Quick Beauty Fixes That Really Work

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We love learning about new beauty tips just as much as the next person! What we don’t love, however, is the moment when you’re in a pinch and you put your hope and faith into that beauty tip you’ve never tried before…only to find out that its result meets little (if any at all) of your expectations. This whole thing can be a total bummer! So, to save you time and future frustration, we’ve put together this list of quick beauty fixes which—we promise—really do work.

Adult Acne
As frustrating—and probably painful—as it is, we want to reiterate the same thing your mother told you time and time again: don’t pick, pop, or squeeze it! Not only will it make matters worse, but it will be much harder to cover! Instead, when you need to hide a pimple start by applying your face makeup per usual. Next, dab on a green concealer, then your regular concealer, and blend. Finally, dust on your favorite finishing powder.

Feeling Flush?
Whether you’ve just killed it at the gym or got caught in brisk windy weather you may experience flushed cheeks. If you’re not a fan of the flushed look, you no longer need to worry about waiting for the redness to subside. Simply run a paper towel or washcloth under ice cold water, wring it out and press it over your cheeks. Continue to soak, wring, and press for ten minutes, allowing the cold compress to soothe the skin and reduce redness by constricting the blood vessels.

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Looking For Longer Lashes
Maybe you’ve lost one piece to the pair of your favorite falsies, you ran out of glue, or falsies just aren’t your thing. Although, we’re willing to bet that you still want to rock the long-lash look, right? Fortunately, cosmetic companies have made things easy by formulating mascara for just about any need. To get lengthy and thick lashes in just a few minutes, all you have to do is apply three-to-six layers of mascara, being sure to alternate between a lengthening formula and a volumizing formula.

Cracked Lips
You can apply all the lip balm and chapstick that you please, but if your lips are so chapped that they’ve started to crack and peel, wearing lipstick can become a hassle. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to slough off the dead and dry skin on your lips. The good news is it only takes seconds and will have you out the door with stellar lips in seconds. Simply buff away the dead skin with a sugar scrub (or plain old granulated sugar, if you’re in a rush). Be sure to wipe off any remaining sugar with a cloth before hydrating your pout and applying color.

Chipped Polish
It happens to the best of us; whether your nails were freshly painted just hours before or almost a week prior, chipped nail polish isn’t fun for anyone. Instead of obsessing over the minuscule mark, simply apply a coat of glitter polish over the color. This simple trick takes only a few minutes, camouflages any imperfections of the colored polish, and it even lengthens the life of your manicure!

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