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Recreating Adele’s Look

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English singer and songwriter, Adele, can be seen through just about every media outlet today. Not only do her sexy, emotion-evoking songs top the charts, but her beauty has a sort of timeless charm. Although the singer never looks the slights bit short of flawless, some might be surprised just how easy it is to recreate her look. The tutorial bellow is inspired by a behind-the-scenes segment of Adele’s team getting her dolled up for an interview.

  1. Per usual, it is best to begin with a clean and moisturized face. As it is summer, it may be best to opt for a moisturizer that contains SPF. Once your moisturizer has dried, apply a quality primer. For this look, it may be best to go with blurring or neutralizing primer, to help in minimizing any dark spots.
  2. Now, rather than working on the completion immediately, Adele’s makeup team begins with her eyes. So, start the look by dusting a matte nude shade of eye shadow over the lower eyelid.
  3. Select two colors (maybe nude pink and smoky brown), to create a crease in the eyelid.
  4. Using a BeautyBlender, cover the entire face in foundation.
  5. Once the foundation has set, begin again, covering the face two more times, letting each layer of makeup magic set before applying the next layer.
  6. Let the final layer of foundation set completely, then use a quality makeup brush to dust it with some loose finishing powder.
  7. For Adele’s striking jawline, use bronzer and a puffed contour brush. It’s best to begin just bellow the chin and use a swiping motion blending the contour upwards for a natural look.
  8. Continue contouring with the same bronzer and puffed contour brush, this time swiping the pigment back and forth from the ear to lower cheek.
  9. Follow up by contouring the brim of the nose.
  10. Adele is known for how sultry eyes. With the base shadow applied, and complexion perfected, revert focus to the eye and brow area. With a brow pomade, or something similar, define the brow. For best results with the pomade, use a tapered blending brush. With a light hand, round the brush upward towards to subtly reduce the arch.
  11. With a bent eyeliner brush and a crème eyeliner, line the lash line with a winged end. While it’s common to start at the inner lash line and work outwards, when using a crème shadow it may actually be easier to star at the outer lash line and work inwards.
  12. Take a break, this look may take long, but it will be totally worth it!
  13. Curl the top lash line.
  14. Apply some quality mascara both the top and bottom lashes. Avoid clumping by pulling the mascara wand up and out in a diagonal direction, this will also ensure that the lashes are winged upward in the same direction as the crèmed liner.
  15. Finish the look with some nude lip liner, followed by some matching nude lipstick. Viola!
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