tweezers instead of your fingers. Tweezers will let you be more precise with your placement and will make it easier to place the lashes on your eye line not on your eyelid.

– If you have oily skin, it might be hard to get your lashes to adhere to your eye. If this is the case, try and remove as much oil as you can. Also, apply your eye makeup before you apply the falsies, this will prevent them from becoming detached.

– Once the lashes are applied it’s time to get out your lash curler and curl those falsies! This will help them blend into your real eyelashes and remove the appearance of double lashes.

– When applying the glue, it’s easy to go overboard because you’re scared that they’ll fall off. The truth is, you just need a little dab of glue to keep them on. Make sure you use the clear glue, as white glue shows, even when dry!

– Once your lash glue has dried (about 60 seconds) use your mascara and liner, liquid liner works best, as you normally would. This helps make everything look more natural.

– Lastly, remember to be gentle with your falsies when it comes time to removing them. Don’t pull out your real lashes with the fake ones!

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